Nonfiction Books

The following are articles from the jonestown report. A full listing of nonfiction books– listed by year of publication – appears on the Speakers and Resources page.

And Then They Were Gone, by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral (2018)
And Then They Were Gone Finally Published, by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral (2018)
And Then They Were Gone Looks Toward 2017 Publication, by Jannie Dresser (2016)
Update on And Then They Were Gone, by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral (2014)
Update on And Then They Were Gone, by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral (2013)
And Then They Were Gone Portrays Lives of Temple High School Students (2012)
Roses in Memoriam – The students of Opportunity High, by Judy Bebelaar (2011)
And Then They Were Gone Nears Completion, by Ron Cabral (2011)
And Then They Were Gone: A Report (2010)
And Then They Were Gone: A Progress Report (2009)
And Then They Were Gone, by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral (2008)
And Then They Were Gone: A Synopsis
From One Teacher to Another, by Craig Foreman (2017)
That Championship Season Before the World Turned Gray, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons (2017)
From High School to Jonestown, by Rikke Wettendorff (2017)

A Lavender Look at the Temple: A Gay Perspective of the Peoples Temple, by Michael Bellefountaine
Reflections on Publishing Lavender Look, by Dora Bellefountaine (2012)
Lavender Look Makes Final Call for Interviews, by Michael Bellefountaine (2005)
Lavender Look still looking for interviews, by Michael Bellefountaine (2004)
Research on Harvey Milk Renews Calls for Reappraisal of Peoples Temple, by Michael Bellefountaine (2003)
Research Project Explores Jones-Milk Connection, by Michael Bellefountaine (2002)

The Ghosts of November, by Jeff Brailey
Policing Up the Bodies (2007)
Life Goes On (2005)
Ghosts of November Searches for New Publisher (2004)

Lednorf’s Dilemma, by David Conn
Excerpt from Lednorf’s Dilemma, by David Conn (2008)
David Conn’s Dilemma, a review by Matthew Farrell (2008)

Belva Davis Memoir Includes Recollections of Peoples Temple (2011)

inTOXICating FOLLOWERSHIP, by Dr. Wendy M. Edmonds
InTOXICating Followership: A Review, by Rebecca Moore (2021)

Stories from Jonestown, by Leigh Fondakowski
Articles by Leigh Fondakowski
Starting the Conversation on Jonestown (2013)
Stories From Jonestown Extends Life of The People’s Temple (2012)
A Review of Stories from Jonestownby Kathy (Tropp) Barbour (2012)
Thank You, Leigh!by Don Beck (2012)
Complicating Mattersby Annie Dawid (2012)
Stories Shows Nuances, Complexities of Telling Jonestown Storiesby Katherine Hill (2012)

The Road to Jonestown, by Jeff Guinn (2017)
Articles by Jeff Guinn
An Exhortation to Write (2017)
What’s In a Name? (2016)
Bitter Cup Fills to Overflowing (2015)
Real History vs. Popular History: A Fresh Look at Jim Jones (2014)
New Materials Worth Reading in Jones Biography, by Annie Dawid (2017)
Guinn Follows Many Routes on Road to Jonestown, by Jason Dikes (2017)

Books by Jeff Hood
The Collected Sermons of Jim Jones (2020)
A Jonestown Trilogy (2020)
A Jonestown Trilogy: A Review, by Garrett Martin

A New Look at Jonestown, by Eusi Kwayana (2016)
Articles by Eusi Kwayana (2016)
Other Jonestown Dimensions: Views from Guyana (2011)
Closing the Book (2010)
Book to Consider Jonestown from Guyana Perspective (2007)
New Book Offers First Guyanese Perspectives on Jonestown Tragedy: A Review, by Khaleel Mohammed (2016)
Kwayana Book Captures Guyana – and Worldwide – Perspective, by Laura Johnston Kohl (2016)

Jonestown and No Mercy, by Eleanor Learmonth (2013)

Book Proposes to Engage Black American Voices, by Richard Lawrence (2005)

I’ll Be Your God: The Psychobiography of Jim Jones, by Scott Lines (2007)

A Fork in the Road: Jim Jones or Charles Manson, by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain (2018)

Jonestown: The Forensic Photos, by Chase Mehan (2023)
Shedding Light on Jonestown: The Forensic Photos, by Jolene McDonald (Sidebar: The Identifications)
Jonestown: The Forensic Photos: A Review, by Jason Schwechter

Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple, by Rebecca Moore (2009/2018)
Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple Published, by Rebecca Moore (2009)
Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple Offers Fresh Perspective (2008)
Understanding Jonestown: Academic Yet Accessible, by Matthew Farrell (2009)
If you read only one book about Peoples Temple, this should be it, by Rikke Wettendorff (2009)
A Belated Response to a Negative Review, by Tom Mrett (2018)

Peoples Temple and Black Religion in America, edited by Rebecca Moore, Anthony B. Pinn and Mary R. Sawyer (2004)
Peoples Temple and Black Religion in America to be Published (2003)
Peoples Temple and Black Religion In America to be Published in 2003 (2002)
Scholars Consider Influence of Peoples Temple on Black Religion in America (2001)
Peoples Temple and Black Religion: A Review, by the Rev. Richard A. Lawrence (2004)

Forces Of God, Faces Of Evil, by Edward Patterson (2012)

The People of Peoples Temple, by Sarah Rex (2023) NEW

Jonestown: “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, by Will Savive (2014)
Articles by Will Savive
New Book Goes Beyond Façade of “Official Version” (2014)
Book Preview – Jonestown: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid (2013)
Social Implications of Jonestown (2007)
Savive Book a Compelling and Controversial Read, by Mark Gallaga (2014)

A Thousand Lives, by Julia Scheeres (2012)
Publication News
A Thousand Lives Finds Receptive Audiences (2012)
A Thousand Lives  Is Published (2011)
Articles by Julia Scheeres
Thousand Lives Author Reflects on the Year Since Publication (2012)
An Author Reflects Upon Her Work (2011)
Writing Jonestown Book Nears Its End (2010)
Wanted: Personal Stories (2009)
Author seeks additional sources for Jonestown book (2008)
A Trip to Jonestown, August 2008
Author seeks interviews with former Temple members for book (2007)
A Review of A Thousand Lives by Julia Scheeres, by Valerie Weaver-Zercher (2012)
In Search of the Grander Scale, by Kathy Tropp Barbour (2011)
A Thousand Lives A Painful and Disturbing Read, by Annie Dawid (2011)
Rewriting Jonestown, by Katherine Hill (2011)
Scheeres Book Offers Understanding of November 18, by Sylvia Marciniak (2011)
The Pieces Still Missing, by Rikke Wettendorff (2011)

Season of the Witch, by David Talbot (2012)
You’ve Got To Pick Up Every Stitch, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons (2012)
Replowing Old Ground: Season of the Witch and Peoples Temple, by Tanya Hollis (2012)
On either side of the darkness: Review of two new books on Jonestown, by Richard Gubbels (2012)

Bring Out The “Black Dimensions” Of Peoples Temple, by James Lance Taylor (2011)

Every Story Has Two Sides, Some Three or Four, by Richard Williams (2007)
The Crime Of The Century: Death in Jonestown (2006)

Reviews of other works

Gone From the Promised Land: A Review of the second edition, Book by John R. Hall, Review by Paul VanDeCarr (2004)

No Changing Lanes: The Reissue of The Strongest Poison, Book by Mark Lane (2nd edition), Review by Matthew Thomas Farrell (2014)

Reviews of Citizen Lane, by Mark Lane (2012)
Bungle in the Jungle, by Matthew Thomas Farrell (2012)
On either side of the darkness: Review of two new books on Jonestown, by Richard Gubbels (2012)

Nesci Book Offers Psychoanalytic Portrait of Jim Jones, A Review of The Lessons of Jonestown: An Ethnopsychoanalytic Study of Suicidal Communities, by Domenico Arturo Nesci. Review by Rebecca Moore (2018)

Reviews of Dear People: Remembering Jonestown, by Denice Stephenson (2005)
Dear People Creates Bridge between Temple and Outside World, by John Moore
Voices of the Dead Haunt Pages of Dear People, by Kimberly Winston

Book notes (1999)

Book and Literature Notes from the jonestown report