Serial 595

[Editor’s note: Two of the subjects of this serial whose names are deleted are Richard Cordell, a former Temple member who moved to Washington state until his death in 1983; and a Tacoma, Washington lawyer named Ronald Hendry, a name released in the serial by the FBI itself. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 300150Z NOV 78
FM SEATTLE (89-158) (P)

Re Bureau tel to all offices, dated November 22, 1978; Indianapolis teletype to Bureau, dated November 25, 1978.

On November 24, 1978, [name deleted] [Richard Cordell] (protect), [information withheld] provided the following information:

He stated he first became acquainted with Jim Jones in 1974 [1954], at Indianapolis, Indiana. He stated he moved to Ukiah Valley, California, in 1964, preceding Jones, to set up for Jones’ move there. He stated he left Jones’ church in 1964, because he became disenchanted and returned to the church in 1968. [2 lines deleted] He stated he again left Jones and the Peoples Temple church in November, 1976, and has no specific information concerning the church after this time.

[Cordell] stated he has knowledge of violations of the law during his association with Jones at the Peoples Temple church. He stated he was not surprised to hear of the killing of U.S. Representative Ryan, as Jones and others have discussed similar matters prior to his leaving the church in 1976.

[Cordell] stated he was very willing to discuss, in detail, his association with Jones and the church after he had an opportunity to talk to an attorney as he was afraid he might incriminate himself.

[Cordell] stated he would telephonically contact interviewing agent on the first of the week beginning November 27, 1978.

On November 28, 1978, [deleted name] [Ronald Hendry], attorney, Tacoma, Washington, advised he has conferred with [name deleted]. He stated prior to [Cordell] being interviewed in detail, he would like to reinterview [Cordell]. Hendry requested further details concerning any possible prosecution of [Cordell] for violations of the law he may have knowledge prior to his departure from the Peoples Temple Church in November, 1976.

Seattle at [deleted] on recontact by [deleted name]. Will interview [deleted name] in detail.