Serial 469

United States Government
Date: 11/22/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR

As of 11 pm, 11/22/78, the available information from State Department indicates that bodies in route from Guyana are scheduled to arrive at Dover, Delaware, Air Force Base at 7 am on 11/23/78. Subsequent flights to arrive at six hour intervals. Conrad Banner, Identification Division, has been in contact with Bill Courtney, Chief, Air Force Mortuary Services, Dover, Delaware, telephone number 302-678-6683, and has established liaison with him with regard to contemplated use of FBI Disaster Squad.

Since information received from State Department indicated survivors would be flown to Charleston Air Force Base, Charleston, South Carolina, beginning on Saturday, 11/25/78, SAC [Special Agent in Charge] Charles Devic, Columbia Office, was contacted and instructed to have his Charleston Resident Agency establish appropriate liaison with Air Force personnel at Charleston Air Force Base. SAC Devic subsequently advised Duty Agent [deleted name] that the Charleston Resident Agency had received information from OSI, Charleston, South Carolina, that a flight would arrive from Guyana on 11/23/78 containing 35 to 40 prisoners. SA [deleted name] contacted [deleted name] telephone number [deleted], Guyana Desk, State Department, and informed her of information received by SAC Devic. Miss [deleted name] indicated she would research the matter and return the call. Miss [deleted name] subsequently contacted SA [deleted name] and advised she had determined that the Guyanese Government desires that all individuals, including bodies, be removed as soon as possible and it is very likely that a flight containing survivors will arrive sometime on 11/23/78 at Charleston, South Carolina, although this location is not definite at this point. She indicated that when a definite location is established, she will immediately contact the RYMUR command center. Information pertaining to conversation with Miss [deleted name] was furnished to SAC Devic, and he indicated appropriate plans will be set up to handle possible numerous interviews.

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