Serial 888

FBI Airtel

Date 11/29/78

Attn: Rymur Command Post
Room 5012, JEH Building
From: SAC, San Juan (89-123) (P)

Enclosed for the Bureau under separate cover are:

One Hanimex, model MXL311, Super 8 movie camera containing exposed film, three cartridges of exposed movie film and three cartridges of 35mm film. Also included are four Sony micro cassettes.

On 11/25/78, [name deleted], Hospitalman III Class, U.S. Navy, Roosevelt Roads Naval Hospital (RRNH), Fajardo, Puerto Rico, turned over to SA [name deleted], FBI, a tan shoulderbag containing miscellaneous personal and photographic items. Corpsman [name deleted] advised that this shoulderbag arrived on the Medivac plane from Guyana that brought the survivors of the attack on Congressman Ryan. Following interview of all the persons hospitalized at RRNH, it was determined that this bag does not belong to any of these persons. It is theorized that the bag was hurriedly picked up with the surviving victims and placed on the aircraft.

Personal items appear to have little evidentiary value. They include socks, a washrag, matches, insect repellent, and some printed handouts from the Home [Human] Freedom Center.

SJ 89-123

Photographic equipment enclosed herewith was also found in shoulderbag as well as the Sony micro cassettes. San Juan has no equipment able to play the Sony cassettes and so has no idea what it may contain.

The bag described above and its contents contain no identifying data to indicate who may be the owner of these items. Inasmuch as handouts from the Home Freedom Center are contained among these items, as well as matches from the San Francisco area, it is theorized that these items along to an unknown number of the Peoples Temple.

The above items are being sent directly to the Command Post at FBI HQ in order to permit appropriate processing and review of these items under the direct supervision of HQ personnel directing this investigation.