Serial 393

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is John Biddulph, a member of the Eight Revolutionaries. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type. Other information which remains withheld under the Freedom of Information Act has been denoted in green type.]

0 250320Z NOV 78
FM SEATTLE (89-158) (P)

Re SF tel 11/24/78 to Seattle.

[Information deleted pertaining to John Biddulph] Spokane, WA. [Biddulph] advised he had joined Peoples Temple (PT) in 1969 and was member until 1973. [Information deleted pertaining to Biddulph] PT Planning Commission which included the following people:

Jim Jones, Grace Stone [Stoen], Tim Stone [Stoen], Lee Ingraham (PH} [Ingram], Linda Amos, Don Beck, Bonnie Beck, Sandy Bradshaw, Carolyn Leithton [Layton], Larry Leithton [Layton], Karen Leithton [Layton], and Grace Stone an attorney.

This group had a pact that if anyone left they would be hunted down and their throat cut. It is unknown if this was ever done.

[Biddulph] left the church in 1973 with Jim Cobb, Mickey Touchette, Wayne Pietela, all of San Francisco, and Tom Posborski [Podgorski] of Indianapolis, Indiana.

[Biddulph] is personally aware of only one crime and this occurred in late summer 1972 when [name deleted] approached [Biddulph] about killing Lester Kinsolving. Jones later alleded [alluded] to this but never actually requested [Biddulph] carry out the act. [Biddulph] will testify to this if required.

[Biddulph] believes more assassinations will be carried out according to Jones’s wishes specifically by Sandy Bradshaw, Linda Amos, Carolyn and Karen Leighton. It is believed these women have all available inside information to Jones’s opperation [operation] and were devout followers as well as his mistresses.

[Biddulph] advised Jim Dunbar caused Jones much grief and Jones wanted him neutralized but never ordered his death. Jones allegedly ordered the death of Whitey and Opal Freestone, Ukiah California but it is not believe this occurred. Jones is believed to have defrauded on income tax by having his sec.-treasurer, Eva Pugh, bury large sums of money. [Biddulph] has heard talk of the church having 15 to 20 million dollars.

It is also believed Linda Swainey (PH) [Swaney] an executive with Masonite Corporation, Ukiah, may have information as she took numerous papers and documents when she left the church. [Biddulph] knows of no other federal or local violations committed by the group.

[John Biddulph] is described as follows: white male, DOB [information deleted], brown hair, blue eyes, [information deleted] SSAN [information deleted]. FD-302 to follow.

Since Seattle is unaware of investigation already conducted by San Francisco division leads at Ukiah are being left to the 00.