Serial 733

United States Government

Date: Nov 30 1978

Subject: Autopsies of Jones and Peoples Temple Victims

To: Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Although there is no federal criminal violation apparently related to the Jonestown suicide/murders, questions being raised in public and official circles, and the need to preserve evidence for purposes of the investigation by Guyanese authorities, indicate the desirability of conducting autopsies on at least a sampling of four Peoples Temple victims as well as on Jones and his confidante, Maria Katsaris (or Katzaris) both of whom, according to the media, died from gunshot wounds. It is also requested that an autopsy be conducted on the medical aid at Jonestown, Dr. Larry Schacht. It should be noted that the Guyanese government has requested an autopsy on Jones.

Before these autopsies may be conducted, it will be necessary to secure the permission of the next of kin of the individuals upon whom the autopsies are to be conducted. Therefore, it is requested that the FBI immediately seek to contact such next of kin.

Should the next of kin of Jones, Katsaris or Schacht refused to escape to our request for an autopsy, it is requested that the body of any such person whose next of kin does not consent to an autopsy, be turned over to Delaware state authorities so that they may conduct an autopsy.

/s/ Phillip Heymann
Phillip B. Heymann
Assistant Attorney General
Crimina Division