Serial 434

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Walter Thain, whose name was released elsewhere in the serial. The deleted information at the end of the memorandum – designated by brackets – has been indicated by red type.]

0 272140Z NOV 78
FM MIAMI (89-179) P

Re Bureau teletypes to all offices; Miami teletypes to Bureau; Milwaukee teletype to Bureau, all November 24, 1978, Houston teletype to Bureau; Buffalo teletype to Bureau and Chicago,teletype to Bureau, on November 25, 1978; and Miami telcall to Bureau, November 27, 1978.

Walter Thain, interviewed this P.M. at his laboratory, 170 West Spanish River Boulevard, Boca Raton, Florida, tel. no. 392-6622. He advised he was in Guyana late April-early May, this year, as a side trip from business in Venezuela. Thain visited Jonestown, toured it and dined with Jim Jones approximately six times. While in Guyana, he took photos,


mostly in Georgetown, but also photographed Jonestown. He also spoke to a number of People’s Temple (PT) while there.

Following his return to U.S., Thain received several hundred letters from PT members in Guyana, some quite recent.

Additionally, Thain has tape recording of approximately five hours of radio conversation with PT in Jonestown during February, 1978. Conversation dealt with cesarean delivery of infant(s) at Jonestown. Thain often provides medical assistance to “ham” radio operators.

He stated, to his recollection, there was never any indication during visit, radio conversations, or letters of plans to murder Congressman Ryan or others. Nor was there an indication of impending violence of any type.

Thain agreed to provide photos, tape and letters to FBI. He noted, however, he arranged for NBC newsman, [name deleted] (see referenced Chicago teletype) to listen to tape prior to releasing same to FBI. Above items will be obtained at the earliest opportunity.

Bureau telephonically advised of above.


This date, [deleted name] British West Indies Airline (BWIA), Miami, advised pilot [deleted name] due to arrive Miami from BWI tomorrow, 4:30 P.M.

During late evening, November 26, 1978, Dr. [deleted name] located residence of Dr. [deleted name and address], Fort Pierce, Florida. [deleted name] advised he had only one radio contact with Jonestown sometime last spring. He described conversation only as a “passing” one and that Jonestown was attempting to elicit medical advice. [deleted name] noted Jonestown operator was female with apparent medical background, possibly a nurse. Questions from Jonestown apparently concerned delivery of twins. During conversation, another “ham” operator, believed based in California and thought by [deleted name] to be a dr., joined conversation. [deleted name] stated conversation was limited to above medical matter and can furnish no further info re PT.

For info, station call sign [deleted] (see reference to Houston teletype) assigned [deleted name], Key West, Florida. [deleted name] previously interviewed, this matter.

Efforts to locate an interview “ham” radio operator [deleted name] negative to date.


Miami at Boca Raton, will obtain photos, letters and tape from [deleted name] [Walter Thain].

At Miami, will interview [deleted name] upon his arrival in U.S., November 28, 1978.

At Fort Lauderdale, will continue efforts to locate and interview [deleted name].

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.