Serial 484

[Editor’s note: The Peoples Temple member referred to in this serial is Tish Leroy. Her identify was not known at the time this serial was written.]

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 11/27/78
To: Mr. Herndon
From: [name withheld]

Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To set forth results of Laboratory and Fingerprint examinations of handwritten note obtained from the body of deceased Reverend Jim Jones.

DETAILS: On 11/24/78, the Document Section, Laboratory Division, was furnished a handwritten note taken from the body of Reverend Jim Jones. The note was delivered in a sealed container and opened by Laboratory personnel. The note, written on a piece of lined notebook paper approximately 6 inches by eight inches contained the following message:



I see no way
out – I agree
with your decision –
I fear only that
without you the
world may not make it
to communism – Tish


Memorandum to Mr. Herndon

For my part – I
am more than
tired of this
wretched, merciless
planet & the hell
it holds for so
many masses of
beautiful people –
Thank you for the only life Ive known

Since the note was heavily saturated with body fluids and moisture it was placed in an exhause [exhaust] hood and aerated in order to dry out the document as much as possible.

Writing of James W. Jones, consisting of a signature on a fingerprint card FBI# 70597N2, and a signature on an FOIA request received from Jones in 1977 (190-12318) were found to be too limited in nature and in adequate to identify him as the author of this note. The same is also true of Marceline Mae Jones whose known signatures and limited writings appear on two FOIA requests received in December, 1977 (190-12318).

Since the letter is signed “Tish” efforts are being made to obtain writings attributable to Jones’ followers who could logically be thought to have written the note. No writings of such individuals have been received as yet.

Latent Fingerprint examinations were conducted but no latent fingerprints of value were developed.

RECOMMENDATION: This memorandum and attachments be forwarded to Investigative Division for information and appropriate action.

[Page 3 is outside of transmittal envelope]

[Page 4 consists of short handwritten note: “Enclosed is the actual note taken from the body of Rev. Jim Jones that was heavily saturated with body fluids.”]

[Pages 5-9 consist of photocopies and photographs of note]