Serial 603

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is former Temple member Tim Stoen, who had been identified earlier in the serial by the FBI. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 300715Z NOV 78

At 6:35 PM E.S.T. Pan American Airlines flight 220 arrived at J.F.K. International Airport from Georgetown, Guyanna [Guyana] with the following survivors of the Peoples Temple (PT); and who made the following connecting flights:

1. Madeline [Madeleine] Brooks 12/15/04 – TWA Flt 43 to San Francisco arriving 11:50 PM.
2. Grover Davis 11/22/99 – same.
3. Hyacinth Thrash 3/25/02 – TWA Flt 17 Los Angeles arriving 11:50 PM.


4. Marion Campbell 4/23/17 – same.
5. Raymond Godshalk 4/18/16 – same.
6. Alveray Satterwhite 9/17/17 – same.
7. Carol Young 9/1/00 – same.

The following information is a summary of the above interviews which were conducted at the direction of FBI agents assisted SA’s [special agents] from U.S. Customs, NY and U.S. Secret Service, NY.

1. That Reverand [Reverend] Jim Jones remained separated along with his “inner circle” cadre of young P.T. members from the elderly members who were used as a labor force. The elderly also signed over their Social Security checks monthly to the P.T., and were not privy to P.T. planning and decisions.

2. In mid October 1978, Jones was visited by a Russian representative [Feodor Timofeyev] who spoke to the P.T. members and told them that he liked Jonestown.

3. Members of the “basketball team” are as follows;

Steve [Stephan] Jones W/M 19 years 6’0-6’4 dark eyes natural son of Rev. Jones.
Tim Tucker N/M 6’1-6’2 Afro cut hair blonde features.
Tim Jones W/M 19 years 5’7 145 pounds short blk hair.
Jim Jones Jr B/M 16-19 years 5’6-6’4 130 pounds medium dark hair.
Lou [Lew] Jones no description Korean stepson of Rev. Jones believed dead.


Calvin Douglas W/M 19 years 5’6 135 pounds Afro hair style
Johnny Cobb Jones N/M 17 years 5’7 135 pounds.
Johnny Jones Jr believed dead.
Chris Newel (ph) B/M whereabouts unknown.
Doug Sanders believed dead.
Jim MacAbane [McElvane] believed dead.
Herbert Newel (ph) B/M whereabouts unknown.
Stanley Gieg (ph) believed dead.
Joe Wilson believed dead.

Don Sly whereabouts unknown W/M 43 years 6’2 190 pounds sharp features short brown hair wears glasses aka “Ujara” formerly in Navy or Merchant Marine separated from wife Neva and formerly resided in Willets [Willits], California. It is believed Sly placed knife to throat of Congressman Ryan prior to murder of Ryan and others.

4. Former members of PT are as follows:

Tim & Grace Stoen or Stone – Lawyers, Redwood Valley, California.
Paula Adama [Adams] – no information.
Susan Cartmel [Suzanne Cartmell] – adopted daughter of Rev. Jones. Believed to be Korean, residing in San Francisco, California.

No positive information was obtained re any “contingincy [contingency] plan” re the killing of U.S. gov’t officials.


Narcotics information –

Re background of Dr. [Laurence] Eugene Schacht, beyond being the camp physician.

Written oaths to kill Congressman etc. except, however, that when they went to church they had to sign their name on a blank piece of paper.

No previous plot to kill Congressman Ryan.

Re weapons or weapons training

Re a suicide pact in the event of Jones’ or the P.T.’s demise.


San Francisco San Francisco –

Will, In view of the fact that Grover Davis was present during the beginning of the suicides and heard Rev. Jones state “you know I’m against that” (when informed of Congressman Ryan’s death) and “I can’t go on” and asked who his people would take the “shot” referring to hyperdermic [hypodermic] needles that Davis should be reinterviewed in depth. When Davis realized what was about to happen he fled and hid in a cave. Davis is staying with his son, [deleted name] who is a [deleted information] employees in San Francisco, home number [deleted].


Will locate and interview [deleted name] [Tim Stoen] and Grace Stoen or Stone, attorneys, possibly Redwood Valley, California or San Francisco. (Former members).

Will locate and interview Susan Cartmel, Rev. Jones adopted daughter who has left the P.T. and is living in San Francisco.

San Francisco at [deleted] California –

Will attempt to fully identify son and [deleted information] California.

Administrative –

The following information is in regard to the seven elderly People’s Temple (P.T.) members arriving at NY PM 11/29/78. Accompanying this flight was Mr. [deleted name], Office of Emergency Services, U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C., who advised that 72 P.T. members remain in Georgetown Guyana; of which 41 are at Lamaha House (P.T. Georgetown base) and are basically under house arrest by Guyannan [Guyanese] government; 2 are under arrest, Monica Bagby and Tom Bogue; to Georgetown hospital who were not involved but injured during the assault on Congressman Ryan, and


24 or 27 in the Park Hotel, Georgetown. [deleted name] advised that he is not aware when or in what number the Guyannan gov’t will release additional survivors. If released in large numbers a military airlift will take them to Charleston, S.C., if in small numbers on commercial flights. All flights connecting from Georgetown make enroute stops, they are Pan Am., British Airways, B.W.I.A., and L.M. (a South American ailine [airline]).

The Bureau and receiving offices should be aware that the members of the “basketball team” who may or may not comprise part of the “inner circle” or “hit squad” may be present at Lamaha House, Georgetown, Guyanna.

Investigation continuing at New York. FD 302’s to follow.