Serial 904

FBI Airtel

Date 12/5/78

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
00: SF

Re Sacramento teletype to Director, San Francisco and Baltimore dated 11/27/78.

Enclosed for Baltimore and San Francisco are photographic copies of the driver’s license and thumb prints of Earnestine Thomas March and Betty Jean Fitch.

Referenced teletype set forth information that the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) had been receiving requests from citizens to send driver’s license, thumb prints, etc., of relatives to the FBI. The citizens have stated they believed their relatives may be among the dead at Jonestown, Guyana. They have apparently indicated that they were instructed to make this request by authorities at Dover, Delaware.

On 12/4/78, DMV furnished copies of the driver’s licenses of Earnestine Thomas March, DOB 6/29/30 and Betty Jean Fitch, DOB 6/2/55. The former was requested by Alfred March, 281 Canterbury, Daily [Daly] City, California, husband of Earnestine, who indicated his wife was in Guyana with Jim Jones. The Fitch driver’s license was requested by Willie B. Beader, 60 Santos Street, San Francisco, Fitch’s mother.

Neither Fitch nor March appear on the lists available to Sacramento of persons believed to have been in Jonestown.

SC 89-191

The enclosed are being furnished San Francisco and the Disaster Squad in the event the persons depicted are among the deceased from Guyana.



AT DOVER, DELAWARE: Furnish enclosures to the Identification Division, Disaster Squad.