Serial 636

0 301850Z NOV 78
FM PORTLAND (89-140) P

Re Columbia teletype to Director, November 29, 1978.

[Name and address deleted], Tualatin, Oregon, telephone [deleted] interviewed and provided following:

[Name deleted] originally joined People’s Temple in August, 1968, in California. First met Lawrence [Laurence] Eugene Schacht in late 1970 or early 1971. [Name deleted] stated at that time, Schacht had arrived in California, and his mind had been completely burned out on drugs. He stated that Schacht indicated that he had been shooting “speed” for a lenghtly [lengthy] period of time.


[Name deleted] stated Schacht at that time was 22 to 23 years old. Schacht supposedly had a vision which told him to come to California, and another vision which told him to go to Jim Jones. [Name deleted] stated that he and Schacht were designated by Jones to become doctors for the People’s Temple. He stated that they went to the Santa Rosa Junior College for two years beginning 1971 and both attended Santa Rosa Junior College for two years. He stated while at Santa Rosa, they stayed at a Temple dormitory which was used near the campus of the community college and that there were 12 male individuals who stayed in this residence. He stated this residence was an old home which had been converted to dormitory. He stated after completing two years at Santa Rosa, he and Larry Schacht went to University of California at Berkeley for the school year 1972/1973. He stated that while attending Berkeley, he and Schacht lived with a church member, Pauline Moore, a Negro female in Oakland, California. He stated after one year at Berkeley, he attempted to get into numerous medical schools in the United States, however, was unable to do so. He stated that he and Larry Schacht decided to attend medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico, and that both went


to Guadalajara in June, 1973, for a crash Spanish course in order to attend school. He stated that he and Schacht went to San Diego by plane and then took bus for 48 hours to Guadalajara. He stated that while in Guadalajara, they stayed with a church member [name deleted]. [Name deleted] stated that all expenses during this time were paid by the church for both himself and Schacht and he remembers tuition at Guadalajara to be approximately $2000 per semester. He stated that during the summer, 1973, after completing the Spanish course, they returned to the United States for a short time and then went back to Guadalajara for the first semester of medical school in fall, 1973. He stated he [name deleted] completed one term at Guadalajara and both he and Larry returned to the United States, January, 1974. He stated at that time, Schacht went to the inner circle of People’s Temple and told them that he, [name deleted], could not be trusted. [name deleted] stated at this time, he departed the People’s Temple and went to Oakland where he obtained a motel room and stay for six months without contacting anyone, even his family. [name deleted] stated that it was his


impression Schacht completed two years study at Guadalajara after which time he was allowed to transfer to University of California at Irvine in fall of 1975 where he remained until he completed his doctoral studies. He stated that he had heard that Schacht did his internship at San Francisco. [name deleted] stated that the only family he knew for Lawarence [Lawrence] Schacht was his father, believed to be a Eugene [Ezra] Schacht who live in Houston, Texas. He stated that he telephonically contacted Schacht’s family approximately one year ago and he did so by calling information and obtaining a telephone number for E. Schacht in Houston. He stated that the closest associate for Schacht was Archie I. James [Ijames], presently at the People’s Temple in San Francisco. He stated that Schacht called I. James “Pa Pa” and that Schacht had actually lived with I. James for a period of his life. [Deleted name] stated that Schacht was motivated in his cause primarily because his parents had been harassed when he was a child since they were Jewish and that his parents were very pro-integration. He stated that Schacht recalled periods of time in his youth when crosses were burned on his lawn and he assumed this to be in Texas. [Deleted name] stated that


Schacht had no other close associates other than Archie I. James and that he was a close follower of Jim Jones. He stated that there was nothing that Schacht would not do for Jones and there were periods of his life when he was extremely affraid [afraid] of Jones. [Deleted name] stated that he would have no idea regarding the acquisition of cyanide poison by Schacht and that he would have no information concerning Schacht’s present associates or associates in Jonestown. [Deleted name] stated that he could not provide any information concerning associates who could provide information regarding aquisition [acquisition] of cyanide poison.