Serial 557

Mrs. [name deleted]
[address deleted]
Syracuse, New York 13202

Nov 24, 1978

Mr. Wm Webster
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Webster:

The FBI and US Justice Dept are totally responsible for the mass murder of these innocent people (children) of Jonestown. As in my case I’ve begged for help from your dept for the theft of one million dollars by employees Mr. [name deleted] Mr. [name deleted] Mr. [name deleted] former presi also Mr. [name deleted].

Attorneys [name deleted] Mr. [name deleted]

My reference is to Merges National Banking & Trust Co., Syracuse, N.Y.

I am [illegible word] number one, maybe there are other women and children. Why wait until another Jonestown happens. This is a National Bank – please act [illegible word].

Mrs. [name deleted]