Serial 780

[Editor’s note: Numerous Telex, typographical errors and incomplete words corrected]

San Francisco
11-28 0857P EST
PMS The Honorable William Webster
Director Federal Barrel of Investigation
Washington DC

Dear Mr. Webster;

This is to confirm that [illegible words] conducting an investigation into possible California criminal law violations by present and former members of the Peoples Temple arising out of the recent homicides and alleged mass suicides in Guyana. We plan to assign investigators from this office to participate in the debriefing of the survivors of the Guyana tragedy upon their return to the United States. In this regard we are seeking the Bureau’s cooperation to conduct joint interviews of these persons with your assigned FBI agents. I have requested the assistance of the State Department in arranging for a consolidated interview proceeding upon the return of the survivors to the United States. Please acknowledge your agreement with this proposal.

CC: The Honorable Cyrus Vance, Secretary of State, US State Department, Washington, D.C.
Roy McKinnon, Special Agent in Charge, FBI, San Francisco, California
Joseph Freitas Jr., District Attorney, San Francisco, California (District Attorney’s office 880 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94103