X-4-l-2 Steering Follow-up

Steering Follow-up – 14 August 78

  1. Functions of Steering and organizational chart – Tish [Leroy] to finalize
  2. C. T. [Charlie Touchette] figure pricing for the senior sitting area structure
  3. Bell system to be completed – see minutes of 7 August meeting.
  4. Electric typewriters needed by Jan [Jann] Gurvich group.
  5. Section to be set aside in Raleigh for seniors with medical problems.
  6. Announced in Rally: (Stephen [likely Stephan Jones] from Steering)
    1. No seat saving
    2. Chairs must be taken back to the rice workers area; names will be taken and warnings issued. If their chairs are TAKEN, is automatic 2 weeks PSU [Public Service Unit]. Maryann, Marthea [Hicks] and Diane Smith take names.
    3. Unless authorized directly by Dad, you are subject to a warning for using the guest bathroom. Seniors may use bathroom in the kitchen area during rally – all others must use cottage bathroom. (It was suggested security escort groups out and back so we do not lose them, going home early…)
    4. Daytimes and other times, the back kitchen bathroom is for the use of those in senior center, or ICU only…
    5. Flowerpots that are not decorative and nice-looking must be taken inside on the day the guests are coming through. INSPECTORS GO AHEAD OF THE TOUR TO BE SURE THIS IS DONE.
  7. Donny Cassanova to set up rice workers pavilion after rally.
  8. Discard furniture to go to Pat Grunnett, but must be disposed of and out of way before the guests come through!
  9. Railings are to be moved to the outside walls of the pavilion and the maps are to be moved also so that it is one large auditorium.
  10. Vernetta Christian is to get the names for Johnny of those on the decorating committee. Ruby Carroll, Nancy Sines and Rosie Ruggerio are known persons – latter two were appointed by Steering.
  11. Maryann took list of colors, to get with decorating committee and select colors, returned to Steering for final submission to Dad for approval. This for the new cottage houses.
  12. TABLED request of cottage 3 to paint steps and shoe rack.