Serial 655

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 11/29/78
To: Assistant Director
Criminal Investigative Division
From: Legal Counsel

Subject: RYMUR


To report inquiry from Mr. Jack Brady of the House Committee on International Relations in response to that inquiry by SA [name deleted], Legal Liaison and Congressional Affairs Unit, Legal Counsel Division.


On the afternoon of 11/24/78, Mr. Jack Brady, Staff Director, House Committee on International Relations, telephone 225-5021, telephonically contacted SA [name deleted] to inquire as to what response the FBI was making to the Peoples’ Temple cult threats against staff members of the Committee. After conferring with SA [name deleted] and [name deleted] of the Criminal Investigative Division, SA [name deleted] recontacted Mr. Brady and informed him that the FBI, as part of its investigation of the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan, was attempting to ascertain the identities of anyone who may have conspired to commit that murder. SA [name deleted] told Mr. Brady that no specific threats against staff members, individually or generally, have been reported to the FBI. SA [name deleted] indicated that the FBI was aware of the concerns expressed by Ms. [name deleted], roommate of Jackie Spiers [Speier], aide to Congressman Ryan, that cult members might attempt to do further harm to Ms. Spiers, but this fear emanated from

Memorandum to the Assistant Director
Criminal Investigative Division

a concern over the fanatical nature of some adherents to the cult rather than a specific threat. Mr. Brady was encouraged to immediately informed the FBI of any information which he might come to possess concerning specific threats. He agreed to do so.


None. For information.