C-11-e-14a – 14c • Jonestown Governmental Responsibility

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PEOPLES FORUM & RALLY is the primary governing body including all citizens, practicing a total participatory democracy, even of school-age children…



A. Duties of Steering

  1. GENERAL STATEMENT – To deal with all planning and policy matters subject to review by the Executive Director and Peoples Forum. This generally means making decisions of what we wish our community “to be.”
  3. All zoning, building and construction plans and priorities.
  4. Building, decoration, landscaping and recreational center plans, the work on these to be carried out under the ACAO’s and the administration of the Triumvirate.
  5. Basic design of utility and transport road systems, through the planning stage: the work on these to be carried out under the ACAO’s and the administration of the Triumvirate.
  6. Acquisition, development or termination of basic industries (but not their operation).
  7. Policies with respect to: holidays, labor incentives, recreational activities and facilities, educational facilities, continuing education, advanced education for the youth, and cultural programs and facilities.
  8. Rules of behavior and penalties for their violation. Policies directed at motivation for compliance and positive reinforcement.
  9. Establishing general policy with respect to project priorities.

B. Organization of Steering

Steering includes all department heads, attorneys and accountants, CAO’s, ACAO’s, and Assistants, and those designated by the Executive Director. It functions on detailed plans through subcommittees, established as needed, which some committees are responsible to Steering. Examples are the Jonestown Planning Committee and the Mechanical Priorities Committee.

C. Liaison with CAO’s (Triumvirate)

At least one CAO shall attend Steering charged with the specific duties of liaison and coordination, information and advice concerning feasibility and timing of projects, and reporting on problems and progress of the various community projects and activities.




A. Duties of chief administrative officers (CAO’s)

  1. GENERAL STATEMENT – Under the direction of the Executive Director, to administer the entire project, that is, to effectively carryout or effectuate the policies and plans originated in Peoples Forum & Rally, Steering Committee and by the Executive Director.
  2. Specific Areas Of Responsibility – not inclusive:
    1. Allocation and supervision of all personnel.
    2. Supervision of all legal, accounting and insurance functions.
    3. Supervision of all means of production and distribution (income producing projects including the farm).
    4. Supervision of all construction, maintenance, decoration and landscaping projects.
    5. Supervision of all support services including educational, community services, child care, medical, housekeeping, library, recreational, secretarial, clerical and guest reception.
    6. Supervision of all transportation, shops and repair facilities.
    7. Supervision of purchasing, inventories, storage and distribution of all commodities.

B.Organization of CAO’s

The CAO’s or Triumvirate function through assistant chief administrative officer’s (ACAO’s), Advisory Boards, Peoples Forum and such direct contact for personal or staff contact as is necessary to effectively administer their duties. The ACAO’s in turn supervise all department heads, and report directly to the Triumvirate.


A. Duties of the Judicial Function

  1. The Assembly of the whole community which functions as a super-legislative body and legislative assembly and reporting assembly which informs all members of the community of its condition, progress and development.
  2. Functions as a Judicial body to evaluate and reward behavior through positive reinforcement.

Organization of Peoples Forum & Rally

Chaired by the Executive Director


Rally is advised by all Administrative offices and Department heads. It meets as a whole or in several subcommittees, as follows:

  1. Counsel – Advisory correction;
  2. Community Advisory Committee – General Counsel;
  3. Jonestown community services committee.