Serial 701

0 021715Z DEC 78
FM CHICAGO (89-246) (SQUAD 3)

Re December 1, 1978 telcall between SA [Name deleted], Chicago, and SA [Name deleted], San Francisco.

On December 1, 1978, [Name deleted], Aurora, Illinois, was contacted re her knowledge of the People’s Temple (PT). She voluntarily advised as follows:

She was a member of the PT from the end of 1971 until August, 1973. Her duties included singing in the PT choir, collecting funds for the PT and serving as one of the approximately 50 PT members which comprised the PT security forces. She provided extensive information related to her involvement with this group. In summary, she stated that she had been


sent to California to live with her natural father, but when this arrangement did not work out, her social workers in California had her put in a foster home. She later learned that her foster parents were very active in the PT.

Because of the total involvement of her foster parents in PT, she believes that these foster parents would be part of one of Jim Jones’ assassination groups. She identified her foster parents as [Name deleted] and [Name deleted], and stated that the residence in 1973 was at [address deleted], Redwood Valley, California. She further indicated that telephone number at that time was [deleted].

She stated that as early as 1973, the PT under Jim Jones was contemplating “taking care of” or the “disappearance of” certain influential people. These influential people included former President Nixon and the mayor of San Francisco. However, at that time, she never recalled Jones using the term “assassination”. Also, as early as 1973, Jones had mentioned wanting to start a farming community outside of the U.S., and had mentioned relocating in either South America or Africa.


[Name deleted] advised that she was aware of three PT Temples: one at Ukiah; another as San Francisco; and a third in Los Angeles.

Although she could locate any of these Temples, she could not give the addresses. She estimated that in 1973, the PT membership in these three Temples was between 5,000 and 6,000 people. Jones talked of having started the first PT in Indiana, but having left Indiana because of trouble he encountered from the Ku Klux Klan.

She identified Edith Bouge [Bogue] and Neva Sly as being two of Jones’ 7 personal secretaries. She also indicated that Jones had four personal bodyguards. One was described as a California state trooper having the first name of Hank or Henry (LNU) [last name unknown], who worked the highways around the Ukiah area. She further described this individual as being a white male, approximately 6’ and weighing approximately 180 pounds, no distinguishing facial hair and generally wearing sunglasses. A second personal bodyguard of Jones was described as a black man, approximately 48-50 years old, 6’3″, thin build (approximately 180 pounds), hair cut short


and beginning to gray. She recalls seeing this individual recently on a national news broadcast as being one of the survivors of the mass suicide. This troubled her because this person was very loyal to Jones. She could recall nothing about the two remaining bodyguards.

Another individual associated with this group is Tina Bouge [Teena Bogue], the daughter or [of] Edith and Jim Bouge. She saw Tina Bouge on the national news broadcast following the mass suicide. Tina Bouge was shown at the San Francisco PT.

[Name deleted] reiterated that while at times Jones would use the phrase that certain political figures opposed to the PT would be “taken care of”, and while at other times Jones would say these opponents of the PT would “disappear” (Jones use these terms interchangeably), in 1973 she did not think this had any inference to an assassination scheme.

Aside from an indices check re Edith Bouge, Jim Bouge and Tina Bouge, the setting of leads in referenced matter is being left to the discretion of the office of origin. It should be kept in mind that this interviewee believes both Edith and Jim Bouge would definitely be part of an assassination


group because of their strong devotion to the PT and Jim Jones.

FD-302s of interview will follow.