Serial 502

0 27:217Z NOV 78
FM SAN JUAN (89-123)

Vernon Dean Gosney, white male, date of birth March 19, 1953, place of birth Albany, California, 6 feet tall, 145 pounds, brown hair and eyes, tattoo of flower, right upper arm, partially interviewed November 27, 1978, at Roosevelt Roads Naval Hospital (RRNH), Puerto Rico. Interview lasted a short period of time as interview had to be terminated due to Gosney’s condition and request.

Bureau and San Francisco should note Gosney wounded severely during Jonestown incident receiving wounds to the

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liver, abdomen, spleen and diaphragm and remains in the intensive care unit, RRNH.

Extensive interview is being conducted however for only brief period each day.

During interview this date Gosney advised that members of Jonestown camp “programmed” to strictly obey Jones’ commands. Disciplinary action taken by Jones for those who disobey include beatings, humiliation, sedation by use of drugs.

Interview also determined that a security squad was maintained by Jones and frequently received firearms training. Firearms were smuggled into Guyana by numerous followers of Jones broken down into parts. Jones maintained possibly 50 weapons including rifles and handguns. Security force was made up of Steve Jones [Stephan Jones], Tim Jones (white male), Tim Jones (black male), Lou Jones [Lew Jones], Jimmy Jones, Jr., Calvin Douglas, Johnny Cobb Jones, Johnny Jones, Jr., Doug Sanders. Joe Wilson whose description has been previously furnished was acting head of security.

Interview will also determined that “traitors” to the Jones movement would be killed.

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Gosney identified Stanley Gieg, white male, blond hair, 18 years of age, 5’8” – 5’9” tall, approximately 160 pounds, short – muscular – hairy, as being driver of truck that transported Ryan and group from camp to airstrip on day of shooting. Gosney also advised that Gieg, after dropping off the group left the airstrip and returned on the tractor that contained the attackers. Gieg was seen with a weapon and engaged in shooting. Bureau and San Francisco should note that video tape made by NBC camera man reflects an individual similar in description to Gieg in the group of Jonestown inhabitants which initially met the Ryan group upon its arrival at Port Kaitum [Kaituma].

Gosney suspected trouble because the truck was delayed leaving Jonestown, and the fact that Layton and Joe Wilson accompanied them.

Gosney also advised it is his belief that attack was planned during assembly of Jones’ followers prior to the truck leaving Jonestown. An assembly was always held when some type of action to be taken by Jones to resolve any type of problem.

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San Juan will continue interview up costing and furnish summaries of information obtained from this witness.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendancies [tendencies].