Serial 563


District Attorney’s Office
880 Bryant St.
San Francisco CA 94103


William Webster,
Director FBI
J Edgar Hoover Blvd
Washington DC 20510

Dear Mr Vance[:] This is to advise you that my office is presently conducting an investigation into possible California criminal law violations by present and former members of the Peoples Temple arising out of the recent homicides and alledged [alleged] mass suicides in Guyana.

To complete this investigation it will be necessary that San Francisco District Attorney investigators interview the survivors of the Peoples Temple tragedy. We expect to do this in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We request your assistance in obtaining the agreement of the Government of Guyana to release all the survivors at the same time and that following their release, these persons be provided transportation to 1 place in the United States where join [joint] interviews by FBI agents and San Francisco D.A. investigators to be conducted, since the suviovors [survivors] are likely to go from their point of arrival to a variety of locations in the United States[,] this investigation would be facilitated by such an agreement. It is crucial that these persons be thoroughly interviewed prior to their dispersal. Please advise us in what ways you can assist us in this endeavor.

CC: William Webster, Director FBI J Edgar Hoover Blvd Washington DC
Roy McKinnon Special Agent in Charge
Joseph Fretas [Freitas] Junior District Attorney San Francisco CA