Serial 629

0 301821Z NOV 78
FM SACRAMENTO (89-191) (P)

During evening Nov 28, 1978, [Name deleted], psychologist who resides [Address deleted], Redding, California (Conceal – request) advised in May, 1978, she became well acquainted with [Name deleted] of Potter Valley, California, through their common interest in field of psychology. Through him she learned of People’s Temple (PT) because he was attempting to get his daughter [Name deleted] a PT member, to defect.

In about July, 1978, [Name deleted] showed her fifty page document which he said had been written by Debbie Layton of Berkeley, California, further address unknown, who had defected from PT.

[Name deleted] read this document which she described as an exposé of Jonestown, in Guyana, and the activities which took place during fifteen months Jonestown had been in existance [existence]. She said it mentioned, although she could not recall specific details, that (a) PT had an “assissination [assassination] group” which would kill PT defectors (b) the U.S. government was out “to get” PT (c) financial dealings of PT (d) stock piling of arms by PT, and (e) ways in which PT members and their children were mistreated at Jonestown.

[Name deleted] also told [Name deleted] he had showed this document to Vice President Mondale and Congressman Ryan in an attempt to get U.S. government to investigate PT. He also told her that the “National Enquirer”, a weekly national newspaper, had indicated it would publish this document but eventually refused to do so.

[Name deleted] said she has never been member of PT and her only knowledge thereof comes from [Name deleted].

Armed and dangerous.


Originally posted on April 14th, 2019.

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