Serial 329

0 250400Z NOV 78
FM BUTTE (89-166) (P)

Rebutel, November 22, 1978; and Butte tel to Bureau and San Francisco, November 23, 1978.

Francis Emmett Carter, aka Mike Carter, interviewed November 24, 1978, at residence, 206 West 42nd St., Garden City, Idaho. Carter was aware, prior to interview, his sons, Timothy James Carter, DOB August 24, 1948, Berkeley, California, and Michael Julien Carter, DOB September 30, 1958, San Mateo, California, are being held by officials in Guyana as suspects in possible conspiracy. He does not believe sons are involved in any conspiracy involving violence. Carter furnished names of members of family whom US State Department had advised died at Jonestown Guyana,


as follows:

(1) Gloria Carter, WF [white female], wife of Tim Carter, no description or maiden name known. Carter never mentioned Gloria;

(2) Malcolm Carter, DOB August, 1977, at Georgetown, Guyana, son of Tim and Gloria Carter. No further description known and never met grandson;

(3) Joycelyn Carter, NF [Negro female], wife of Mike Carter. No description or maiden name known. Carter never met Joycelyn;

(4) Kaywana Carter, DOB September 1977, daughter of Mike and Joycelyn Carter. Never met granddaughter;

(5) Mary Theresa Carter Jones, daughter, WF, DOB October 4, 1956, at Helena, Montana, brown hair, brown eyes, no other description known;

(6) Lew Jones, husband of Mary Theresa Carter Jones, WM, POB Vietnam, adopted son of Jim Jones. No other description known. Met son-in-law once;

(7) Chae O.K. [Chaeoke] Jones, son of Mary Theresa and Lew Jones. DOB April, 1977.

Carter advised his sons and thier [their] spouses left California by way of New York en route to Georgetown and Jonestown, Guyana,


individually beginning in early spring, possibly March, 1977 through September or October, 1977. Daughter left California in March, 1966 [1977]. He did not know if daughter’s husband preceded her to South America or traveled afterwards.

Gloria Carter, wife of Tim Carter, flew by way of New York to Guyana during summer, 1977. Mike Carter flew to South America from California by way of New York during summer, 1977, after Gloria arrived and before his brother, Time [Tim], left. Joycelyn Carter left prior to August, 1977, for Jonestown. Carter stated he did not know definite dates for the trips of any of his children or thier spouses.

Tim Carter entered USMC [US Marine Corps] 1966, after graduating from high school and was honorably discharged after serving three years. He never showed any interest in any weapons or guns and his only knowledge of weapons would be through his military service. Neither Tim nor Mike owned any weapons personally and never was known to use them in civilian life. Neither one had ever been arrested or in any serious trouble and there appears to be no propensity for violence with either son.


Carter corresponed [corresponded] on a monthly basis with his children in Jonestown, more often with Mary Theresa, his daughter, and these letters were of a general nature concerning news about their families and containing nothing of a religious, social logical, or political nature. They definitely contain no information to indicate any plans for violence.

FD-302 follows.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.



Originally posted on December 9th, 2018.

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