Serial 192

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 11/22/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR

On 11/22/78, at 3:45 PM, SA [deleted name], Liaison assignment, Crisis Action Team, Department of Defense, Pentagon, furnished the following information:

The latest information available to military authorities who are to fly the bodies from Guyana, to Dover, Delaware, indicates the military aircraft will depart Georgetown, at 10:00 p.m., 11/22/78, with 81 bodies, and arrive at Dover, Delaware, at 3:45 a.m., 11/23/78. The earliest possible arrival time at Dover, Delaware, with information now available is 3:45 a.m., 11/23/78.

The military authorities are unable at this time to inform SA [deleted name] as to whether the body of Jim Jones will be on the first flight. The United States State Department has complete control in Guyana regarding what bodies are to be shipped out. Military authorities will not know the identities of any bodies until they are given a manifest by the State Department.

SA [deleted name] emphasized that the above flight plans are subject to change, and the FBI will be promptly informed of any subsequent change in the above itinerary.

JDC:sjy (7)