Writing Articles About Jonestown

Close Encounter with a Modern-day Cult, by Leonard Geddes (2006)

Proposed Visit To Jonestown, February 2008, by Chris Green (2007)

Navigating the Shoals of a Jonestown Story, by Barry Isaacson (2009)
Living with Ghosts, by Barry Isaacson (2008)
What I learned about Peoples Temple, by Kimberly Gomez (2008)

Gift-Wrapped Stories and the Smooth Sounds of Melvin Johnson, by Brian Kevin (2008)
Of Thumbtacks and Timelines, by Brian Kevin (2007)

The Myth of the Zombie Kool-Aid Death Cult, by Matthew Newton (2007)

German Magazine Article On Hold, by Johannes Scharnbeck (2008)

Writing about the Jonestown Basketball Team, by Wright Thompson (2007)

Writing Project Considers Life After November 18, by Kimberly Winston (2006)
A Search for Post-Tragedy Experiences Begins, by Kimberly Winston (2005)