E-mail from a Future Reader

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

E-mail from a Future Reader

Here is an e-mail from someone interested in the Jonestown Massacre along with my reply.

I stumbled upon your writings about the Jonestown tragedy while preforming my own personal research and I have to say that I found your writings to be incredibly moving and captivating. I would like to purchase a copy of your book, but above that I just wanted to extend my own appreciation for your writing personally. Thank you for your words not just about the tragedy, but about PTSD victims everywhere. Thank you for your contribution and I think you should write a screenplay about everything you wrote about in your article on the jonestown.sdsu.edu site.

SRA Graham C Walden
Aircraft Fuel Systems Repair Journeyman
Al Udeid AB, Qata

My reply:

Mr. Walden,

Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, my book, published in 1998, is out-of-print. It is for sale used, on Amazon.com, but the price is usually very high. I have written a revision of The Ghosts of November which has about 50% new material, photos, footnotes, a map and diagram and it hopefully will be published next year. I am seeking an agent right now.

I have started a blogsite called The Ghosts of November which I am using to promote the book as well as a tool to show literary agents I am querying that there remains a great deal of interest in the Jonestown Tragedy.


I hope you will visit the blog, sign the guest book and participate in the forum. If I get enough hits, I think it will get the agents’ attention. If not, I am committed to getting it published even if I self-publish again.

Thanks again for the encouraging words. I will place your email on the blog.


Jeff Brailey