Serial 583

0 292319Z NOV 78
FM COLUMBIA (89-68) (P)

On November 27 – 28, 1978, the following individuals who are former Peoples Temple (PT) members from June 1975, through August 1975, were interviewed extensively and advised as follows: [name deleted], white male, DOB [information deleted]. [name deleted] stated his family resided Indianapolis, Indiana, when they joined Reverend Jones and PT movement. They subsequently moved to Ukiah, California and Redwood [Valley], California, during which period of time, entire family involved. [name deleted] worked as [information withheld].

[name deleted], white female, DOB, [information withheld], wife of [name deleted], was on [information withheld]


PT during past two years of association.

[name deleted], white male, DOB, [information withheld], went to Jonestown November, 1974, and returned in December, 1975, after parents left the Temple.

The following individuals are relatives of [name deleted] and still associated with PT:

Helen Beatrice Ferris Swinney – [name deleted] became involved with PT in 1965 and went to Jonestown, Guyana after January, 1976. She is presently in Trinidad and future plans unknown.

Charles Toucette [Touchette], age 47, [information deleted] associated with PT, 1970 and went to Jonestown with wife, Carol Joyce Swinney Touchette in 1973, accompanied by children Mickey Jean Toucette, Michael John Toucette, Albert Toucette and Michelle Elaine Toucette.

Cleave Lonzo Swinney, [name deleted], age 65 – 68, associated with PT 1965, went to Jonestown January, 1976.

Timothy Maurice Swinney – [information deleted], white male, DOB September 27, 1939, associated 1971 and went to Jonestown late 1974.


[name deleted] advised officials of U.S. Embassy, Guyana, State Department, Washington, D.C., U.S. Embassy, Trinidad, as well as information received from ex PT member Albert Mills, Human Freedom Center, Berkeley, furnished the following status of relatives:

Cleave Swinney – presumed dead. Helen Swinney – presently in Trinidad. Timothy Swinney – died, Jonestown. Charles Toucette – presently in Trinidad. Carol Joyce Swinney Toucette died Jonestown. Mickey Jean Toucette, age 27 – presently at Human Freedom Center, Berkeley.

It is noted Mickey traveled with Congressman Ryan’s group to Jonestown. Michael John Toucette, age 25 – arrived in Georgetown. Albert Toucette – died in Jonestown. Michelle Elaine Toucette – died in Jonestown.

[name deleted] during interview advised they possess limited information concerning weapons, although [2 lines deleted] They indicated that Reverend Jones may have had a fix in with Mendocino County Sheriff’s office to obtain gun permits for PT members and


identified Paul Flowers and Phyllis Houston, both dispatchers for Sheriff’s office as being members of PT who had in past given reports of activities of PT at Planning Commission meetings.

[name deleted] stated they at one time were told all ex-members at some point in time would be killed after they left the PT and heard plan was in fact formulated to kill unknown public officials. Specific details of these plans unknown to [name deleted]. Terry Buford (phonetic), white female, and close confidante of Jones, allegedly possesses this list.

[name deleted] stated shrimp boat of PT “Cudjoe” operated by Captain Phillip Blakely [Phil Blakey] and Tim Swinney. This boat not in Jonestown during suicide incident, but on trip obtaining supplies and ended up in Trinidad with Helen Swinney, Charles Toucette, Phillip Blakely and Richard Janero [Janaro]. Contact with Helen Swinney at 9:30 A.M., November 26, 1978, confirmed she was in Trinidad but that boat had gone back out to sea with other three individuals to unknown destination.

FD-302s to follow.


[name deleted] Have requested absolute confidentiality in this matter and the affirmation information should not be disseminated or used in any way so as to protect their identities.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.


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