Serial 747

0 052143Z DEC 78
FM SAN JUAN (89-123) (P)

Reference Bureau teletypes (2) both dated December 4, 1978; and San Juan teletype dated December 1, 1978 regarding interviews in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, and Bridgetown, Barbados.

During interview on November 28, 1978, at Bridgetown, Barbados, Charles Eugene Touchette gave his last address in the United States to his best recollection only as Road B, Redwood Valley, California, noting he had not actually resided in the United States since 1974. Touchette also advised San Juan agents he had no immediate plans to return to the


United States and was to remain aboard the “Albatross III”, involved in commercial shipping in Caribbean waters, pending outcome and resolution of matters regarding the People’s Temple (PT) and fate of members remaining in Guyana.

On December 5, 1978, United States Consul Richard LaRoche, Bridgetown, Barbados, advised that “Albatross III” still in port of Bridgetown and expected to depart for Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, on Friday, December 8, 1978.

Also this date, LaRoche advised that Touchette does not object to further interviewing by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), however, Touchette advised LaRoche that he does not wish to submit to polygraph examination.

United States address provided November 26, 1978 at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad by Richard Mario Janaro and Claire Elaine Janaro as 2451 Road K, Redwood Valley, California. Mr. and Mrs. Janaro also advised they had no immediate plans to return to the United States and will remain aboard “Albatross III” fpsmor [for] the time being having expressed intentions similar to those of Touchette.


Richard Janaro advised on November 26, 1978 that “some” money for purchases of supplies was made available by Georgetown coordinators Devorah [Deborah] Touchette and Paula Adams. Other monies were made available through external accounts at Barclays Banks in Georgetown, Guyana, and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, allowing Guyanese dollars to convert into Trinidad dollars. Janaro advised of his knowledge concerning financial matters of the PT was limited to the above.

During interview of Claire Janaro on November 26, 1978, she advised that the “confessions” regarding illegal and immoral acts; statements regarding willingness to assassinate unrecalled public officials, including the president of the United States, and blank pieces of paper signed by Mrs. Janaro and other PT members, were given to “staff” members in PT, San Francisco. She believes these and other documents which may have caused problems for PT were destroyed at PT San Francisco by “staff” per Jim Jones’ instructions during spring, 1977, when PT was under “attack” and scrutiny by news media, government, and general public.


Concerning Claire Janaro’s reference regarding having signed statements alleging willingness to assassinate public officials, San Juan wishes to stress that Janaro advised this occurred some years ago when she was a member of the Planning Commission, and she and her husband were managing the Redwood Valley ranch, belonging to PT, near Ukaih [Ukiah], California. She placed this act in the overall context of PT members signing blank pages of paper on which incriminating or compromising information was later placed. She indicated she regarded these signed statements, i.e., regarding assassinations as well as admitting immoral acts, to be “a farse [farce]”, and that she never took this seriously. It was an intimidation method to gain control over PT members, and was a “test of faith.”

Claire Janaro was the most cooperative of all the individuals interviewed in Trinidad and Barbados and appeared the most credible. San Juan’s judgment is that she is not a well-educated person, and not overly intelligent. Neither she nor anyone interviewed in Trinidad/Barbados confirmed or would admit to the existence of the “Angels” or “hit teams”.


Mrs. Janaro was specifically queried regarding addresses of Terry Buford, Sandra Bradshaw, Jean Brown, and Leona Collier on November 26, 1978. She advised all were residing at Temple in San Francisco when Mrs. Janaro left San Francisco to travel to Guyana on approximately November 17, 1978. Addresses for above individuals prior to their residence in Temple unknown to Mrs. Janaro. Richard Janaro advised on November 26, 1978 Paula Adams and Debbie Touchette resided in “Lamaha House”, a PT facility, Georgetown, Guyana. Prior to their residence in Guyana, they resided in Temple, San Francisco.

Also noted in referenced San Juan teletype, Helen Beatrice Swinney’s interview was prematurely terminated for reasons outlined therein; therefore, no address in U.S. obtained from her. Only address furnished by Swinney was Jonestown, Guyana. No itinerary was obtained from Swinney, however, she told US Consul John Adams, Port of Spain, that she had no immediate plans to return to U.S.

Content is being maintained with Adams and should Swinney return to U.S., appropriately will be set out.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendencies.