Serial 608

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 11/25/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram


On 11/25/78, at 4:15 p.m., Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) Robert L. Keuch telephonically contacted the FBI Command Post and advised that he had attempted to contact Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) Field Coordinator [name deleted], Atlanta, Georgia, but had been informed that Mr. [name deleted] was in the Charleston, South Carolina area. DAAG Keuch inquired if the FBI could attempt to ascertain [name deleted] current whereabouts, who he reports to, and the name of the Assistant United States Attorney from South Carolina that would be on the scene at Charleston Air Force Base, Charleston, South Carolina.

Regarding [name deleted] present location, SAC Devic, Columbia Office, was contacted at which time he advised that the Columbia Office had received a call from Mr. [name deleted] requesting that he be met at the airport on this date at 3:25 p.m. SAC Devic advised that two Agents responded to the airport, waited two hours, and through checking with the airline determined that Mr. [name deleted] never boarded the flight from Atlanta to Charleston.

DAAG Keuch was advised that there would be two Assistant United States Attorneys from the Eastern District of South Carolina on the scene at Charleston Air Force Base. He was furnished the identity and telephone number for the following: AUSA Lionel Lofton telephone number 803-887-3289, and AUSA Cliff Ryan 803-662-4214. DAAG Keuch was also advised that Bob Dondero was the Assistant United States Attorney on the scene from the Northern District of California. He can be reached at 803-722-8411. The identity of the Special Agents from the San Francisco Office who traveled to Charleston with AUSA Dondero are as follows: SA [name deleted], SA [name deleted].


Ingram to Moore Memorandum

DAAG Keuch requested that on our next contact with the San Francisco Office we try to determine who is responsible for the financial affairs for the Peoples Temple.

ASAC Lawrence Lawler was contacted regarding Mr. Keuch’s request and it was the opinion of ASAC Lawler that an individual by the name of [Archie] Ijames appears to be the heir apparent of the Peoples Temple.

On this date Attorney Mark Lane was interviewed by ASAC Richard H. Blay and SA [name deleted] who were accompanied by Secret Service Agent [name deleted]. Interview conducted at residence of Mark Lane, Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to any significant conversation with Lane he indicated he had a client who was willing and anxious to talk but would have to be granted immunity. He would not reveal the identity of his client but indicated that client had sole custody and control of $7 million belonging to Reverend Jones of the Peoples Temple. When Lane was asked if he was aware of the present location of Terri Buford he indicated the immunity matter must be resolved before any discussion along those lines could be held. He agreed that the natural conclusion could be that he was representing Terri Buford. Lane advised he is presently preparing a diary consisting of his entire knowledge of Reverend Jones and his followers. He indicated he was willing to make a copy of this available to the FBI and Secret Service upon its completion which he anticipated would be the evening of Sunday, 11/26/78. Lane agreed he would call when the diary was completed and that after reviewing it we can question him regarding its contents. Lane expressed concern over his safety and the safety of his loved ones by surviving members of Jones’ followers. He indicated he had called the Peoples Temple in San Francisco on the evening of 11/24/78 and expressed his concern for his safety and advised them that no one better bother he or his loved ones. He questioned whether the members of the Peoples Temple in San Francisco had been interviewed as he feels they have a wealth of knowledge, but have not as of yet been interviewed. Lane advised a writer, by the name of Gordon Lindsay, had written a feature article for the National Inquirer on Jones’ following which was an 88-page report and according to Lane was extremely accurate on the church following. Lane advised the article was never printed as the editor of the Inquirer could not verify whether it was factual. Lane thought this report would furnish excellent background of the Church’s following.

Ingram to Moore Memorandum

Lane advised he had no knowledge as to prominent individuals or political figures who were on the hit list but is aware that supposedly such a plan existed. Lane related that to the best of his knowledge this was a four stage operation devised by Jones which included the following: Stage 1 was the mass murder or suicide of his faithful followers, Stage 2 was that all leadership members of the Peoples Temple were to condemn this mass murder and suicide, which according to Lane would lead the general public to believe that they were opposed to the actions that Reverend Jones had taken, Stage 3 was to kill all the defectors, and Stage 4 was to kill public officials.

Lane mentioned that there was supposedly to be $3 million in Reverend Jones’ cabin but has heard only $1 half million was recovered. Lane also mentioned there was considerable money on the two ships owned by the People’s Temple.

According to Lane, he stated that Jones had radio conversation with Attorney Charles Gerry [Garry] going back to 10/6/77 in which Jones stated he would kill everyone in Jonestown.

Lane is to call ASAC, Memphis upon completion of his diary of facts and contact will be maintained with him.