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[Editor’s note: The subject interview of this serial whose name is deleted is freelance writer Gordon Lindsay. In addition, the source of Lindsay’s information – which was deleted on page one but released later in the interview – is Tim Stoen. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 291330Z NOV 78
FM LOS ANGELES (89-436) (3) (P)

Re San Francisco teletype to the Bureau and Los Angeles dated November 21, 1978.

On November 27, 1978, [deleted name] [Gordon Lindsay] was interviewed regarding captioned matter at Los Angeles and the following is a synopsis of his interview:

[Lindsay] advised that he has been investigating the Peoples Temple (PT) since approximately June 1978 at the request of Concerned Relatives of members of the PT. He advised that his main source of information has been [name deleted] [Tim Stoen] and other members of the Concerned Relatives. [Lindsay] indicated that on Friday, November 17, 1978, he accompanied


Congressman Ryan and staff to Port Kaituma, Guyana, awaiting word as to whether their entourage would be allowed into Jonestown.

At approximately 6:01 P.M., same date, an individual named Linda Ijames arrived at the airstrip where the entourage was waiting, driving a tractor wagon and indicated that the whole group, except for [Lindsay], would be allowed to enter Jonestown. [Lindsay] stated that he then flew back to Georgetown at approximately 6:15 P.M. and therefore has no direct knowledge of the assassination incident. [Lindsay] indicated with regards to the “hit list” that the only information he has regarding such a list was obtained from attorney Mark Lane, who advised him [deleted information] at the Georgetown airport just prior to departure on Tuesday, November 21, 1978, that he (Lane) had personal knowledge that such a list existed for “enemies” of the PT and that [Lindsay], Tim Stoen, and himself (Lane) were among persons on this list. [Lindsay] stated that he had never personally seen the list and has no knowledge of other persons on this list.

According to [Lindsay], Mark Lane is the only individual


he knows who has all the names of individuals appearing on this hit list.

[Lindsay] provided the following names of individuals he believes could be violent prone and dedicated enough to the PT to conduct acts of violence which would include assassination:

Jim McElvane, Los Angeles; Mike Prokes; Tim Carter; Mike Carter; Sandy Bradshaw, all believed residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

[Lindsay] provided the following names of individuals whom he believed could be assassins and were all believed to be in Guyana. [Lindsay] continued by indicating that the following individuals are also considered to be part of the PT security force and are known as the “basketball team”. He indicated that this group is reported to be “crack shots” with knowledge of weaponry:

Karl Barrett [Carl Barnett], Negro male; Mark Cordell, white male; Calvin Douglas, Negro male; Jimmy Jones, Negro male, adopted son of Reverend Jones; Tim Jones, white male, adopted son of


Reverend Jones; Stephan Jones, white male, natural son of Reverend Jones; Johnny Cobb Jones, Negro male; Cleveland Newell, Negro male; Walter Williams, Negro male; Burell [Burrell] Wilson, Negro male; Preston Wade, Negro male; Mike Touchette, white male (trainer); Lee Ingram, Negro male (coach).

Other individuals not mentioned above who [Lindsay] feels also could be violent prone and assassins are Paula Adams; Albert Touchette; Mike Touchette; Debbie Touchette; Karen Layton; Joe Wilson; Lou [Lew] Jones; Terry Jones; Jimmy Jones, Jr.; Harriet (Sarah) Trapp [Tropp]; Mary Lou Clancy; Joyce Touchette; Cleveland Garcia; Phillip [Philip] Blakey.

[Lindsay] indicated that in dealings with Tim Stoen, he has come to the conclusion that Tim Stoen is possibly still a member of the PT and was placed within the Concerned Relatives organization to report back to Guyana. [Lindsay] believes that if this is true, Tim Stone [Stoen] could possibly be involved in violent acts in the future.

It should be noted that during the course of this interview, [Lindsay] apparently had no direct knowledge of activities


within the PT, but is relying primarily on second hand information and, as such, [Lindsay] had no direct knowledge regarding the acquisition, licensing or shipment of weapons within the United States by PT members. [Lindsay], however, stated that he heard from another reporter in Guyana, name not recalled, that this reporter had supposedly seen a shipment of weapons originating from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, that went through Georgetown to Jonestown. The shipment consisted of between 50 to 60 cases. [Lindsay] indicated that as far as he knows, which again is second hand from a police constable, name not known, at Port Kaituma, Steve Jones was in charge of weapons training for the PT in Jonestown, and this training occurred approximately twice a week over a period of several months.

[Lindsay] indicated that he knows of two individuals who have been threatened by the PT, one being a reporter named Kathy Hunter, telephone [number deleted], and another being Steve Katsaris, telephone [number deleted], Post Office [deleted], Ukiah, California, who had been threatened because


he attempted to retrieve his daughter from the PT. [Lindsay] stated that he has heard from several people within the Concerned Relatives group that numerous weapons have been stockpiled in the Temple on Geary Street in San Francisco, however, [Lindsay] has no direct knowledge of same.

With regards to the stockpiling of monies, [Lindsay] indicated that, according to attorney Mark Lane, the PT has approximately eight million dollars in a Swiss bank account, has supposedly given three million dollars to Forbes Burnham, Prime Minister of Guyana, and Ptolimay Reed [Ptolemy Reid], Deputy Prime Minister of Guyana, as a payoff so that the Guyanan government would leave Jones and his followers alone. [Lindsay] states he has no direct knowledge that money exchanged hands, but indicated that in early 1977, Mervyn Dymally, Reverend Jones, Tim Stoen and the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Guyana all met in Georgetown and it is his speculation that at this meeting, talk of paying off the Guyanan government was conducted.


[Lindsay] stated that in discussing “contingency plans” of the PT with former members of that organization, it was determined that such a plan does exist and that Reverend Jones, in 1973, issued orders that if he (Jones) died, the survivors of the PT were to go out and assassinate “the enemy”. This contingency plan consisted of five parts, part one being that the survivors were to condemn Reverend Jones, second – convince the public that the survivors were terribly grieved, third – the survivors were to attempt to convince the public that the PT is nonviolent, and that no more killing would take place, fourth – they were to continue the PT, and – they were then to go out and commit these assassinations of the PT enemies who are defined as individuals who wrote against the church, attacked the church, and government officials. According to [Lindsay], these “hit teams” were then to commit suicide after a hit was made.

[Lindsay] stated that he got the above information primarily from Debbie Layton.

[Lindsay] states that he has developed no information


and has no knowledge of conspiracy or discussion by PT members naming a specific federal officer as a target.

[Lindsay] states that his investigation has determined that Reverend Jones maintained at least 50 body guards, mostly Negro males, who normally carried .38 caliber revolvers somehow concealed on their persons.

He indicated that the term “Angels” was familiar to him, however, he could not remember the exact significance of the term.

[Lindsay] stated that the following individuals, to the best of his knowledge, are part of the Planning Commission of the PT:

Sandy Bradshaw, San Francisco Temple; Tim Clancy, Georgetown, Guyana; Jim McElvane, Los Angeles; Paul Adams, Guyana, Debbie Touchette, and Carolyn Layton Prokes (deceased).

[Lindsay] stated the following individuals, who are former PT members, were bodyguards of Reverend Jones:

Jim Cobb, Negro male, 6’3″, approximately 27 years old, and Wayne Pietila.


[Lindsay] indicated that Debbie Layton Blakey, former PT member, telephone (415) 292-7200, extension 583, allegedly knows the names of all the armed bodyguards within the PT.

[Lindsay] stated that he knows of only one specific incident where a PT member compromised a public official for the furtherance of PT objectives and this incident was told to him by Tim Stoen who stated that the ambassador to Guyana named [Laurence] Mann had been compromised by Paula Adams, a PT member, wherein photographs were taken of Mann and Adams in an elicit [illicit] relationship.

San Francisco will consider interview of Mark Lane regarding his knowledge of the existence of “hit list” mentioned in referenced teletype.

Armed and dangerous, suicidal tendencies.


Originally posted on March 26th, 2019.

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