Serial 447

0 272243Z NOV 78
FM NEW YORK (89-495) 7P) (212)

On November 24, 1978, a confidential media source advised New York office that Peoples Temple of Christian Disciples of God (PT) is involved heavily in drug smuggling and gun running, and that the Albatross, a 65 foot trawler belonging to the PT, was used for this purpose. US Coast Guard, Miami, Florida, allegedly confirmed this information and stated that ship registered in Mobil [Mobile], Alabama. Media source advised officials at the United States Labor Party (USLOP), New York, New York, would confirm these charges.

On November 27, 1978, [deleted name] (protect identity), [deleted information], USLP, New York City,


telephone number [deleted] voluntarily furnish the following information:

USLP has been “investigating” PT since the assassination of Congressman Ryan. USLP afraid USLP officials and Lyndon LaRouche in particular are targets of PT’s “hit list”. USLP has worldwide sources of information and although USLP has no specifics to date, information has been received that PT involved in gun running and drug smuggling and using PT ships for this purpose. PT supposedly about to begin production of marijuana on a large scale in Guyana. A large quantity of gold and diamonds, standard drug trade currency, found at Jonestown supports USLP’s information.

[deleted name] advised of the limited nature of the FBI’s criminal investigation of members of PT. He will advise New York office of any specifics supporting these allegations. Bureau will be kept advised.