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Woman: Okay.

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Jones: Attention, attention, attention. News of the day. The Iranian government still continues to tremble before the masses, as unrest plagues every city and village. Irregardless of the fact that there is a new prime minister, Sharif [Jafar Sharif-Emami] by name, who guarantees for all political movements, more civil liberties and civil rights, the Iranian people are not satisfied, and the Shah of Iran, one of the world’s worst dictators, put into power by our tax dollars through the CIA, killing [Mohammad Mosaddegh]a very human prime minister in the sixties, his career threatened for the first time since he was put in by a bloody coup.

Camp David meeting between President [Jimmy] Carter, Israel and Egypt, will be very decisive and crucial. Palestine is the heart of the question. Israel proposes peace settlements, but none are precise, and none satisfy the other major participants, (u.w.), Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

Prime Minister Sarkis [President Elias Sarkis] of Lebanon demands that the Syrian forces be given the proper backing by the United Nations and that the United Nations rout out of Lebanon the Christian fascist militiamen that’ve been put there by the conquering Israelis against the will of the Lebanon people.

Nicaragua. Civil war is almost ready to break out. Business owners unanimously throughout the country of Nicaragua, that has been under the dictatorship of Somoza, who was put in power by US imperialism 44 years ago. Businessmen are giving support throughout the country to the general strike against Somoza. The effect will be total. And civil war is expected at any time, if dictator [Anastasio] Somoza does not resign soon. The strike is totally effectively– effective. In the fourth day of a general strike in Nicaragua, businesses are closed throughout the cities and towns and countries. Peoples of all descriptions and classes are warring with the national army. It will soon be total civil war. There has never been any more solidarity in our time of all people, left and center and even conservative against a dictatorship. In spite of gigantic and huge amounts of support from the United States Treasury, collected from our tax dollars, Somoza will not be able to hold power. Many say, of BBC and Voice of America, if he does not step down immediately, it will mean another Cuba in Central America. Should we not hope so?

Soviet spacecraft is hooking up with one of the greatest scientific experiments in space, says BBC. It holds danger for the Western world, said the BBC commentator. No other comment was given. Undoubtedly, the Soviets have broken through in space technological warfare and means of defense against the imperialist nuclear threat, primarily centered in fascist Washington.

Cambodia. Once in the throes of a communist revolution, but the Khmer Rouge was taken over by a nationalist element that have turned Cambodia or Kampuchea into, for practical purposes, a fascist nationalist state, that according to Senator [George] McGovern, Radio Moscow, Radio Sweden, have eliminated of the population by hunger, torture, imprisonment, and death. All of the communist elements of the Khmer Rouge have been destroyed or have had to flee for safety. Cambodia’s charging today that the Soviets are interfering in their eternal [internal] affairs.

Border incidents have begun. Vietnam are moving– the Vietnamese Republic reunified, socialist Vietnam, ally of the Soviet Union, are moving in four different places into Cambodia in an operation they call liberation.

Border incidents continue between Vietnam and China. Vietnam still continues to hold nearly one mile of Chinese territory. Mass rallies are being held throughout Vietnam against the expansionist aims of the Chinese Peoples Republic.

Aborigines. The native blacks of Australia have had all their land taken from them in a fascist mood in Australia that prides itself in being a capitalist democracy. The land has been taken ostensibly – on the surface, that is – for use for all of the public to build hydroelectric projects.

Chairman Hua [Kyo-fenj], prime minister [Chairman] of the Peoples Republic of China, that has made magnificent gains domestically in socialism, but has a very peculiar foreign policy, or schizophrenic for– foreign– foreign policy, will move on to Iran next to negotiate whatever with the Shah of Iran, if the Shah is still there to negotiate, as Iran is one hell of a state of flux.

The new Pope Paul, John Paul III [John Paul I], has been accused of being selected by the Western nations putting pressure on the cardinals. Many within the church say that it is not the usual democratic procedure to elect a pope within one day. The fact that he is an anti-communist, even though coming from a worker background of a community so tiny, there was only a few houses, but the Patriarch of Venice [Rome] has been known for his anti-communist and Cold War rhetoric. He is not an intellectual, and many of the European nations, even in the capitalist world, accuse him of being out of date, out of touch, with the needs of the world and the Roman Catholic Church that’s almost as large as the largest nation, still having 530 million active members out of 700 million, the reason for such, a number of 170, it– million inactive is because of [Pope Paul VI] the Roman Catholic Church’s last pope, before he died, taking a stand against all forms of birth control.

In maneuvers that defy decency and imagination, the capitalist world, under the demagoguery and decadence of USA imperialism, has put pressure on the Olympic committee, and the secretary of the Olympic committee has put Russia on notice, that unless she handles future people that the Western world, capitalist world insist are being tried on basis of human rights, whereas Soviet Union and even the Voice of Sweden has provided clear proof that the Soviets have convicted a mere handful – four – and all of them had CIA connections. Now USA seems to be brinkmanship incorporated, on the thin edge of the nuclear line, looking over the brink, trying to influence the Olympic committee. The Soviet Union says that they will not tolerate interference with their domestic affairs.

Dollar gain slow. In spite of USA selling so many millions of ounces of gold, the dollar continues to fall.

News has brought to light that the recent strike and several other coal miners’ strikes of the United Mine Workers were not settled because the government was using something against the president of the United Mine Workers, President [Arnold] Miller. There was arm twisting by the Treasury of the United States. Again, our tax dollars being used fraudulently to put him in line, so the mine workers would not get the safety measures they demanded. As you know, not long ago, 78 miners were burned alive in a mine where the rich mine owners, oil companies, most of them now, that own the mine, the coal mine, the bituminous coal mines, had lobbied to such a degree in Congress that, in spite of 16 inspections revealing that the mine was unsafe in Harlan County, Kentucky, they were not closed, they were not required to in– to change the safety conditions, and 78 were burned alive. It has been common knowledge that miners have been shot down in cold blood for just striking at a number of different strikes that’ve occurred within the United Mine Workers. We know that when they got an honest leader by the name of Jock Yablonski, that Tony Boyle had him murdered, along with high level interest in the Mafia and the US government.

Corporate fascism, the last stage of monopoly capitalism, corporate fascism, is coming to light more and more. Tonight we have a brief film in technicolor that will reveal how, for a brief moment, the working class overrode racial differences in Kentucky and conducted a brave strike of the working class against the rich mine owners. All will be required to see it because of guests coming. We want you to be ably informed in union activities.

Carter had to return from his adventuring vacation out in primitive country, more dangerous than ours. People like that sort of life, they’re so bored by the pollution and the monotony and the racism and the hectic pace and the lack of care of the big cities, that they seek adventure that almost cost him his life, but he had to return two days early, because his (pause) deregulization [deregulation] of gas utilities companies, allowing gas companies, big capital, to charge whatever rate they choose, did not work out well. The compromise has not been acceptable, so he’s coming back to try to work matters out.

United Airlion– Airline plane en route from Denver to New York has been hijacked to Van– Vancouver, Canada.

Continue with the news.

Chairman Hua, as I said, will be going to Iran next. The socialist world, even the non-aligned world, is critical of China. Apparently, China is determined that nuclear war is coming, and she’s doing everything she can, in consistency with her Doctrine of Three Worlds, to aggravate the situation.

The Voice of America even speaks of food aisles being full, but shopping baskets empty. The culprit spawning this fear and loathing is the double digit inflation, with skyrocketing food prices leading the way. Although Carter has tried to reduce the food price phenomenon to a temporary aberration, the reality, said Voice of America, cannot be ignored. Overall, wholesale food prices jumped at a seasonally adjusted monthly rate of sixteen point four percent. Beef is up 25 percent this month from last. At the present rate, the food buying dollar will be chopped in half by the end of the year. Relief is unlikely, said the Voice of America. Inflation now must be seen, said even Business Week, the voice of capitalism, as so deeply embedded in the foundation of US society, as to make the end of the ability to erase it or eradicate it doubtful indeed. The finance journal of capitalism goes on to say that the current inflationary upsurge is destroying the nation’s effort to achieve solid economic growth and is wrecking the capitalist financial markets. It is difficult to see what capital is complaining about, when one glances at the earnings of the major food processing and retailing corporations, particularly when we see a specter of the consumers of every city stalking the aisles of American grocery stores. President Carter has even declared it enemy number one. Business Week is panicked by it. Newsweek sees it as a corrupter of the national morality which wears away at the very social life and threatens the security of the nation.

So why it is that something’s not done, when the major food processing and retailing corporations, Beatrice Foods for example, reports profits of 47.2 million for the first quarter of 1978, up 15 percent from last year, Del Monte is up 19 percent to 11.2 million, Kraft is up 24 percent to 47.9 million dollars profit, and the profits of Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea operators, of A&P supermarkets, jumped 134 percent over the first three months of 1978. But perhaps the comments of Tony Rizza, an unemployed 52-year-old house painter on NBC best illuminate the reason for the ruling class worry. I’m going to eat, said Rizza. I need to eat. If I don’t have food for me and my family, boom, I’m going to take it. Rizza spoke to the NBC in a small grocery store in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. His remarks underscore the basic fact that it is– that is in the markets and streets of the nation’s cities, and the primary effects of inflation are felt, not on the pages of corporate shareholder reports, but it is causing hunger in a mass section of the US population.

The Tenderloin of San Francisco is just an example. It’s home for many who live at the bottom of the city’s economic barrel, welfare recipients, unemployed young blacks, the elderly. These are the people with fixed incomes who are squeezed tightest in the inflationary crunch that has struck America in the past weeks. As with other low income and working class communities, the NBC surveyed a current of anger flowed through Tenderloin food stores, with people often volunteering and then waiting to be interviewed in order to express their resentment and frustration, as never witnessed since the Depression. Things run the same for about a month, then they’re higher, said 66-year-old Joe Estes. I can’t buy meat anymore. It’s too expensive. I don’t have any meat at all, man, do you hear me? I used to be able to eat out once in a while. Now I can’t out– eat out at all anymore. Estes lives alone in a small hotel room, and cooks on a hotplate. His Social Security, his SSA and SSI check just isn’t enough to feed him. I use my old peanut butter jars for other things after they’re empty, he says, and the other day, I noticed an old one with the price stamped on the lid. Then I looked at a few other lids and compared. The price just kept up steady, going up, you know. I’d like to take those lids and put them all in a row, with the prices going up, and frame them. Then I’d donate them to the museum. I’d call it, my life in slow starvation.

Although Social Security payments are periodically adjusted, so-called, to somewhat compensate for the effects of the high inflation that endangers breaking the US economy, most private pensions are not the average 65-year old male or female retiree, lives for another 13.2 years. Women live slightly longer. With an annual rate of five percent inflation minimum, which looks like it’ll be more than 15 percent this year, promises to be about double that. In other words, 15 percent will be triple that. The real value of a pension check will be cut by 39 percent in only this year. Those who are 65 years and older already po– pay more than 66 percent of their income for the barest of necessities to keep them alive, and this percentage is steadily and frighteningly increasing.

These people have scuffled and worked and put money away all of their lives, and now this money means nothing, exclaims Floyd Stone, interviewed in an Oakland market. Stone, who has a job as a park maintenance worker in Oatla– Oakland, California, lives in one of the city’s main– many welfare hotels, reports the NBC. He spoke to the NBC over a small dinner of spaghetti and white bread. Most of vy– Mo– most of my food I now buy in cans that are bent, and sometimes, they’re spoiled. I used to go to Lucky or Safeway, and I’d spend fifty dollars and have enough for almost the whole month, said the white retiree. Now I go and spend 22 dollars, and it only lasts me two or three days. And he still has a job as a park maintenance worker. So either you cut down or do without and starve. Everybody in the hotel here has changed their eating habits. Now we’re eating bullion at best, instant oatmeal, Hostess cakes or instant breakfast, where we used to get eggs, bacon and sausage. We can’t afford them anymore. We often eat cornmeal. You start buying carbohydrates instead of protein. You have to. There’s no money.

This is a pattern alluded to repeatedly by people surveyed throughout the United States by Mutual Broadcasting Company. Expensive diary– dairy and meat products are by necessity passed over by all of the American public in favor of less costly starches that have no mineral value and cause slow starvation. Beef, a commodity, which has functioned as a principal source of meat protein for people in the United States of America, according to BBC, is now rising in price at an extremely fast clip. Hamburger, which sold for 85 cents a pounds last year, now cost about one dollar 35 cents a pound, and will rise to a dollar 75 cents range by the end of the year, according to economist To– Tommy Beale of Cattle Facts, the marketing service of the National Cattlemen’s Association. Beale also predicts that choicer cuts that are sa– selling now of beef burger for two dollars 20 cents, will be up to an increase of one dollar 45 cents a pound, meaning that it will be three sixty-five for beef burger by the end of (pause) the next year. By the end of this year.

But the real bad years for consumers will be 1979 and 1980, on through ’83, if there’s not a nuclear war, comen– comments Beale, economist. During those years, more cattle will be kept off the market to serve as breeding stock. Hamburger supplies will be especially tight at this time, because that particular cut of meat is taken from older cows.

Everything is so high, and just keeps going up and up and up, says Ella Benson, a 45-year-old practical nurse interviewed in Los Angeles, predominantly Watts district. I got a job, a god job, and my husband’s got a good job, but us and our kids still not live not even decent, just halfway decent. We go to bed hungry. I think there’s going to be much more robbery and ripping off. People are going to eat. We can’t starve and watch our children starve.

The United States is still a long way from open class warfare, says Business Week, but Business Week said in a recent issue that many people worry about what could happen if inflation remains at anything approaching present levels. The magazine goes on to warn the voice of capitalism, Business Week, now the economic outlook is clouded. Inflation is no longer waning or going down, and this country could be heading into the worst period of economic and social revolution and dislocation since the Civil War.

Sitting in a squalid Fillmore hotel with the half-light of a fading day filtering through the window, Floyd Stone agrees. It’s coming to a head, he says, and it’s going to get serious. Already there’s robbery in every block, every day, every night, but there’ll be riots and there’ll be more robberies. There’ll be demonstrations. The struggle is about power between the rich and the poor, and they don’t have enough National Guards or armies to guard everything. It’s coming down, said Floyd Stone of the Fillmore, and it’s about one thing, and that’s the whole thing: power, which is in now in the hands of the rich, but has to be put in the hands of the poor.

Well, indeed, there is a awakening. Somewhat of a class consciousness. But in a nuclear age technology, where there’s all sorts of mass weaponry and neutron bombs that the army and U.S. government jokingly calls nigger bombs, it’s very easy to control the ghettoes while they starve. If they get out of control, drop the neutron bomb. Destroy all living things, and save the property.

Remember, no matter who comes or what they may ask of you, tell them that you are very happy. Tell them you want no letters. If someone wants to write to you, they can send it to you in the mail. Tell them that you are happy here, and under no circumstances, would you consider going back to the United States. Certainly only a fool would, when we not only have a great security of this vast land and region, which Margaret Mead, the world’s greatest anthropologist, said was the only safe place on land– surface from nuclear war. Then we have the support and promise of the great Soviets and their underground cities offering us a haven, should we need it.

Religion is the backbone of the rich in the United States [Union of South Africa]. In a surprising comment by a CBS commentary, not only is religion the backbone of the Afrikaaner, who holds a black man in virtual slavery and has so for more than a century, religion is not the expression of Christian love, but the maintenance of white privilege. All over the world, Christendom has enabled the white man to oppress and keep the poor man down, and even the ruling class rich, to keep the poor white man down, by giving him contentment that he will have heaven when he dies. In South Africa, for instance, the Baptist Church, three denominations attended by 50 percent of the country’s white population, are the spiritual justification of the worst form of slavery, apartheid, an all-embracing ideological force. Church laws forbid shops, theaters, cinemas, bars, or amusement parks to be open on Sundays. No organized sport may be played or integrated. Charges against violators are brought, not only by the courts, but by the church. The church has an involuntary control, a dictatorial, fascist control on your life, said the CBS report.

A young Afrikaaner advertising executive was being interviewed. There was balance, of course, saying he was wrong, as Voice of America could not admit that they were indeed uh, a part of a system where religion is the opiate of the people, not only the opiate but the backbone of slavery. This Afrikaaner white man described himself as detribalized. His father is an elder in the Baptist Church. God is secondary in the church’s scheme of things, said he. The church dictates a code of fascist ethics rather than of spirituality or human goodness.

The executive grew up in an orthodox Calvinist Baptist home, a reformed home, where prayer was a rigorous scheduled, nightly exercise. Prayer classes took up three afternoons a week, Sunday school was obligatory, and was followed by a two-hour preaching service. My father rationalized the slavery and suppression of the blacks as God’s will and justified it by the scripture in the Bible, that in God’s eyes, the blacks were always slaves, subordinate. Both my father and mother actually believe there’s no discrimination in this country, Union of South Africa that’s upheld by monopoly capitalist money and our tax dollars.

It is while studying philosophy at an English-speaking university that the executive became disaffected with the church and with apartheid. The white Afrikaaner way of life and the Afrikaaner Baptist Church Calvinism go together, said Dr. Francis Geldenheis [phonetic], director of Ecumenical Affairs of (mangles pronunciation of foreign word), the main branch of the Calvinist or Baptist and Reformed Church. There are two things you can’t fight in this country: the Nationalist Party, which is fascist, and the Calvinist or the Baptist Church. In an interview with CBS, Geldenheis stressed the Afrikaaners’ white sense of divine mission. It’s part of the great unfolding plan of God, that we weren’t just put on the southern part of this continent by accident. He said it was historically our duty to bring the light of the Gospel to the dark continent of Africa.

Of course, all the writers, even the best regarded writers, call Africa the dark continent, but it was the most enlightened continent, where the first civilization began, when in Timbuktu, when no other men existed, when only black and brown men existed, Timbuktu were giving smallpox vaccinations, making false teeth, and doing complicated eye surgery. Although the church quotes biblical passages to prove that God wanted the black man put down and separation of the races, it now prefers to justify racist slavery, apartheid, by historical reasons and practical necessities. This is certainly a bad scene. Religion, as [Karl] Marx said, is the opiate of the people.

New York Times, in a very conservative editorial, praises Margaret Thatcher, who is expected to be the next prime minister of England. Leader of the Conservative Party, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher has called for a curtailment of non-white immigration. She declared that people are really rather afraid that this country might be swamped by people of different race and culture. The liberals all but went mad, with the headline of the– of the Sunday Times in London declaring, “How could Margaret Thatcher do it?” On the other hand, the Daily Mail’s headline bannered, “Maggie’s Got It Right,” said The New York Times, one of the bastions of U.S. capitalism, the press, the US newspapers and television, is nothing but the arm of the ruling class, as I’ve always said, that reach out first to try to crush you like they did us, and have successfully, the Black Panthers and Synanon, but they have not succeeded with us. We are still here, an avant garde, as the Soviets would say in their language. And we here remain, to endure, to build a revolution of socialism. The people agreed with Maggie, said the Daily Mail, according to the national opinion poll. Also, said The New York Times, which showed that with elections due this year, the Tories, the Conservatives, had turned a 44-46 deficit to the Labor government that presently rules, into a 55-34 percent advantage. They lead by 21 percentages. What the Labor Party fears is that it will lose its working class voters, who are afraid of losing their jobs to non-white immigrants. Thatcher’s plan as qualified is actually rather moderate, said The New York Times. Commitments will be honored to those, such as Asians being– that were driven from Kenya, already holding British– British passports. Amnesty would be continued, allowing illegals to stay, if they should choose, and dependents of immigrants would be allowed to enter the country before the end of the year. This could well be the issue to decide the elections, but there has been more news to indicate more liberal presses, like the Guardian, that Margaret Thatcher indeed promises to remove every person, Asian, black, brown, Indian, uh– all people of color from England, the British Isles, if she is elected prime minister. And the polls are in her favor.

According to the New York Post, in a question posed by one of the constituents or readers– the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who started the campaign of terror against us, he is a racist from Australia that has just now– Australia has dispossessed all of the land of the black aborigines, as I just gave you in the news. New York Post is exceedingly reactionary, all New York papers are now confronted with a strike. There’s a strike against
The New York Times, New York Post, and uh, The New York Daily News. This was a question to the New York Post. According to the president, his plan for tax relief will reduce taxes for some 96 percent of taxpayers and offset hikes in Social Security payments and inflation. Is this true? Unless you ignore inflation altogether, that presidential claim is false. According to the president of Chase Economic– Econometrics, Michael Evans, head of the econ– econom– economic analysis firm, points out that there will be an increase of 15.2 billion in Social Security taxes next year. Pay adjustments for inflation, which lift people into higher tax brackets, will be the s– at the same time increased, and the tax burden will be increased by nine billion dollars. Thus the increase in effective taxation is 24.2 billion, while the Carter plans calls for 18.3 billion reduction. This makes for an overall increase in taxation of 5.9 billion and a runaway inflation, even admits the rightwing New York Post. (clears throat)

In another question posed to the New York Post, is any American aid being sent to communist Vietnam? Hundreds of thousands of tons of grain, for one example, have been gathered for Vietnam in the Midwest by the Church World Service and Crop. Leftist groups, including Clergy and Laity Concerned and the National Council of Churches, have been collecting monies to send this grain to Red Vietnam. The Cold War is back. Now even if moderate and liberal newspapers use “Red” instead of the name of a nation. Shipment from Houston to Southeast Asia was scheduled for August 4. The grain in question, says the National Council of Churches, is needed because of droughts and floods in Southeast Asia, but an escaped refugee tells it otherwise, said the slanted rightwing New York Post. Tran Van Thun, once a member of the Buddhist opposition – fascist, I should say, in South Vietnam – reported in The Oregonian on the sixth of July, how the diet– the diet of South Vietnam, which was once rice– rich with rice, has been purposely reduced to yams and man– manioc, so that there is not– no fat, sugar or meat for non-communists. Many farms are what you call collectivized, he said through a translator. And the New York Post goes on with its witchhuntry and anti-communist lies. The communist cadres force the farmers to work from dawn to dusk – sounds like the same lies told about all socialists – but they take the rice and ship it to Hanoi or sell it abroad to other communists. The cadres check everything in your house anytime they want. Thun described four types of concentration camps of increasing severity, where thousands are being starved, worked to death, or executed outright who are not communist, said the lying New York Post. Meanwhile, as American liberals were raising funds to ship American food to the Reds in Hanoi, Communist Vietnam’s ambassador to United Nations Din Ba Phi, was being booted out of hi– hi– this country for engaging in espionage and sabotage. This is the kind of rightwing rhetoric. It is interesting to note that if Vietnam is starving, it’s amazing that they are so unified that they are taking on the nation of China that has been giving them border difficulties, and China is no less than 100 times larger. One hundred times would be conservative. One hundred times at least larger. That calls for a lot of unified Vietnamese, who are not hungry.

Another letter to The New York Times, another bastion of imperialism in USA. Why did Senator George McGovern curry the favor of homosexuals in California recently, said a writer to the Times. He must fancy them. One thousand or so supporters of pervert rights clustered in mid-February at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where they were thrilled by the presence of Senator George McGovern, Democrat, South Dakota, who has now called for an invasion against Cambodia. Having the 1972 presidential candidate of the Democratic Party promote the f– homosexual, as they call it, fairy cause, said an organizer for the rally, was a major breakthrough, in that it was the first time a United States Senator had appeared in public on behalf of sodomites. Can you imagine this kind of evil, hate-ridden rhetoric? The words are charged, not in rightwing Nazi literature, but New York Times and New York Post.

The last I shall give you from the Times. Are there any plans to expand the program to catch federal workers who are also collecting welfare? The Department of Health, Education and Welfare started a project match, a pilot program that discovered more than 25,000 federal workers who are also receiving welfare, they said out of necessity, so they could eat. So-called civil libertarians fought the trial project, saying cross-checking of records violates the right of privacy. All federal workers may nonetheless be screened in the future, with the possibility that the states will start similus– similar searches against the traitors– of against– against the traitors of the United States. My God. Some states and cities would do well to take another look at their books. For example, New York City Comptroller Harrison Golden not long ago estimated that welfare checks in the amount of 270,000 annually were being sent to prisoners in city jails. This was flatly denied by the– the uh– the probation uh, uh, authorities. The mother– The mothers of a number of prisoners were also receiving payments for their support from Aid to Families with Dependent Children. I guess The New York Times does not believe that mothers of youngsters who are forced in crime, because there’s not enough to eat, should eat themselves. This is the mood of USA that some of you seem to lust after, to such a dreadful degree. I hope you wake up before it’s too late. (Pause)

No wonder the World Conference Against Racism has blasted US imperialism as the most dangerous menace to peace in the world, and the most racist nation. Also the Youth Festival of 147 nations meeting in Habana, Cuba blasted USA as the primary enemy of all working class people. No wonder they do so, because indeed, it is obvious that USA is the center of the cancer. If USA were not in power, if the capitalist demagogues were not in power, Somoza would not be murdering people in Nicaragua, and the Shah of Iran would not be torturing people in every city of Iran, and the Union of South Africa would not be destroying people in concentration camps, and the Rhodesian white racist regime would not be wiping whole villages out with napalm, and neither would the Union of South Africa be doing it in Namibia, neither would the terrible droughts occur throughout Africa that were brought about by geophysical warfare and cloud-seeding by the CIA, using our tax dollars. Undoubtedly, we are the patriots of the United States. We say to all who come in our midst, we love the United States. We are patriots, because we work for the welfare of the people of the United States. But they would like to portray us as enemies, because we stand for socialism and for peace. But it is we who are the avant garde – or, as the– our Russian language, and let’s continue to learn it, avant garde, would say, we are the ones. Yes, we are those who work for peace. [Expresses sentence in Russian, three times.] We will work for peace. I want peace. [Expresses sentence in Russian.]

But again, we will stand in the struggle with all working class people. We will not be satisfied until the militarist, the right wing fascist demagogues of capitalism are removed. This is a must. Freedom must come from all oppressors, and the oppressors are centered in the multi-national corporations, particularly– particularly in Washington.

A final agreement has been signed, in the closing of the news– Remember, pass the news for the Tuesday test, and you won’t take another test. I will be giving out as soon as it– I finish the testing grading, those who pass this last two tests, if you passed it– passed both, you do not take the test. If you failed both, you will take extra classes, so we can enable you to know socialism. Some very good people will fail tests, but we all must get this socialist knowledge, for only the knowledge of the working class, socialist principles will give us cohesiveness and sensitivity and loyalty that will enable us to be saved– not we as adults, but our children and our seniors, from the terror of CIA maneuvers and designs.

Angola and Zaire in perhaps the most interesting alliance of the century. The final agreements have been signed. There has been a considerable easing of tensions between Angola and neighboring rightwing Zaire. Angolan President AgostinhoNeto and Mobutu Sese Seko,president of Zaire, right arm, strongarm dictator, almost, of Zaire, signed an agreement mutually to respect existing borders and prevent exile rebel groups based inside each of their territories from crossing those borders to attack either government. Also Zaire promised to give more self-government to the Shaba region, or the Katanga region of Zaire. Zaire had been comfortably in the pocket of US imperialism until they wakened to the fact that he was selling his great wealth of minerals at a lesser price than white people were getting in other countries. This turned him rather solidly against US imperialism. The pact was signed in Khartoum, Sudan, during a recently uh, concluded conference uh, of a committee of the Organization of African Unity. It was then made public agar– again at the Belgrade non-aligned uh, commission, still there in Belgrade from the recent meeting of the non-aligned foreign ministers meeting in July. The two heads of state also agreed to a four-nation committee made up of observers from Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Rwanda, to supervise implementation of this peaceful agreement. The core, if implemented – and it has been – will help to curb activities of FLNA, the rightwing UNITA against Angola, socialist Angola, and secure the Marxist-Leninist state of Angola, which is strongly pro-Soviet and pro-Cuban. South African-backed reactionary Angolan organizations operating from Zaire have been curtailed, as Mobutu has sent them home, with their tails between their legs. The two organizations have repeatedly used Zaire, as well as South African-occupied Namibia, as a base for terrorist attacks on the great Marxist Angolan communities, their towns and villages, close to the border. For its part, Luanda will prevent Zairese uh, re– refugees from making Angolan-based attacks on the Mobutu regime. Because Zaire is undoubtedly, though a strong r– r– rightwing dictator noticeable reforms in the past six weeks alone. The agreement follows the first July 17 Angola-Zaire pact to reopen the Benguela – B-e-n-g-u-e-l-a – railway, which had long been sabotaged, and now is completed between the two countries, which runs from Zambia through Zaire to Angola’s port at Lobito – L-o-b-i-t-o. The rail line has been closed to Zaire and Zambia following the South African-Zairian invasion of Angola after its November 1975 independence. This great alliance has caused more consternation in the camp of Western imperialism, headed by US monopoly capitalism, than any other event, perhaps, save the present Nicaraguan civil war that’s about to outbreak uh– the break-out that could lead to another Cuba, right under the nose of US imperialism. (Pause)

This is the apparent (Pause) top of the news. I don’t see anything else or hear anything else that would be of essential interest to you. I try to give you all that’s in the news. Not all that’s fit to print, as The New York Times says. All that’s in the news.

Florida is trying to frame a black man by the name of Delbert Tibbs, a 36-year-old black poet, victim of a frame-up on rape. You– He had been fighting these charges for five years. Tibbs, a Chicago resident, was hitch-hiking through Florida in 1973, when he was arrested for the rape of a young white woman and the so-called assault against her male co– companion. All physical evidence proved his innocence, including his presence over 150 miles from the scene, and his lack of any resemblance to the attacker. Of course, you know, we who are black and brown all look alike to the racist. In addition, the victim, the prosecution’s only witness, later admitted that she was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incidents. But Tibbs was t– found guilty of the charges, and uh, that is what usually happens. In spite of the long term of appeals to the Supreme Court – he has an appeal pending before the Supreme Court of Florida – the prosecution would never be satisfied with anything else than life sentence for Tibbs. A fight for freedom that involved members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Black Ministers Conference, the Florida Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, and other groups gathered in Clearwater, Florida to protest a man who had no f– no facts whatsoever against him, being given life imprisonment, unless the Florida Supreme Court reverses the decision. So much for American justice. So much for the hypocritical stance of Carter about the human rights of the Soviet Union. It’s high time, though we know it will not happen, that USA clean up its own backyard. Of course, we also realize that Carter is not the enemy. So if someone were to come, are you against President Carter? No, we certainly like him. He’s preferable to a [Richard] Nixon and all the dirty work he did. And if he were to try to clean up America, he would be killed in the same tradition that has murdered Malcolm [X], Martin [Luther King], Senator [Robert] Kennedy, and President [John F.] Kennedy, because that is the name of America, 1978: Murder, Incorporated against the poor.

I love you very much. Let’s work hard to bring our people to liberation. We will have guests today. Clean up all around your place, decorate the front, see that your homes are presentable, cut– cut weeds as you go along the way, pick up every little bit of trash, and the same committee, look for eyesores, because we’re going to be having guests all week long. Keep this in mind, because we are now gaining the ascendancy. People are beginning to see the reality of this beautiful socialist community. Let’s give our gratitudes now. We have much to be grateful for, to live in a community without fear of violence. No one racist looking down us– our neck, breathing down our neck. No uh, fear that we have to lock our doors, no fear of the mugger or the robber or the rapist. No fear of pollution. No fear of the foods we eat, for who knows what day that the American diet will have something put in it that will kill all people of color, because remember, Dr. Richard Hammerschlag, it was revealed in the nation’s press a year ago, on January 16, that University of California was helping to mass produce ethnic weapons. That means foods that could be put in the ordinary food products that would kill all Indians, blacks, and people of color.

I do love you very much.