Serial 796

[Editor’s note: The duplicate of this serial at Serial 1011 releases the name of Temple member Jean Brown, which was deleted on page 7 in the original. The additional information provided by that serial has been indicated by red type.

[In addition, the FBI provided a correction to the serial at Serial 840. The correction is provided in blue type.]

0 011847Z DEC 78
FM SAN JUAN (89-123) (P)

Reference San Juan teletype, November 24, 1978; Bureau teletype, November 24, 1978; San Juan telephone call to San Francisco, November 30, 1978.

Richard Mario Janaro, his wife, Claire Elain [Elaine] Janaro, and Helen Beatrize [Beatrice] Swinney, extensively interviewed November 26, 1978, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

Charles Eugene Touchette and George Philip Blakey interviewed November 28, 1978, Bridgetown, Barbados.


Prior to interviews of above individuals, United States Consul John Adams, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, advised Bureau agents that although above individuals expressed willingness to cooperate they may be reluctant in answering certain questions inasmuch as they are very concerned that the United States Government will attempt confiscation of People’s Temple (PT) vessel “Albatross III” and monies in their possession. According to Adams, none of the above persons had been in Guyana since November 2, 1978, when they departed aboard “Albatross III”, arriving Port-of-Spain November 5, 1978. Also according to Adams, on November 22, 1978, four days after RYMUR, the “Albatross III” was thoroughly searched by Trinidad authorities and no weapons were found. Another vessel “Cajoe” [“Cudjoe”], used by the PT has been seized by authorities in Guyana. Only two vessels are known to have been authorized by PT are “Albatross III” and “Cajoe”, the latter is also referred to by PT as the “Marceline”, described as a twenty to thirty ton trawler.

The following are brief accounts of interviews with above-mentioned individuals:


Richard Janaro was business agent for PT vessel “Albatross III”. He advised Bureau agents he was unaware if vessel in name of PT or leased by PT. Described vessel as of Panamanian registry, operated by PT since May, 1978 for purpose of supplying PT camp in Guyana. Length 131 feet, capacity 300 tons, engine 200 horsepower, speed 6 knots maximum, carried a crew of eight, seven of which are Guyanese non-PT members, and one British subject PT member named George Philip Blakey. “Albatross III” made only one trip to Georgetown (GT), Guyana on July 1, 1978, cargo being construction materials and food stuffs. Vessel went from GT to Port Katuma [Kaituma] and loaded supplies returning to GT seven to ten days later. Vessel became disabled shortly after returned to GT and remained in that condition approximately three months until late October, when it traveled from GT to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, arriving November 5. According to Janaro, no weapons were ever carried aboard “Albatross III.”

Janaro had no information regarding acquisition of weapons, caches or [of] weapons, firearms training or monies, except he stated money was given to him by the coordinators in GT and that one


time he spent approximately $250,000 during a 30-day period acquiring different supplies for the camps in Guyana.

Janaro admitted knowledge of four weapons of unknown type used by the PT in Guyana. These weapons were registered with the Guyanese authorities and their purpose was hunting and defense. Janaro had a .25 caliber Beretta pistol, serial number unknown, registered in California while in charge of the Redwood Valley PT ranch near Ukia [Ukiah], California. Above weapon was fired by him occasionally for target practices on Redwood’s property, sometimes accompanied by Don Sly, who fired unknown handgun. Current whereabouts of weapon uncertain. He believes it was buried with burnt documents disposed of after adverse publicity and public scrutiny of PT during 1977. Janaro had no knowledge regarding contingency plans except that in the event of persecution by news media or United States Government.[,] PT church would be moved to foreign country, no specific country mentioned.

Janaro has no information regarding any conspiratorial effort by PT or knowledge of possible trouble during Congressman Ryan’s visit.


Claire Janaro arrived to GT, Guyana from San Francisco same date as RYMUR. Did not travel to JT. Had no knowledge of possible trouble as a result of Congressman Ryan’s visit. She has no knowledge regarding weapons or training received by PT members. Admits being member of “Planning Commission” (PC) in San Francisco at one time while she and her husband in charge of youth camp at Redwood Valley ranch. She also acted as a counselor within “PC” helping PT members with personal problems. Mrs. Janaro advised the PC eventually became ineffective and the “secretarial staff” or “staff” were the “inner circle” of the PC and the closest individuals to Jim Jones in helping administer PT affairs. Mrs. Jones [Janaro] never heard term “hit man” or “Angels”. She admitted signing blank pieces of paper which were later filled in by the “staff” with incriminating information. She also wrote and signed confessions of immoral and illegal acts which were untrue but felt compelled to follow instructions even though she personally felt it served no purpose and thought of it as a farse [farce]. She also wrote statements alleging willingness to assassinate unrecalled public officials, including the president


of the United States. She had no information concerning contingency plans except that of moving to unspecified foreign country in event of persecution by government or news media.

The following information regarding PT members was furnished by Mrs. Janaro: (1) Terry Buford – white female, approximately 27 years, 5’6″, 100 pounds, natural blond hair. Was member of secretarial staff and very close to Jim Jones; (2) Sandra Bradshaw – white female, early 30’s, 5’6″, 120 pounds, light brown hair, secretarial staff and coordinator. Familiar with situation in Guyana; (3) Jean Brown – white female, mid-20’s, short in height, blond hair, supposedly an ex-school teacher, also secretarial staff and coordinator; (4) Tom Adams, white male, early 30’s, 5’9″, 160 pounds, PT radio license in his name, new [knew] radio code, familiar with situation in Guyana; (5) Paula Adams – white female, 27 to 28 years, ex-wife of Tom Adams. She supposedly was having a relationship with high Guyanese government official. She was also secretarial staff member in GT; (6) Devorah [Deborah] Touchette – white [black] female, no other description, house coordinator and secretarial staff at GT; (7) Leona Collier –


black female, mid-20’s, assistant minister, not ordained [black female, mid forties, main coordinator at PT San Francisco; familiar with Guyana situation. (8) Hugh [Hue] Fortson, black male, late twenties, assistant minister, not ordained; has knowledge of PT San Francisco, LA, and Guyana communities. Mrs. Janaro had no information regarding specific location of above named individuals, except that they might be located through San Francisco PT]. Mrs. Janaro advised, upon departure from San Francisco in route to GT, [deleted name] and [deleted name] [Jean Brown] gave her a coded message with instructions to give message to Carolyn Layton. Upon arrival at GT date of RYMUR and learning of RYMUR and subsequent suicide incidents, she gave message to a Guyanese PT attorney whom she refused to identify, for fear of being detained by authorities with message on her person. Janaro does not know contents of message, but assumed message, in part, dealt with telephone calls, names, and Tim Carter’s activities in California prior to Ryan’s trip to Guyana.

According to Janaro, Tim Carter had visited his father, Framuis [Francis] Carter, Boise, Idaho. Traveled to Oakland and San Francisco, and subsequently disappeared without contacting PT members. Janaro could not provide address for Francis Carter, however, alleged Francisco [Francis] Carter’s family well known in Boise. Foregoing allegedly took place immediately prior to Ryan’s trip to Guyana.


Mrs. Helen Swinney advised she was on “Albatross III” when the purpose of purchasing supplies for PT in Guyana. She denied any knowledge of any expected trouble in Jonestown (JT) as a result of Ryan’s visit. She admitted witnessing one “loyalty test” where PT members drank unknown substance, thereafter told it was only a test. Swinney did not furnish any information of value which would assist in this investigation. Swinney became so emotionally upset interview terminated prematurely. Swinney not reinterviewed following day as United States Consul, Port-of-Spain advised Swinney was to receive medical attention that day.

Charles Touchette interviewed at United States Consulate, Barbados. Touchette had no information regarding any trouble which would ensue as result of Ryan’s visit to JT. Touchette advised he had no knowledge regarding weapons in possession of PT, other than two 12-gauge Remington shotguns, which he personally knew were licenased [licensed] by the Guyanese government. Both weapons used by PT for hunting and protection. He observed no one carrying weapons at JT. Touchette was unaware of any type of firearms training by PT members in the United States or Guyana.


Only training received by PT members in use of firearms described as archery instructions for hunting purposes by PT member Tom Grubbs, an alleged participant in international archery competition. Grubbs was school principal in JT.

Touchette also member of Planning Commission in San Francisco. He denied any knowledge of “inner core” and “Angels”. Term “staff” was used to refer to secretarial staff, comprised of: Caroline [Carolyn] Layton, Terry Buford, Karen Layton, Grace Stoen, Tim Stoen, and Maria Katsaris, all secretaries. All “staff” members identified by Touchette were in these positions prior to 1974.

Touchette not familiar with administrative matters of PT as these matters were no longer his responsibility after Jones’ arrival in JT in summer of 1977. From early 1974 to summer of 1977 Touchette was administrator of JT.

Touchette advised he had no knowledge of any contingency plans by PT in event PT fell, was embarrassed by anyone, Jones was arrested, or any other type of adverse occurrence took place affecting PT operations or leaders.


Touchette did not know where all monies for PT were kept. He advised that while he was administrator of JT, monies were deposited in bank called either “Royal Canadian Bank” or “Royal Bank of Canada”, GT. Touchette came less in contact with financial matters after Jones arrived at JT. Purchases made by PT while out of Guyana are accomplished by transfer of funds from previously mentioned Canadian bank, GT, to a Barklays [Barclays] Bank in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, where a certified check was payable to Mrs. Swinney. Touchette advised Jones traveled to Grenada in 1977 to meet with Prime Minister and government officials. Nature of visit not known. Maria Katsaris traveled to Caracas, Venezuela, date unknown, to obtain quotations on machinery parts for PT agricultural equipment.

Touchette has been in GT for a period of three months prior to departure from Guyana on November 2, 1978, with the exception of of ten days in early October, 1978.

Touchette identified a Guyanese attorney who often “helped” PT in GT, as Erick Clark.


George Blakey, advised he is assistant engineer aboard “Albatross III”. Blakey furnished substantially same information set forth above as furnished by Touchette. Blakey claimed less knowledge of PT affairs due to his past assignments, which he considered of less importance.

For information of the Bureau and San Francisco, all above interviewees assumed defensive posture, appeared to be deceiving at times, and although appeared cooperative, were reluctant to furnish information voluntarily and exercised great deal of caution and reservation in answering questions posed.

San Juan during interview of [Vernon] Gosney at Roosevelt Roads Naval Station determined that Joe Mazor, San Francisco-based private investigator, did extensive work for Jones and should be interviewed if not already done. San Juan has no additional information regarding Mazor.

Photographs of “Albatross III” and FD-302’s follow by separate communication.

All leads being left to the discretion of Bureau and office of origin with the exception of the following:


The Bureau is requested to have Legat Caracas attempt to ascertain the identity of Guyanese attorney who allegedly received coded message from Mrs. Janaro and attempt to obtain same from attorney. This attorney may or may not be identical with Erich Clark.

Bureau is requested to disseminate above to Legat Caracas.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendencies.