The Ghosts of November – The Blog

Between 2007 and 2008, Jeff Brailey maintained a blog titled The Ghosts of November, after his self-published 1998 book of the same title. Brailey began revising the book for re-publication to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the deaths in Jonestown, but the efforts proved unsuccessful. The final version of the manuscript which survived Jeff’s death in January 2014 appears here on this website.

While many postings discuss Brailey’s efforts to secure a literary agent, most of them are devoted to topics relating to Jonestown, cults, cult leaders, and other related subjects.

We are publishing the relevant blog postings for a couple of reasons. First, they shed light on the experiences of someone who was shortly at the death scene in Jonestown. Brailey’s insights into the trauma of the bodylift remains unparalleled. Second, the postings honestly depict the life experiences of a fascinating character. Among other jobs he held, Jeff Brailey served on the medical crew of offshore oil rigs in Nigeria. We do not want these important documents to vanish into the ether.

While we have simply copied and pasted the postings into individual Word documents, we are also including the direct links to Blogspot. We cannot guarantee that these links will work—which is one reason we decided to copy and paste them while they were still online.

The blogposts appear in chronological order, oldest to newest.

Rest in peace, Jeff!

Hi There 23 April 2007

Jonestown Relics 24 April 2007

E-mail From a Future Reader 28 April 2007

Talking to the Dead 7 May 2007

Reunion? 8 May 2007

Charles Huff—A Legend in His Own Mind 9 May 2007

17 Months And Counting 10 May 2007

Out of the Cocoon 12 May 2007

Satan in a Box 13 May 2007

The Next Jim Jones? 14 May 2007

On Leaving Nigeria 16 May 2007

A Jonestown Bibliography 20 May 2007

238 Pounds 21 May 2007

People’s Temple – The Play 25 May 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane 31 May 2007

Another Indianapolis-Based Cult? 21 June 2007

Rogue Messiahs 27 June 2007

Remember the Past 28 June 2007

Common Properties of Potentially Destructive and Dangerous Cults 1 July 2007

Jonestown: The DVD 22 July 2007

A Memorial to the Children 15 July 2007

I am Back 20 Nov 2007

Religious Freedom and Cults Writing Contest 7 June 2008

Terrorism’s Guyana Connection 12 June 2008

Revised Edition Will Be Published Here 4 Aug 2008

Thirty Years 8 Nov 2008