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0 272244Z NOV 78
RYMUR, 00: SF.

Re Iptelcal [Indianapolis telephone call] to Bureau, November 27, 1978.

For information receiving offices, the following is a summary of information provided by Charlotte Aletha Baldwin, nee Lamb, born August 4, 1905, Richmond, Indiana, and her husband, Walter Reed Baldwin, born June 4 (7), 1904, Richmond, Indiana, who reside 149 Southwest 16th Street, Richmond, Indiana, telephone (317) 935-2189. Baldwins are the parents of Marceline Mae Jones, nee Baldwin, white female, born January 8, 1927, Uniondale, Indiana, and is the wife of James Warren Jones, white male, born May 13, 1931, Lynn,


Randolph County, Indiana. Marriage occurred June 12, 1949, Richmond, Indiana. Employed as a male orderly Reid Memorial Hospital, during time Marceline received certification as a registered nurse at Reid Memorial Hospital, Richmond, Indiana. Following marriage, both attended Indiana University, for two years when Jones subsequently transferred to Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, where he received degree in education. In 1951, Jones became interested in social gospel activities and affiliated himself with the Methodist Church, Beech Grove, and Indianapolis, Indiana. As assistant pastor, Sunset Methodist Church, Beech Grove, Indiana, for one year and a Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Jones attempted to integrate church membership, but failed to do so. He left Methodist affiliation to become active with Assembly of God, again failing in his integration efforts and left this church group. Jones, at age 22, purchased Jewish Temple on 10th Treet [Street], Indianapolis, where he established Peoples Temple. Jones was appointed Director of Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights during administration of Mayor Charles Boswell, Indianapolis, Indiana.


During 1960 or early 1961, Jones refused medical treatment at Methodist Hospital at Indianapolis until facilities were integrated. During church activities at Beech Grove, Indiana, Jones adopted 11-year-old girl named Agnes. Steven [Stephan] Jones, age 19, the only natural issue to the union of James and Marceline Jones. Jones subsequent to move to California, adopted Suzanne, who is now married and an employee of the U.S. government, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, San Francisco, under her married name of Suzanne Cartnell [Cartmell]. She is of Korean descent and about 24 years of age. She was a former member of the Peoples Temple, San Francisco, California, and incurred the ire of Jones when she separated her affiliation with the Peoples Temple. Jones also adopted Lew Jones, age 22, of Korean extraction, who is married to Terrie or Terry [Terry Carter Jones], and has one child, Chi-Ok [Chaeoke], age approximately one and one-half years. Additionally, Agnes who was married on two prior occasions, is currently married to Ray Jones (no relation) and has four children, Billy, age 17; Stephanie, age 16; Jimbo, age 14; and Michael, age 8.


John Jones [John Victor Stoen], age 6, is the illegitimate issue between James Jones and Grace Stone [Stoen]. The foregoing persons were observed at Jonestown by the Baldwins during October-November 1978. Steven, Jim [Jones Jr.] and Tim Jones are the only known survivors. In 1961, Jones and family moved from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Belle Horizonte, Brazil, South America, where they remained until 1963. During February 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin visited Jones in Belle Horizonte. Jones returned to Indianapolis, Indiana, during 1963, to continue his efforts with the Peoples Temple. He was subjected to harassment, having shots fired into the home, bricks, rocks and other items thrown through the windows, and harassing telephone calls. In 1964, Jones decided to sell the Indianapolis Temple and moved to California where he believed his family would not be harassed and people would be more respective [receptive] to his social reform philosophy. Approximately 100 persons left Indianapolis to follow Jones to San Francisco, California, where he established a Peoples Temple. Among those were Dale and Edith Parks, from Columbus, Indiana. Both Parks are known to the Baldwins for 14 years. During the


Jonestown visit, Mrs. Baldwin observed Edith Parks displayed a strained relationship toward her and would leave any group where Mrs. Baldwin was present.

Marceline Jones was employed by the California State Department and involved in public health investigations regarding convalescent home licensing in California. Jones was affiliated with three churches in social gospel activities in addition to the Peoples Temple activities. Grace Stone [Stoen], the wife of Tim Stone [Stoen], attorney in San Francisco, was attracted to James Jones and reportedly gave birth to John Jones, supra. Tim Stone reportedly threatened James Jones with exposure if he refused to leave the San Francisco area. In April 1976, Jones decided to leave San Francisco for Jonestown, Guyana, South America, in an effort to avoid exposure as threatened by Stone. Marceline Jones terminated her employment with the California State Department at the direction of James Jones for the purpose of overseeing the operations of the Peoples Temple in San Francisco, California. Baldwins were aware of the unhappy married life and strained relations which


existed between Marceline and James Jones. In October 1978, Marceline Jones returned to the U.S., spending about three weeks in San Francisco, prior to her arrival in Richmond, Indiana, on October 21, 1978. She expressed concern to her parents regarding the failing health and mental attitude of Jim Jones. She expressed a thought that she believed Jones was probably using drugs and stated she had intention of finding out if this was true upon her return to Jonestown. Baldwins accompanied Marceline Jones from New York to Jonestown on October 26, 1978, arriving at Jonestown on October 30, 1978. They departed Jonestown November 13, arrived at Georgetown and departed Georgetown, Guyana, November 15, 1978, arriving Richmond, Indiana, at approximately 12:30 AM on the morning of November 16, 1978. During this visit, Baldwins observed Jones on three separate occasions. Jones maintained a separate cottage and was in company of two paramores [paramours], Marie (LNU) [last name unknown] [Maria Katsaris], who handled the financial matters for Jonestown and Carolyn Moore, whose parents reside in Reno, Nevada, where her father is a


Methodist minister. Jones spent most of his time in his cottage due to his illness. Jones admitted to the Baldwins that he was experiencing great pressures from Tim Stone and believed that he had been tricked by Stone. Jones cried when discussing his involvement with Grace Stone and the birth of John Jones. Mrs. Baldwin commented to him about the swollen condition of his hands noting that they were swollen to at least twice the size his hands would have been if normal. She did not learn the nature of his illness or if he was using drugs. On two subsequent observations, no exchange of conversation occurred. Baldwins have no knowledge regarding a suicide pact or any agreement among members of the Peoples Temple. They stated they had never been told by James Jones, Marceline Jones, or any other person known to be associated in any way with, by membership or otherwise, of the existence of a suicide pact or any kind of agreement by members to participate in the murder against members of the group or any person involved in the service of the U.S. government or any other governmental organization of the world.


FD-302 detailing results of interview being forwarded by separate communication.

Armed and dangerous.