Serial 906

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 12/5/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR


Investigation Conducted in Guyana.

Legat Robert Oglesby telephonically advised that a 7 inch reel-to-reel tape recording containing the last hour at Jonestown has been located. This tape which purportedly was a tape recording made by the residents of Jonestown in their final hour, is in the custody of the American Embassy. The Government of Guyana (GOG) has given permission for this tape to be brought to FBI HQ, duplicated, and immediately returned to Guyana. Inasmuch as the handling of this evidence involves a sensitive relationship between the United States and Guyana and may well determine the course of future cooperation, Bureau personnel will hand carry the tape from Guyana to FBI HQ on 12/6/78. The courier will personally stay with the tape at the FBI Laboratory until duplicated and return the original personally to Guyana.

Legat Oglesby advised that he is moving to a new residence during off-duty hours and can be reached at telephone number 66794.

Legat Oglesby stated that it appears that the GOG may consent to allowing Bureau personnel to interview those Americans in Guyana who have elected not to return to the United States. No definite arrangements have been made regarding this issue.

Investigation Concerning Mark Lane and Terri Buford.

It is recalled that Attorney Mark Lane represents former Peoples Temple (PT) member Terri Buford who allegedly possesses documents relating to the financial structure and “hit list” of


Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

the PT. A Subpoena Duces Tecum has been issued for Terri Buford whose whereabouts remained unknown until yesterday, 12/4/78. On 12/4/78 Terri Buford was seen entering Mark Lane’s house in Memphis, Tennessee, by NBC news reporters and this event was filmed and reported on the NBC Nightly News as part of ongoing coverage of the investigation of the PT. San Francisco advised after consulting with United States Attorney (USA) William Hunter, Northern District of California, that Buford would not be served with the subpoena inasmuch as Lane has agreed to produce Terri Buford for interview by USA Hunter at an undisclosed location in San Jose, California, on 12/6/78. If Buford is uncooperative during interview, it is expected that she will be served with a subpoena at that time. FBI participated in interview.

Interviews of Individuals Returning to the United States.

Interviews of [Two names deleted] (protect both identities per request) have resulted in substantiation of most information previously reported by returning Americans from Guyana. This information includes the names of top echelon members of the PT Planning Commission and probable existence of a hit list. These interviews determined that Terri Buford was allegedly the most dangerous and most knowledgeable member of the PT Planning Commission.

Arrangements for Return of Americans from Guyana on 12/6/78.

The State Department has advised that approximately 18 individuals will arrive at JFK International Airport, New York, at 6:15 p.m., EST, via Pan American Airlines, Flight 228 from Georgetown, Guyana.

On 12/4/78 Mike Abbell, Departmental Attorney, was contacted to determine what arrangements had been made between State and FAA regarding security in the transportation of the Jonestown survivors to ports in the United States. It is noted Abbell had been previously contacted and was told the FBI was never consulted nor requested to provide armed escorts for any flights. Abbell said he is working this out with State.

[2 names deleted], FAA, contacted Deputy Assistant Director Ingram advising they had been in touch with Vice


Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

President of Security Joe Sullivan of Pan American and no request had been made by Pan American for FBI Agents. [2 names deleted] both stated that if the request came from Pan American or State or Department of Justice they would provide FAA security guards through sky marshals.

Abbell recontacted Deputy Assistant Director Ingram afternoon of 12/4/78 advising the FAA will provide sky marshals and Pan American agrees. Arrangements being made by FAA, State, and Pan American.

Request for an Investigation Regarding Possible Civil Action to be taken by the Department Against the PT.

By letter received 12/5/78 from David Epstein, Director, Commercial Litigation Branch, Civil Division, Department of Justice, we have been advised that the Civil Division may be requested to bring a civil action to recover certain Federal funds expended to return bodies to the United States in connection with captioned matter. If such is an action is to be brought, various facts concerning the assets and legal status of the PT and its members must be uncovered. Accordingly the Department requested that as part of the overall investigation the FBI specifically focus on certain areas of inquiry, namely (1) the legal status of the PT in Guyana; (2) the legal status of the PT in California; (3) the relationship of PT in California to the PT in Guyana; (4) assets of the PT in Guyana; (5) assets of Jim Jones; (6) assets of the PT in California; and (7) relationship of the members to the PT.

Appropriate investigation regarding this request is being conducted.