Jonestown Relics

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jonestown Relics

I received this e-mail from a fellow Jonestown researcher the other day:

Sorry to send out another mass email….but I ran across this item on ebay…..seller says it was in JTOWN…….if we can verify this, I’d like to pursue keeping it out of the hands of someone who wants it for all the wrong reasons.
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Thanks for your help. Hope you are all well.

My reply was:


When we arrived back in the Canal Zone after the massacre, all the participants in the task force were called in to CID and interrogated. We were read our rights and asked about any items we may have taken from J-Town. A microscope turned up and everything from brochures to buttons with Jones’ face on them were brought in. I never saw the dog, nor do I believe anything was sold from the “Jim Jones estate in Guyana.” IMHO, this is a scam.

And Dave Wise, former Peoples Temple member and pastor of the temple in Los Angeles had the following to add:

Of course, anyone who has offered their name as a contact invites all kinds of superfluous and misdirected queries. I am contacted by people who offer me money for things that belonged to JJ. I do not respond. I would hate to hear about a murder being committed by some mass killer psycho (or an average American who has been watching too much TV) with an item or bolstered by an item that used to belong to JJ… or some such insanity.

The last odd email I got was from some idiot that asked if I had any personal items from Jim. I told him, a belt, a watch, a black leisure suit, and a couple other things. He then offered me a couple thousand for the watch which he wanted to make into an amulet or some such. I did not respond after that.

I suppose any survivor has an opportunity to sell fake stuff if they wanted to. I used to cut prayer cloths out of red cloth with scissors for Jim. How much do you think I should ask a piece for a box full of old prayer cloths? Doesn’t matter, people usually want stuff from Jim to empower their desire to control others or to do evil. So I am not interested.

That may be why it is such a nuisance to some others as well. Still it is a good service for survivors and associates to stay on top of what “outsiders” might make up or fabricate in the name of PT, this goes on a lot, and at its worst history itself is fabricated.

Dave Wise

Anyone who knows about cults or cult activities revolving around Jonestown relics, please contact me at this blog.

Thanks, Jeff