Serial 121 (post)

[Editor’s note: This is an unrecorded serial following Serial 121.]


Attached concerns ongoing investigation captioned RYMUR, Involving the murder of Congressman Leo J. Ryan on 11/18/78 in Jonestown, Guyana. Instant Sacramento teletype advises that [deleted name], white male, DOB [2 lines deleted] advised he was a member of inner council of People’s Temple (PT) from [deleted dates]. He said he has information regarding planned assassinations of national and California State leaders. He expressed fear of being killed by Jones’ followers. [Deleted name] advised in 1972 he joined PT with immediate family [deleted information] and was told as [deleted information] he would be of great value to PT. [Deleted name] donated [deleted information] of real estate to Jones and was made head of [deleted information] and taken into inner council.

[Deleted name] advised inner council consisted of 50 to 100 of the most fanatical followers and said Jones had incredible control over these members, administering loyalty tests by drinking reportedly poisoned liquid. Jones also had inner circle members make statements regarding intent to kill President and Vice President, etc., who were his enemies. In event of Jones’ demise, retaliation should immediately be taken in form of assassination of President and all in line of succession, state leaders and Mayor Moscone of San Francisco, also bombing of power plants, specifically Rancho Seco nuclear power plant near Sacramento. [Deleted name] furnished no specific details regarding assassination plots. It is noted he has not been in contact with Jones or PT since late 1974.

1 – Mr. Adams
1 – Mr. Boynton


[Deleted name] advised he extracted entire family from Jones’ control after months of careful planning since family members separated and watched closely. He stated some defectors were murdered but provided no specifics. He finished names of persons recalled as members of inner council. These names are being searched in our indices and Identification Division.

[Deleted name] advised he heard Jones makes statements concerning a munitions train explosion in Emoryville [Emeryville], California, no other details given. [Deleted name] advised Jones also claimed credit for bombing of PG&E Power Plants in San Francisco Bay area, claimed contacts with members of Nation of Islam, LCN, Moonies, Synanon, and numerous government officials. [Deleted name] claims Jones traveled to East Germany, Cuba, and Switzerland and said Jones’ personal wealth from income of PT estimated at 30 to 50 million dollars. [deleted name] said PT membership as of 1974 estimated at 20 to 30 thousand with 150 hard-core fanatics.

[Deleted name] advised he traveled to Guyana and helped in construction of PT compound. He believes many of the 1200 members in Guyana being held against their will. He advised he was visited 14 months ago by Carolyn Layton and two unidentified men who promised to kill him if he talked to authorities.

[Deleted name] claims he was contacted one to two years ago in Fresno, California, by two federal agents interested in tax status of PT. He believes one Agent with IRS and one with FBI. Details of contact vague but [deleted name] claims most of the above was furnished to these Agents. Sacramento indices negative regarding [deleted name].

[Deleted name] taped interview. He also appeared on local [deleted information] news porgrams [programs] 11/19 and 20/78.

San Francisco and Sacramento advising appropriate state, city, and utility officials of reported threats. Information and attached with identity of source deleted furnished to U.S. Secret Service; Deputy Attorney General, Emergency Programs Center; Assistant Attorney General, General Crimes Section and Internal Security Section; Central Intelligence Agency; Defense Intelligence Agency; and The White House Situation Room.