Serial 358
Nov 25, 78 • Georgetown-State • 3927

[Editor’s note: This is a State Department cable that was included in the FBI’s 2009 RYMUR release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act. It was not included in the State Department’s own release, but we have included identifying information for it using the agency’s designations.]

E.O. 11652: N/A

On November 24, 1978 a request was made to C. R. Roberts, Guyana police who is directing investiagion tht [investigation that] weapons in this matter be permitted an examination by FBI lab. He explained that Guyana law would not allwo [allow] weapons to be removed from jurisdiction of court. He was advised that specimen bullets were urgently needed from weapons for comparison with bullets taking from bodies in US. An offer was made to Roberts to have a laboratory examiner from FBI to come to Georgetown with equipment to fire test bullets and who would be able to furnish him an examintion [examination] report and testify in this matter. He promised to consider this officer and give a reply. He advised weapons in this matter has been brought to Georgetown but, to date, he did not have a description and serial numbers.

On November 24, 1978 the following weapons were examined at the Tactical Service Unit of the Guyana police at Georgetown Guyana:

1. Smith & Wesson revolver 4″ barrel .38 special, serial no C911747

2. Walther Automatic Pistol PPK Model, 9mm short, serial no 138188S

3. Smith & Wesson revolver, 2″ barrell [barrel], 5 shot .38 special serial number 273666

4. Liberty No. 21 revolver, .22 cal py shot serial number 48805

[5.] H&R Model 922 9 shot revolver .22 caliber, serial no K8657

6. High standard automatic pistol model 101, .22 serial no 512543

7. Sturm-Ruger revolver .357 cal 4″ barrel Ruger Security Six serial no 150-12987

8. Smith & Wesson revolver 6″ barrel .38 cal six sho sserial no S820402

9. Ruger Automatic Pistol .22 long rifle serial no 13-11054

10. Olin Winchester Signal Flare Launcer [Launcher] single shot .25mm serial no 029432

11. Colt Automatic Pistol palm type .25 cal serial no 318752

12. Hsinchester [Winchester] Model 88 Rifuzle [Rifle] .308 serial number 82976, Bushnell scope scope chief model 6. Rifle, clip carbon type with wooden stocknmnd [stockand] lever action.

13. Winchester Rifle .243 cal Ruger M77, serial no 72-24208 bolt action with wooden stockand Weaver K-6 scope model 60-C

14. Remungton [Remington] .308 rifle bolt action model 788 seriagrnumber 6110319, with Burris 4 power scope.

13 [15]. Borwoning [Browning] Slide Action Carbine, .30-06 cal made in Belgium serial number 75866M9, wooden stock with sling

16. Sturn [Sturm]-Ruger, 10/22 carbine .22 long rifle, serial number 116-53921, slide action and wooden stock.

17. AR7 Explorer rifle, .22 cali serial no 73270 rifle with plastic stock.

18. Remington Model 700, bolt action rifle .308 cal serial no 6742465 wooden stock with sling.

19. U.S. Army Carbine M1 Model .30 cal bolt action serial no 3084280 with sling

20. Remington Model 742 Woodmaster 30-06 serial no 15824 wooden stock engraved with deer and bear.

[Editor’s note: no entry 21]

22. Western Field Model 880A slide action rifht [rifle] .22 long rifle cal woden stock with sling tube fed serial no (broken out)

23. Remington, Oodmaster [Woodmaster] Mod 742 carbine .308 cal slide action serial no 46316, wooden stock with sling.

24. Sears & Roebuck Model 54, lever action saddle gun 30-30 cal barrel serial no 273810, framer serial no 34912 with initials G.K.

25. Winchester Saddle gun with octagon shaped barrel .30-30 cal Candian centenial [Canadian centennial] model lever action with engraving serial no 36519

26. Remington Model 11 Shotgun, 12 guage [gauge] serial number 773398 wooden stock with sling modified choke on barrel pheasant and duck engraved on side.

27. Remington Wingmaster, 12 gague [gauge] Magnum Shotgun Model 870 frame serial no S946514M and barrel no F1845F wooden stock with sling

28. J.C. Higgins, 12 gague [gauge] Shotgun Model 60, automatic wooden stock with sling no serial number

29. Foremost, 12 uague [gauge] Model 6670H Savage Arms Company pump action with wooden stock no serial number.

30. Universal Firearm 12 guage [gauge] Shotgun autowing serial number D3447 automatic with wooden stock no serial number

31. Western Field 12 guage pump action shotgun serial no XMH-565D, engraving the judge wooden stock and modified barrel.

32. Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge Magnum Shotgun Model 870 barrel no T019755M frame no F184167 ribben barrel wooden stadk [stock] with sling.

Burke [John Burke, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana]