Serial 586

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is former Temple member Jim Cobb. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 292131Z NOV 78
FM COLUMBIA (89-68) (P)

Re Director’s teletype to San Francisco, November 18, 1978.

For information Portland Office, FBI, fingerprint technicians, have positively identified Lawrence [Laurence] Eugene Schacht, as being among the deceased members of the People’s Temple. Schacht has been identified as the medical director at Jonestown prior to the mass murder-suicide. [Deleted name] [Jim Cobb] who accompanied Congressman Ryan to Guyana advised that Schacht received his medical training at Guadalajara, Mexico, and served an internship at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, California,


however, is not believed to have passed medical boards for certification. [Cobb] stated that he has only limited information regarding Schacht’s background, however Schacht attended Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California, believed to be between 1970 and 1971. [Cobb] stated that Schacht was heavily involved in drugs (type unknown) and that the Rev. Jones took credit for rehabilitating Schacht from his drug problem at the People’s Temple, and it is believed that Jones subsequently paid for Schacht’s expenses to attend medical school.

[Cobb] stated that a [deleted name] lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon, attended medical school with Schacht and during this time lived with Schacht.

[Cobb] stated that if [deleted name] cannot be located, [deleted name] who is cousin of Schacht’s and who is presently residing at the Human Freedom Center, Berkeley, California, would be able to furnish information concerning his present whereabouts.

[Cobb] stated at the time he accompanied Congressman Ryan


to Jonestown, he talked with Schacht and Schacht told him that he was doing good things there and showed an E.K.G. machine to him in the medical facility, however, made no mention of irregularities.

[Cobb] stated that the only nurses that are associates of Schacht that he can recall are Sharon Swaney (nee Cobb) who he saw at Jonestown, however had no conversation, and a Joyce Parks (nee Beam), daughter of Jack Beam who is deceased. [Cobb] stated that he believes Parks is presently at the People’s Temple at San Francisco and is knowledgeable regarding the activities that occurred at Jonestown.

[Cobb] stated that he cannot recall any additional persons, however, if his memory was refreshed with the presentation of names, he may be able to recall additional information.

[Cobb] stated that in regards to the conspiracy to kill Congressman Ryan – Tim Carter, Michael Carter, and Michael Prokes would be able to furnish additional information. [Cobb] stated that Tim Carter came to San Francisco from Jonestown just prior to the mass murder-suicide and talked


to Tim Stone [Stoen], Grace Stone, and Jeannie Mills at the Human Freedom Center and it is believed that Carter questioned the aforementioned persons regarding Ryan’s trip concerning who would make the trip and when it would occur.

[Cobb] has reviewed the manifest list that was furnished by the ambassador to Guyana [John Burke] and furnished the following information to assist in interviewing the survivors regarding persons who were at Jonestown.

The following individuals should be noted as being potentially dangerous and having information germain [germane] to the People’s Temple and Jim Jones:

Tim Carter: Came to San Francisco feigning to be a defector. He attempted to learn about the Ryan trip and when the Ryan group got to Guyana he had returned to the compound.

Leona Collier and June Crym: They were at the San Francisco airport when the concerned parents left to join Ryan in New York City. They were taking the names of all the parties.


According to [Cobb], the following are members of the hit squad or suspected of being so:

Chris Lewis (deceased), Jack Beam, Sr., (deceased), Bob Kice, Bonnie Beck, Sandy Bradshaw (expert in disguises and firearms), Guy Young, Don Sly, Andrew Silver, Tom Adams, Terry Buford (expert in disguises and firearms), Jean Brown, June Crym, Leona Collier, Mike Carter, Michael Prokes, and Tim Carter.

The following are the killers of the airport group: Bob Kice, Tom Kice, Joe Wilson (reported to have gotten out of Guyana), Albert Touchette, Ron James, Eddy Crenshaw, Wesley (Briedenbach) [Breidenbach], and Ron Talley.

The following questions are being submitted to the San Francisco Division as a suggested guideline for interviewing agents when exact location of survivors have been determined in order to develop pertinent information concerning the murder of Congressman Ryan.


1. Do you have any specific knowledge of aquisition [acquisition], licensing, or shipment of any weapons by People’s Temple members to Guyana or anywhere else?

2. Do you have any specific knowledge of firearms training received by People’s Temple members including specific dates, places and trainers?

3. Are you aware of any threats to harm public officials or current and former members of the People’s Temple as a result of leaving the church or attempts to expose the church and subsequently Jim Jones? Or attempting to infiltrate or cause any current member to leave the church?

4. Are you aware of any caching or [of] weapons or money by Jones either in Guyana or at previous Temple locations?


5. Are you aware of any contingency plans that existed or any discussions of the plan reportedly espoused by Jones as a means of retaliation against any persons attempting to arrest or capture Jim Jones or who would interfere with church policy?

6. Are you aware of any officials federal, international or other who was set up for a target for murder? This would include discussions of such a plan as well.

7. Are you aware of individuals who were inner core of the Planning Commission? Will you provide the names of confidants, trusted associates or people who either acted without question for Jones or who are or could be considered extremely dangerous if they are alive and back in the United States?

8. Can you identify anyone who is specifically engaged in compromising public officials either through


illicit sexual relations or through monetary payoffs? This would include State Department officials, Guyanan officials, government officials in the City and County of San Francisco?

9. Are you aware of any discussion regarding the assassination of Congressman Ryan and his party? Did Jones order the party ambushed? Was there any practice drills for ambush of anyone who disturbed the Jonestown compound? Do you know who participated in the assassination?

10. Was there practice suicide drills where people pretended to drink poison? Were narcotics used to facilitate this? Did the mass suicide take place voluntarily or were individuals forced to take the poison and shot? Did you witness the people during the shooting?

11. Do you know if the remaining individuals who are at liberty will carry out their assassination plans of survivors or defectors?

12. Relate in detail of your affiliation with the People’s Temple for [from] the first to present date and the story of your escape and what you saw in Jonestown?

13. Special Agent: Obtain complete description material including where these individuals can be located in the future in the event they must be protected or reinterviewed.


14. Do you have any information regarding the involvement of members of the People’s Temple in any criminal offenses; i.e., assault, homicide, fraud, etc.?

15. Do you have any information concerning bribery or influence peddling of political or diplomatic personnel by members of the People’s Temple?

16. Do you know and can you identify anyone operating the radio or anyone having access to the radio or to the codes used on the radio or it’s [its] transmission? Especially in the last two weeks prior to the Ryan assassinations?

Portland at Klamath Falls: Will locate and interview [deleted name] concerning Schacht concerning the following:

A. Background concerning his involvement with the People’s Temple.

B. Identity of any associates who could provide any information concerning Schacht’s involvement in the mass


murder-suicide and the conspiracy to kill Congressman Ryan.

C. Schacht’s role in preparing for the mass murder-suicide.

D. The acquisition of the cyanide poison.

E. Identity of medical assistance, and the involvement in the conspiracy to kill Congressman Ryan.

F. Any information concerning Schacht’s associates, date of attendance in medical school and subsequent activities of Schacht.

No lead is being set forth for the San Francisco Division inasmuch as the Columbia Division is not aware of all investigation conducted to date.