Serial 412

[Editor’s note: This document was released both as a State Department cable as part of its 1981 FOIA release, and as Serial 412 of the FBI’s RYMUR release.]

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Drafted by ARA:WDCalderhead:JE
Approved by ARA:JABushnell

0 252242Z NOV 78
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E.O. 11652: N/A
SUBJECT: Task Force supplies and equipment

1. DOD sources advise the Department that special equipment has been airlifted to Georgetown via US military aircraft as follows:

16 portable Motorola radios
3 FM radio based set

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2 single side band radios
96 sleeping bags
200 blankets
3153 “C” rations
5 40-hp outboard motors
5 power generators
1 1/4 T Jeep
5 Polaroid cameras
5 fingerprint kits
200 flashlights
200 ponchos
200 canteens
200 mess kits

The above equipment was requested in Georgetown 3785 and 3816. The only item not shipped is the twin-engine small aircraft which was requested on a loan basis in Georgetown 3785.

2. Most of the items requested in Georgetown 3882 are

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being pulled together from various DOD sources and positioned at Dover AFB. Actual shipment is delayed, however, pending indication from Embassy that these items are still essential and resolution of difficult funding problem. Only items from this group cleared to go forward to Georgetown next 24 hours on first available flight are:

10 manual typewriters
3 reproduction/photo machines
9 boxes paper, ribbons, etc.

3. No procurement or shipment action has been taken on Georgetown 3837. Paragraph 6 of that cable listed twin-engine Otter aircraft with extra engine, propeller and parts. Paragraph 7 listed GDF aircraft parts which are available from Bell Helicopter at a cost of approximately dols 22,000. Actual procurement delayed because of legal technicalities. Not available from Bell or elsewhere are the requested two power turbine generators, three acturator assembly and four receivers. Paragraph 8 listed twelve walkie-talkie sets, 100 portable runway lights, two portable beacons, runway stabilization equipment and either one DeHaviland or one C-123 provider aircraft.

4. No procurement or shipment action has been taken on Georgetown 3838 which requested cholinesterase kit and one small freezer.

5. The equipment requested in Georgetown 3790 seems in part to repeat or expand some of the equipment needs requested in earlier messages but, in any event, has not been shipped. Listed were such items as cameras, saws, radio beacon, punks, walkie-talkie sets, power units, cook pots, dory boats, outboard engines, tents, radios and loan of one Bell 212 helicopter.

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6. Given our estimate of current situation, it is hoped we can at least minimize and perhaps canceled outright most of requests for not yet procured or shipped equipment. Request Embassy review problem and advice soonest which items, if any, still essential.

Christopher [Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher]