Serial 349

Editor’s note: Serial 349 is a virtual duplicate of Serial 385, the text of which may be found here.

There are several differences, however:

1) Serial 349 deletes the first line of text, which reads: “Re San Francisco teletype to Bureau dated 11-25-78” and substitutes a handwritten opening to the next paragraph. The handwritten note reads: “The LA FBI office advised that”.

2) The duplicate has one fewer deletions, a notation in the second graf that “Romm stated he has associated…” Because the witness had been previously described as a roommate of the person whom the FBI was looking for, “Romm” is more likely to be an abbreviation for “roommate” rather than the person’s name.

Originally posted on December 9th, 2018.

Last modified on November 25th, 2020.
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