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Jones: –Government is big business, and the Carter family has proven it this year. The Carter clan has made more than an estimated million dollars from investments and other activities during brother Jimmy’s first year in office as the president figurehead of monopoly capitalism, the worst seat of capital expansion and fascist design in the world.

Besides his profit from a new beer called Billy, Plains, Georgia businessman Bill Carter makes 20,000 dollars a month from public appearances, and his calendar is booked through July 1978. His service station in Plains has doubled its profits this year, yielding about 30 thousand dollars income, and his agents claim that Billy’s endorsement on any product is now worth at least 100 thousand dollars. There’s also been a windfall of Carter publications. Gloria Carter Spann, Pentecostal, neophyte, and Ruth Carter Stapleton, his sister – Jimmy’s sister – both of them sisters, one of them ignores her son, who’s a nephew that we gave some assistance to in the Bay, who’s in jail for ten years, and not acknowledged by any of the Carter family, Ruth Carter Stapleton is a Pentecostal alleged healer, so-called, there were no documentation of any healing that she’s ever done, has taken place, according to Time Magazine. But anyway, Jimmy’s sisters have each written highly-profitable books, with several contracts pending. Their agent estimated their income from the year to be nearly a half million dollars. Yet none of their money goes out to help o– in one case, C– Carter’s own sister’s son and Carter’s nephew. There’s no bond of love in among capitalists. And when they’re put out of office, then the bell will toll for them. There’ll be problems with government in other elements of the capitalist rat race, who will want to get back at them. But capitalist always are blinded to the future. Invariably. They cannot see the future. That’s why they inevitably will bring the doom of nuclear hell upon the world. Their agents have estimated their income from the year, as I said, to be between one-half million dollars, just the sisters, to a million dollars.

The kids have gotten their piece of the action as well. Son Jeff has sold ten pictures to the annual edition of Life Magazine for 10 thousand dollars, and his sister-in-law Judy is now contributing editor to Redbook, with salary undisclosed. Father’s [James Earl Carter Sr.] warm– uh, worm farm has realized an unprecedented profit of 50 thousand dollars this year, cousin Hugh Carter found his niche at the White House, where his salary is a reported 51 thousand dollars, and his job is supposedly cutting costs. Still, the old business of capitalist taking care of capitalist in their immediate fa– immediate families, as long as they don’t embarrass them in any way, and stay in strict line of conformity and exercise no freedom, as Carter’s nephew, his sister’s son did on the West Coast, and ended up in prison without even as much as a letter or one telephone call from the Carters that are trying to make it rich now, while they’re in good favor, because their day will come. Stand by.

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Great problems for the world. France, in a decoy operation, Carter has pulled a slippery (unintelligible word) tactic and had France detonate, its ally, a neutron bomb. The Soviet Union is wise to the situation, and said it will take the automatic precautions necessary. They will build a bomb to defend themselves. (Tape edit) France’s allegation, their lie for making the bomb, is in order to be able to stop Soviet tanks, who are superior to all capitalist tank divisions, from invading into Western Europe. Of course, we all recognize the true reason behind the development of the neutron bomb, which is being protested, by the way, in every capitalist nation of the word, with the m– ma– the mere exception of USA, where there is very little protest of any kind going on these days. But 10,000 strong crowd met Secretary of Defense [Harold] Brown, who was involved in some awful experiments on the American public while he was in University of California. He is a man who has no scruples or morality, and he’s the president’s Secretary of Defense of USA, Brown. But his hotel was surrounded by protestors in Denmark against the dreaded neutron bomb. Canada made Carter promise not to make the bomb. The Soviet Union said he is a hypocrite and a liar, because he has funded France in their operation that just experimental– experimentally tested a bomb in the Pacific atolls, and so now the neutron bomb, doomsday rush begins. Many scientists predict that this is the last straw of hope to avoid nuclear hell.

USA will have their neutron bomb by benefit of France. And now the nations of the capitalist ar– arena are stating they will make the neutron bomb. (tape edit) Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance is on a rush trip to the Soviet Union for Strategic Atlantic uh­– Strategic uh– SALT talks on controlling atomic bombs and their testing, but before leaving Finland to go into the Soviet Union, he gave the Soviet Union a grave warning threat from the USA, saying the US would not tolerate the presence of Soviet and Cuban troops in Ethiopia. In spite of the numerous attacks on Ethiopia by the aggressive regime, the reactionary regime of Somalia, look at your map of the Horn of Africa so that you will know these places on the world map that Comrade [Robert] Christian has made, you know the back of your hand as the forward part of your hand, you’ll know the world just that well. Anyway, the Soviet Union said they expected nothing to come from the SALT talks, they’re uh– they’re more than willing to negotiate control of proliferation of arms, atomic and hydrogen, and the cessation of all production of weapons that would destroy people from outer space. ‘Course, the Soviet Union now has a great advantage, and it’s very strange that USA would do much threatening, because by the Secretary of State Vance’s own words from USA, the Soviet Union now has killer satellites, laser beam technology, and capability to destroy any space satellite or platform or incoming missile. Nonetheless, United States continues to carry its audacious, arrogant manner when talking in peace– about peace, you would think that they would come with overtures of peace. But just before entering the Soviet Union, the vanguard of Marxist liberation, the liberation of all peoples throughout the world, indeed, the Soviet Union is the avant garde of freedom and justice, but Secretary of State Vance threatens on his way into the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union of course has made her position known. She is now disclaiming any allegiance to [Nikita] Krushchev’s former doctrine of peaceful coexistence, proving it by funding the Communist Red Brigade in Italy that successfully kidnapped Prime Minister Aldo Moro, leading renegade of capitalism, and carried out a people’s execution near midnight. His body has yet not been found, nor have any of his kidnappers been arrested or located. (Tape edit) The Red Brigade pulled off the tremendous guerilla operation, as they were able to kidnap, abduct the criminal head of capitalism in Europe, Prime Minister Moro of Italy, by shooting their way, successfully assassinating five bodyguards of the secret super police, the very vicious super secret police of Italy, and by killing five guards, they got to Prime Minister Moro, held him in ransom, they could get money to liberate people who were under political oppression, only demanded the release of political prisoners and the drop of a political frame-up trial in Turin, Italy. Then they even softened their charges– or their demands, rather, for only the release of one political prisoner. But the Prime Minister Moro, typical of all capitalists, who he had served well for five terms as the prime minister of Italy, and leading exponent of capitalism and fascism in the world, the capitalist did not find his life worth one simple political hostage, so, in his middle fifties, he has been executed by the people’s court of the Red Brigade. Republic of Yemen, as you know, look on your map, has declared that they would give sanctuary to the operators of the Red Brigade and the Japanese Red Army, who closed down today the railways of Japan, to show their support of the international working class solidarity that comes on May– May Day, May first.

We have been asked to participate in May Day marches in Georgetown. That’s the international communist workers day on the first of May. (Tape edit) We were asked to furnish, and were able to do so and help our cooperative, the red shirts for the leading trade unions of Guyana. And that will give us some help desperately that we need. All must be careful in waste.

Also must be imprinted upon your minds, that you’re going to have to be more safety precautious. I’m grateful to hear of the miracles, and they should be testified to three times a day, in threes, but I am telling you, the miracle of Stanley [Gieg] with his long hair could have been avoided by wearing a helmet. The miracles of many things, like the tree that fell on Stephan [Jones] and others yesterday, could have been avoided if people will do what they’re told. We are going to be demanding Learning Crew experience immediately for anyone that does not use safety precautions or violates safety rules. On Peoples Rally tomorrow night, Thursday, there must be a discussion in Steering Committee that meets tonight to set up some guidelines for a safety presentation for every department. Safety talk presentation, and all must follow safety rules and regulations, such as the use of goggles, care in use of all industrial equipment, around vehicles, and how to carry logs, how to fell trees, and always wear your helmets when you’re involved in tree-cutting, as well as, like Stanley was doing in the work of the generator, that should’ve literally tore his head into the generator and crushed it. We are grateful for miracles, but we want to prevent things from happening, and we demand that those that do not follow safety precautions will be put on Learning automatically. Stand by. (Tape edit)

Anyway, the Republic of Yemen has offered sanctuary to members of the Red Brigade, as well as the East German Democratic Republic, the most advanced communist society in the world outside of the Soviet Union. Modern in every way. Even Newsweek admits– and Time Magazine, that socialism enhances the quality of life. In the present edition of Time Magazine, it said near the top of the agenda of every socialist regime are elaborate programs for improving health care and expanding educational and housing facilities. These socialist states can boast that infant mortality has dropped dramatically, life expectancy is on the rise, and illiteracy is being conquered. In short, socialist-provided social services are one promise that socialism has kept universally. When Fidel Castro’s forces triumphed in Cuba in 1959, according to Time Magazine, nearly one half of the population could neither read nor write. Compulsory primary education and an ambitious classroom construction program have reduced illiteracy now to a mere two percent in Cuba. Cuban infant mortality is 29 per thousand, when it was over 100, and average life expectancy is over 70 years in the free territory of communist Cuba. By contrast, just across the water, neighboring to them, an island, the Dominican Republic, that was taken over, the revolution of the people quelled by the US Marines a few years ago, in the typical Monroe Doctrine of grotestque fascism that dominates US capitalism, there where in the– Cuba you only have two percent illiteracy, in the Dominican Republic, there is 39 percent that cannot read nor write. Infant mortality is over 108 per thousand. Five to six times that of Cuba. And an average life expectancy in the Dominican Republic, just a few miles from Cuba, is only 51 years of age. This is Time Magazine’s revelation of the success of co– of communism and socialism in the world.

In China, according to Time Magazine, the crash training– the crash training of legions of doctors, nurses and paramedics, and the founding of rural health centers, has nearly eradicated cholera, plague, and other diseases. And flies and rats that for centuries had periodically ravaged the population. Similar efforts are now underway in Mozambique, the Marxist FRELIMO [Front for the Liberation of Mozambique] regime has set up free health clinics in all of the villages for combatting such chronic problems as malnutrition, malaria and tuberculosis. The Eastern European Communist states offer free education and comprehensive health care. Sickness seldom imposes any financial burden on patients, according to Time Magazine. The physical quality of life shows that the essential human services provided by Marxist-Leninist states are far superior to those of Western so-called democracies. And I put “so-called,” that’s the only point I added to the commentary from Time Magazine. The extensive network of social services known as– that is known in the Marxist societies are in distinctive achievement and cannot be denied. That’s Time Magazine’s commentary. Stand by.

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The LA Free Press, one of Los Angeles’ oldest alternate newspapers, and the oldest alternate newspaper in the nation, and also the most recent acquisition of Hustler publisher and born-again Christian Larry Flynt, who is now apparently partially paralyzed from being shot five times in an assassination attempt brought about by certain elements of the Left, while he was sojourning with Jimmy Carter, figurehead president of monopoly capitalist fascist USA, while he was traveling with [Ruth Carter Stapleton] the sister of Jimmy Carter., he was felled in Georgia by five assassin’s bullets. He owns the Los Angeles Free Press and the Hustler, as you know. But now he has shut down the Los Angeles Free Press, the oldest alternate newspaper in the nation indefinitely. Managing editor [Ron] Ridenour reports that the decision was made by Flynt corporation executives in consultation with the tycoon’s wife, Althea, because the paper was losing money hand over fist. Ridenour said the executives did not want to continue the losing operation, while Flynt himself, the victim, as I said, of an assassination attempt, remains in critical condition. Incidentally, the last issue of the Free Press, always a source of controversy, may be one of its most controversial. Ridenour said the issue was scheduled to run excerpts from a uh– pirated copy of the unpublished– unpublished manuscripts of Los Angeles Police Department ex-chief and Republican rightist, fascist gubernatorial hopeful Ed Davis, Magnum Opus, hang ‘em at the ghetto or at the airport Davis. He’s the one that recommends instant hangings, like the Supreme Court Chief Justice [Warren Burger] did, and was taken up by FBI Director Bates, calling for hanging as the best form of justice, lynching, immediate lynch mob rule. We thought we’d left those days in the (unintelligible word) when the Ku Klux Klan was marching in the early 1900s. But no, it’s been revived now as a decent law, a Christian law, a quick answer to the pile-up of court cases. Mob rule.

A Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner– commissioner however issued an injunction barring the FreepFree Press from publishing the story. Ridenour called the prior restraint a fascist tactic similar to the US government’s effort to block publication of the Pentagon Papers. Unfortunately, we are not in good position now to defy that order. Instead, according to Ridenour, editor of the Free Pess– Free Press, the last issue will contain a story on the court’s order, complete with white spaces where portions of the manuscript would’ve been quoted, that show how deeply involved in intrigue fascism and murder Chief Davis of Los Angeles is, who promises to be the next governor of the state of California, because he is now leading by 13 full points in all the public polls, and proves he’s far ahead of Governor [Jerry] Brown in the bid to be the next governor. What a horrendous thought. What a horrible thought, that Chief Davis, who believes in lyn– lynch mob rule, an open racist and fascist, will be the next governor of the state of California. Stand by.

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The states of Missouri and Nevada, in an anti-woman’s move, have filed suits against the National Organization for Women (tape edit) under the Sherman Antitrust Act, accusing NOW of conspiring with other organizations to withhold trade from the states. NOW is conducting a boycott of states that have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, urging individuals and organizations to withhold tourist and convention business. But never, never toy with capitalism in your attempt to get your rights, women. It does not work in the USA. Not all the leaders are involved in trust-busting, and can face up to 20 years in a federal penitentiary. The boycott isn’t a conspiracy to restrain trade, because we’re not getting any economic gains in the boycott, Sandra Porter, NOW Action Center staff person on the boycott maintains. A boycott is a traditional political tactic, part of grassroots organizing. Suits like these have never been a successful legal method of challenging a boycott. It’s just a way of harassing NOW, of women in their quest for equal rights. The suits against NOW are an indication of the effectiveness of the boycott. The American Nurses Association, for example, cancelled plans to hold its convention of 15,000 members in Kansas City, Missouri in 1981. And then, that was the knell that brought about the charges against National Organization for Women leadership. Stand by. (Tape edit)

Governor Rudy Perpich withdrew state troopers from the fields this week around his town of Lawry, Minnesota, where they have been sent to keep farmers and community residents from obstructing the building of a high voltage power line across the farmlands. There seems to be a revival of progressiveness in farmers, who are being increasingly disenfranchised, their properties taken over by massive corporations, one billion dollars of farmland has been bought by fascists of West Germany in Western Europe, because as you know, the small farmer has been pushed out of business by the rise of monopoly capitalism. They talk about competition and free enterprise system. There is no competition. So the few small farmers have become very vigilant, as they were in the days of the progressive farm movement– movement in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Governor Perpich decided to withdraw the troopers after s– many of the protestors announced that they planned to stop civil disobedience actions. Horseback occupation of construction sites and disruption of surveying crews began late December. Thus the governor, glad to get them out of their vigilant (pause) reactionist stance, cancelled the troops. For three years, area residents have tried to halt the building of the 400-mile of the– and 400 volt cable, whose potential hazards, they argue, have not been adequately researched. Farmers and other area residents have marched to St. Paul, the capital, to ask the governor to call a one-day hearing with state legislators so that they might present their case for a moratorium on the power line until a science court of experts can rule on the safety of the line. Governor Perpich refused to make any commitment about an audience with the legislatures [legislators], so sentiment for renewed civil disobedience may grow. After getting nowhere with the governor, argues Don Olson, an activist with LiveWire, an urban support group working with the farmers– farmworkers, people are going to go back to the fields. Stand by. (Tape edit)

An attempt by US capitalism to bring down the Zambian government. There had been no payment for copper, which is their basic source of life, some 48 percent of the Zambian – look on your African map – population de– lives in urban centers, and copper is their one source of basic revenue to that troubled nation. Zambia has been moving towards a socialist course. Carter and the great manipulators of monopoly capitalism, are now putting some copper on the market at a very low price, that has brought down the price of copper in an attempt to starve out the Zambian people. The Zambian government – the government of Zambia in central Africa – has called for immediate return to the fields in cooperative living to make Zambia an agricultural nation in order to save it from economic collapse. There’s no end to the hideousness of US monopoly capitalism. (Pause)

Nonetheless, USA is still troubled in its economic picture. The dollar plummets, inflation increases 17 percent in food costs this last month. An emergency meeting of all the capitalist nations will be held in Bonn in early part of July. Bonn, West Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, which has now declared itself an agent and an inheritor of the Third Reich, proudly calling herself reenacting the Third Reich that did not die in World War II. The Third Reich is a word coined by Adolf Hitler to describe Germany. That’s how prominent Nazism has become in West Germany, the capitalist puppet regime of USA monopoly interest. Stand by. (Tape edit)

Vietnamese tank troops are warring with Chinese on the border. The Vietnamese, with the support of the Soviet Union, the great liberators of mankind, the avant garde of social justice, Soviet Union has been economically assisting and militarily assisting the Republic of Vietnam from its constant threat of aggression from Kampuchea, formerly known as Cambodia, that’ve been manipulated by China. After the Vietnamese forces, their tank forces penetrated some five miles in the Chinese border, China has called that they will withdraw their aid to Kampuchea, if the other superpowers will withdraw their aid in Indochina. At this stage, no one knows what the outcome will be, but the Soviet Union has stepped up a vigilant policy of defending the liberation of oppressed people throughout the world, and she has told US Secretary of State Vance now – this just came over the news – that he can come to Moscow if he wishes to talk about arms control, but there was no negotiations, they will keep their forces of liberation in Ethiopia and anywhere else in the world that they’re called for, and so have lost faith in Krushchev’s doctrine of détente, the peaceful coexistence of capitalist and socialist states.

Undoubtedly nuclear war hangs over our heads like a sword of Damocles. We must get our people out. Please work and produce justly. Save, don’t waste, there’s too much waste. Even little things like toilet paper. The Central Supply, I want you to crack down on people that are coming in and getting more than their usual share. By the way, I want for safety and to caution internal security in view of the dangers of mercenaries that you– even though Guyana has assured us that they’ve stepped up their border patrols all around, that the defense forces are all around, they’ll save us from anyone coming in or anyone trying to go out to cause mischief. Remember, we need to have a house check each night, anyone that is missing from your work crew must be reported immediately so that we can keep security at its top. No one would be foolish enough to go into the jungle area at night, with a tiger being witnessed all through the neighborhood, several tigers in fact, and the snakes around that kill instantly or make open massive–

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