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Jones: On Friday, we must know the commentary on the horrid TV racist view of youth crime produced by Helen Whitney and shown on ABC-TV network throughout the nation in a 90-minute documentary called Youth Terror: The View from Behind the Gun. Even the title is loaded to build up racist sentiment. That’s all that is required in yesterday’s news for preparation for testing on Friday, as well as Tuesday night’s bonus reward testing discussion.

News for Thursday. The dollar has slightly increased on the world market, due to the fact that capitalist banks the world over have been buying it up at an immense rate. The dollar had gone to an all-time low of one dollar eighty-one cents as compared to the yen, which normally soars in value to the mid-two dollars. In other words, a yen is usually w– valued at two-fifty– I mean the dollar is usually valued at two-fifty to the yen, but it has dropped to the horrendous low of one dollar eighty-one, and it has momentarily regained today on the world market, due to capitalist banks, attempting to sort [shore] up the dropping dollar all over the capitalist world, by the banks of the world, capitalist economies buying the dollar [tape fade for one second] the decline that looked disastrous.

World news report from the Voice of Netherlands says that the French had taken away a terrorist at the Iraqi embassy who was trying to kill the ambassador to Iraq. That was the reason for the provocation of the shooting. When Iraq embassy officials fired on the police and the terrorist, the assassin, they were trying to shoot the assassin who was being protected by the French police, an ally of USA monopoly capitalism. At the same time, as you know, the ambassador of the Iraq embassy in England had an attempt on his life. The reason for this renewed hostility against Iraq is because Iraq is having tremendous effect in causing the Arab League to reconsider the dollar as its medium of exchange. Also Iraq, an oil-rich national Marxist nation is causing the Arab League to consider building its own refineries and means of making modern weapons to pull away from the USA control on the oil rich industries in the Arab League. Also Iraq is recommending price increases. A number of provocations have been brought against Iraqis, who are allies of the Soviet Union in a military pact, because of their stand against the economic interest of US imperialism and its lackeys. A number of Iraqi officials, embassy officials, have been sent home from various capitalist nations.

Tensions between the strategically-located Red Sea states of North and South Yemen escalated, as you know, as progressive South Yemen said US-backed CIA North Yemen had invaded its territory and seized two of its border towns. South Yemen, as you know, is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Yemen, a Marxist-Leninist government. North Yemen had invaded its territory and seized, as I said, two of its border cities. The accusation comes in the wake of the assassinations of the presidents of both Yemens within two days just last month. Ever since a Marxist government took power in South Yemen in 1969, North Yemen, supported by neighboring Saudi Arabia and other reactionary Arab regimes, has adopted a hostile policy toward the Aden government of South Yemen, the communist government. And last week in July, reactionary Arab League countries voted to suspend diplomatic and political relations with the communist government of South Yemen. The Arab League meeting held in Cairo was boycotted however by Syria, which also is rich in mineral deposits, but an ally of the Soviet Union, Libya, Colonel [Moammar] Khadafy, m– socialist Marxist government, and Algeria, a Marxist state and the Palestine Liberation Organization. The 15 Arab League nations supporting the anti-communist South Yemen resolution said they held South Yemen responsible for the June 24 assassination of the North Yemeni president. South Yemen’s leaders have denied the accusation and asserted that it is merely a pretext for aggression by US lackeys against the progressive Marxist government of South Yemen. North Yemen’s president was killed by a booby-trap bomb placed in the attaché case of an emissary from the Democratic Peoples Republic of South Yemen. The emissary also died in the blast as well, and precisely who was responsible for the assassination remains a mystery. An improvement in the long-strained relations was apparently the goal of the South Yemeni visit, something Saudi Arabia has opposed. The events in North Yemen were followed by a coup, a military takeover, in South Yemen during which the country’s president, Salim Rubai Ali, was executed by a people’s court. Reportedly he was moving the government of South Yemen towards the capitalist powers in alliance. Last week, the country’s new president, [Ali] Nasir Muhammad, said the coup, the revolution had been carried out, because Rubai had wished to set himself up in place of the collective leadership of the revolution party and Marxist government. Rubai had also opposed the formation of a single vanguard Marxist-Leninist party out of the three parties that currently exist. The new government has dismissed three of nine members of the Marxist-Leninist government’s top leadership, charging they backed Ali’s policy of developing alliances and contacts with the imperialist Western nations, headed by the United States.

Rightwing Palestinian terrorist tried to kill the Iraqi ambassador, according to Radio Moscow. The rightwing elements of the Christian fascist in the Palestine movement attempted to murder late last evening the Iraqi ambassador in London. The assassination attempt was unsuccessful.

Gold auction was required by the United States to bring 86 million dollars to help buffer the International Monetary Fund in its loans to Third World nations. The International Monetary Fund has been reported to be the means of monopoly capitalism under the direction of USA to control developing nations.

Unfortunately this morning in England or Great Britain or the United Kingdom, the opposition Conservative Party has denied any further support to the Labor Party foreign policy. It will not support any aid that wo– sanctions, rather, to– against the Rhodesian white racist fascist regime under the illegal administration of Ian Smith. This weakens British policy that yesterday I gave you as heralded bravely by Dr. [Lord David] Owen, the foreign minister of Great Britain. It is suspected that the Conservative Party will be the next party in power in the fall. The head of the Conservative Party, Margaret Thatcher, racist, is expected, according to the polls, to be the next prime minister of Britain. She has pledged to a ban against all people of color entering England, United Kingdom, or Great Britain. She has also pledged to pursues the policies of the National Front neo-fascist in sending out all people of color, black, Indian and Asian, back to their homelands, wherever that is, being that some people of color have been in England for decades.

Israel has withdrawn objections – ostensibly – on the surface to the government of Lebanon sending her own troops into South Lebanon that has been occupied illegally by Zionist Israel.

The Portugal socialist government has refused to face re-election, as scheduled this weekend.

The Voice of America reports that there is a grave and serious concern in United States about increasing unemployment and open, rampant racism. Out of high schoolers, one half million in one region of USA alone, who wanted jobs, only 14,000 high schoolers out of 500,000 were able to obtain employment, almost one-fiftieth, 49 out of 50, in other words, were denied employment. Jobs affects self-image and creates more crime, thus bringing about repressive police state measures.

US liberal Senator states that Israel and Egypt is on a collision course. The past candidate from South Dakota on the Democrat ticket [George McGovern] stated that he was sorrowed by the fact that while Egypt is mellowing and has pulled away from its intransigent or hardline position and its former pro-Soviet alliance, Israel has taken a hard line unbending policy under a man whose mental state is unpredictable, meaning the Prime Minister [Menachim] Begin who now rules Israel.

Continuing with the news. Syria attacks Lebanese strongholds, Christian fascist strongholds. In the heaviest internal fighting since the 1976 Lebanese civil war, Syrian troops, who are allies of the Soviet Union, and rightwing Christian militias exchanged heavy artillery fire, once again shattering the tenuous ceasefire.

Ethiopia military drive succeeds in removing the mercenaries backed by corrupt capitalist elements headed by the USA out of the major Eritrean cities, which is a state in Ethiopia. The first assault of the mercenaries was stopped along the Eritrean border and within the handful of besieged rebel-held enclaves inside the Red Sea territory.

Bakke decision, a ruling class weapon. Commentaries as of yesterday, when I gave TV’s racist view of youth crime with a racist-loaded title, Youth Terror: The View from Behind the Gun on ABC-TV, is required learning for the test on Friday. Only commentaries, or few points like I’m giving now, as well as just the simple news synopsis or summary that I gave in the Peoples Forum agricultural meeting when I was giving rewards on Tuesday night.

The Bakke decision is a ruling class, monopoly class, capitalist weapon. The seeming ambivalence of the Supreme Court, their indecision, that is, their decision in the Bakke case is itself a political feat in the best traditions of the bourgeoisie’s constant war of deception against the working class masses. On the one hand, the court knocked out the special admissions program at the medical school of the University of California in Davis, which, whatever its shortcomings, was at least based on the thesis that affirmative action against racism must be helped or implemented by firm, objective points or criteria, the mandated enrollment of at least a minimum number of people of color or minority students.

The court also ordered the school to enroll, however, Alan Bakke, a white applicant, who had charged that he was the victim of reverse discrimination – can you imagine? – because the special admissions program had reduced his chances of getting into the medical school when he is nearly 40 years of age, and was only an average student. On the other hand, the court ruled that it was legal for an institution to consider – but not required to – to consider race as one factor among however a number of others in selecting students for admission.

The bourgeoisie media and various so-called liberal organizations and individuals, aware of their responsibility to put the very best face possible on this racist and neo-fascist decision, have rushed to hail the ruling as a victory for affirmative action and to salute the Solomon-like qualities of the country’s highest legal body. By the same token, these liberals might have hailed the various legal maneuvers codifying rake–­ racial segregation and Jim Crow laws in the latter part of the nineteenth century, because after all, they did not restore slavery. (Turns away from mike to cough) That’s like saying, you’re on fire, but have not been burned up.

It’s true that the court’s ruling might have been worse. After all, it could have eliminated blacks, exterminated them as [Adolf] Hitler did, but not much. It not– couldn’t have been much worse. For no matter what phrases the Supreme Court might have used to disguise its handiwork, the practical effect of this decision is to cripple all efforts at meaningful and effective affirmative civil rights action against historical and institutionalized capitalist racism. The court has said, in effect, that affirmative action is legal, so long as it is voluntarit– voluntary, and without teeth.

People have never voluntarily been good. Only the discipline of the mandate or the dictates of the proletariat bring change in people. Only law keeps people from killing each other. So no one can be expected to comply with giving black people and Indian people their rights voluntarily. With defeats like this one, institutionalized racism has no need for victories. The real meaning of the Court’s decision is not only to reinforce the prevailing system of de facto segregation – that means that segregation is still a reality in fact – and racial discrimination. Of equal importance, by nominally endorsing certain so-called voluntary forms of affirmative action, the curt– the Court firmly puts control over such programs completely in the hands of the irresponsible bourgeoisie itself. This means from our Marxist perspective that various institutions of the ruling class will have the flexibility to orchestrate whatever concessions to minorities they may deem necessary to make, particularly in periods of social turmoil.

This is why Justice Lewis Powell went out of his way to hail the Harvard University admissions program, because that program keeps control over the entry of people of color or minority students into the university firmly in the hands of the university itself, and not subject to measurement by any objective, lawful or verifiable criteria.

Even since the mass struggles of the 1950s and 1960s outlawed most open forms of legalized and deliberate racial discrimination, the question of affirmative action has emerged as a frontline battle in the struggle against racism. The failure to uphold and implement – that is to help – concrete programs that actually brings blacks, Indians, Latinos, other Third World peoples and women into schools, institutions, the professions and employment at all levels, is itself a means of perpetuating racism, sexism, and fascism. This is especially true in the periods of high em– unemployment, and when cutbacks in expenditures for education and social welfare have further reduced the numbers of people who can obtain jobs or gain admissions to training programs and schools. (Pause)

The most dangerous aspect of the Bakke case – B-a-k-k-e – and the general assault on civil rights, or rights of black people and people of color, on affirmative action, has been the way in which the ruling monopoly capitalist class and the right wing have utilized and catered to the backwardness on the question of racism that is prevalent among white workers and certainly the rich in US society. Unfortunately, even some on the left have adopted this point of view, by vacillating – backing up, that is – on the question of affirmative action, and thus objectively holding that it is the legitimate struggle of minorities, people of color and women for meaningful affirmative action that causes disunity in the working class. What a rationale. What excuse making. They do not see that this disunity is promo– promoted primarily and in the first place by a white racist supremacist ideology, and the perpetuation of that inequality is actual social and economic life that has kept minorities, people of color and women the most exploited sectors of the working class.

Under capitalism, competition within the working class for jobs, schooling, training, promotions, et cetera, is inevitable. It’s planned that way to divide the working class so they won’t recognize their common enemy, the ruling elite, the rich monopoly capitalist, an absolute condition of capitalist relations of production. But when the working class as a whole permits this competition to be determined on the basis of race, as it did in this horrible US Supreme Court decision, our nationality, citizenship, or sex, it provides the bourgeoisie with yet another weapon that is effectively used in the exploitation of all. Affirmative action programs are thus a means of laying the foundations for a genuine working class unity that will unite all sectors of the working class.

True, racism is deep, it’s embedded so deeply in the very workings of monopoly capitalism that it will not be completely erased or eradicated until after the working class takes over society in a revolution of socialism as a whole, but the struggle against every manifestation of racism, sexism and national oppression is itself the key to forging that w– to forging that working class unity, which is an absolute, is an indispensable precondition for the workers to wield their common power effectively into a revolution for socialism.

In a certain sense, the Supreme Court may have served the ruling class far more effectively with its seemingly-ambivalent or dual Bakke decision than if it had gone all the way with the California Supreme Court and agreed that under no circumstances could the bourgeoisie capitalist institutions themselves take race into account in their admissions and hiring policies. The present mask is more difficult to penetrate than would a decision whose racist blatancy was completely stripped of any pretense or deception. All the more reasons for those who would be in the vanguard – in the front lines, that is – of the socialist working class struggle for emancipation – that is, freedom – to be clear on the real meaning of the Bakke decision and to bring this understanding to the masses, at least of the working class around the world, while America and its working class sleeps. That educational task must be carried out in the context of waging the struggle for meaningful affirmative action programs that can be he– made to work or implemented independently of the Supreme Court, particularly by militant unions, which do not exist in the United States, and which ultimately are the only means to force the court to reverse its own fascist and racist ruling.

That is the most depressing part of US life today. There is no militant free trade unions, or there are none. There is no Community Party independent. Thereare no independent socialist movements. And all authorities on progressive socialist revolutionary change say that without the f– last three ingredients I mentioned, it is impossible to avoid fascism. Fascism also cannot be avoided when racism exists. However, the Bakke decision was not necessary to keep blacks out of the professional schools and Indians from college. The fact that now the average year in college cost an American– North American family six thousand dollars is enough to keep out any black, because the average wage earner in the black community does not make six thousand dollars a year, much less have it to send his daughter or son to the capitalist colleges and institutions.

Thus ends the news, the major news of the day and commentary. The viewpoint that I just gave, “The Bakke Decision: A Ruling Class Capitalist Weapon,” must be known by all for Friday night classes, as well as yesterday’s view, Youth Terror, The View from Behind the Gun, the ABC-TV network horribly TV racist view of youth crime that appeared last week on all of the US nation’s TV’s. Know these. It is very important. Only that is required for testing. All other matters of the news are bonus. Anything else that you remember of today and yesterday and tomorrow before the test will be bonus that will give you rewards and time off or other incentives.

In the closing of the Thursday news– and I hope you will listen, I’ve been up every night for as many nights as I can remember, and I’ve had not a day’s sleep altogether in two weeks, so do try to listen. We have an important guest coming, the regional director, Gregory Gaskin who’ll bringing– be bringing Cleave Swinney back from the airport in Matthews Ridge. He has been interested in working out joint arrangements of mutual aid to our community of Jonestown and the entire Northwest region. He is the economic development regional director. So let’s have everything clean, spick and span, and all have our spontaneous friendly smiles in greeting.

We are saddened that Nell [Smart] will be leaving us for a time. She’s leaving her children under our care. We wish her our best of love, and we say that we miss her, very much. We welcome Norman [Ijames] home in our community. We’re grateful, so very, very grateful, that Mary Ford, after being diagnosed with cancer, was suddenly found in Georgetown not to have it, and is home today healthily in our midst. How many miracles we have had like that. The miracle of Rose Peterson, with cancer spread throughout her body, metastasized, the Georgetown doctors gave her up to die, and she is here healthily in our midst. Let’s think with deep gratitude on the beautiful community which we don’t even have to have a child spanked, where there’s been none of that, not one case of assault against another person, in so long we cannot remember, a place of peace, where we’re building good will, learning to respect, and one day to fully live– uh, love each other. It’s a great community. Think of the racism. Think of that racism at home, where you came from, in Babylon. The car that was seized and set on fire. The youth in Buffalo that were castrated by mobs. It goes on daily.

By the way, a late news development: Floods– Flash floods are sweeping the region 60 miles northwest of Houston, or rather, San Antonio. Ten have been killed in the last hour.

United States has been suffering an unprecedated– unprecedented heat wave, as well as Japan, which is now going into its thirtieth day of temperatures in the nineties. They’ve had to ration water. CIA cloud-seeding and other weather modification has had a backlash, it seems, on the capitalist perpetrators.

Five who seized the consul in San Juan to show the desire of the Puerto Rican, a mixed people, a possession of the United States desire to be independent and free, like the free territory in the Caribbean, socialist Cuba. They have been brought to tribunal and they face life, and if charged under laws of treason, it can mean execution. Two of the five people who seized the Chilean consul, the fascist Chilean consul general in San Juan, Puerto Rico, surrendered to the FBI. The two, Nadia Esther Cuevas, and Pablo Marcano Garcia, in dark suit and vest, were escorted by lawyer Steve Segal, after being promised consideration for surrendering, but they now face life sentences. The promises of the arm of the law of capitalism means nothing. No more than those who think on their comrades as Elaine Brown has done in the terrible character assassination of Huey Newton. All newcomers must listen to the tape of the horrible smear by the capitalist press of Huey Newton, and you can see there that Elaine Brown, who gave information, after they finished using her, if you are being used by the conspiracy, take thought, if you ever think to be used by it, take thought, she did her best to try to prove her loyalty to the state against her comrade, Huey Newton, but she has now been charged with murder of a white woman accountant who was found floating in the East Bay some few years ago.

Anyway, in closing the news, the fascist consul of Chile was held for 20 hours while the five demanded freedom for four mulatto Puerto Rican nationalist prisoners held by USA. Lolita Lebrón, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Irvin Flores [Rodriguez], and Oscar Collazo. Never do you hear of these brave people of color who have been held for nearly 30 years as political prisoners. USA hypocritically is always speaking about so-called human rights violations in the Soviet Union, but little mention is ever given to the thousands of political prisoners that even Andrew Young, who is usually Uncle Tom, black ambassador to the United Nations, admitted out of his own mouth, two weeks ago, that there were thousands of political prisoners also in the United States. It is believed the action of those who seized the fascist Chilean general consul in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, was intended to dramatize the struggle for Puerto Rican independence from USA monopoly capitalists, and therefore coincide with US Independence Day on July 4. The four were jail– have been jailed since 1950 for their protest that were carried out in attacks in the Congress of the United States. [Editor’s note: Jones is conflating two separate incidents. In 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists – the first three in the above listing, plus Andres Figueroa Cordero – opened fire from the visitors’ gallery of the US House of Representatives. The other listed by Jones – Oscar Collazo – together with Griselio Torresola planned to assassinate President Harry S Truman and attacked his Blair house residence in 1950.] No sentence could be possibly justified of 28 long years, and yet the USA has the nerve and hypocrisy to talk about two Soviet citizens who have been charged and even, according to Radio Sweden, it is a matter of record, had given secrets of the Soviet government to the CIA through a contact in Morocco.

Thus ends the news for Thursday morning and commentary. Let us work speedily. We had yesterday morning off, yesterday the entire morning off, been having our weekend, Sunday off, and other several mornings. There is need for much productivity. Please step up our pace. I beg you from the bottom of my heart, as the conspiracy continues now to try to frame our people, the last victims are [Jim] McElvane, who they’re trying to actually frame as threatening two old black people [Mabel and Wade Medlock] who are mentally insane, as their own niece here and sisters have readily have told us about. Also threatened Jean Brown and Florida [Johnson] and Vee Hollins. We’ve got to close up shop and get them to the land of freedom. Things have worked out so beautifully. We’ve been asked by the prime minister [Forbes Burnham] to put on an exhibition. We’ve been asked by the government to put on a musical program next week, but unfortunately, we will not be able to do that, but we’ve been asked to have the Christmas program, the entire country’s most honored event in the national coliseum, their beautiful cultural center. It’s whu– one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen, because it is so proudly African. All over its walls are the language, the history and the culture. It’s the language, the history and the culture of Africa. Beautiful landscape, air conditioned auditorium, we packed it out not too long ago.

So things are moving very well. We are thrilled that we are the first school that was not government institution that has been granted its charter. And we are so grateful. There are so many things to be grateful for. Let us synchronize gratitudes. That’s the matter of just the evolution of mind, not credulity, for we believe not in God, deity or supernatural, but we do believe that there are dimensions to the mind, and we center that in the office. We do not want to be diverted by conversation of Spirit or anything having to do with the esoteric or astrology, because all such doctrines are fatalism and are part of the opiate of the people that keep people asleep. That’s why American blacks– so often our comrades do nothing. When they suffer, as Nell said, they say it is the will of the Lord. It’s the will of God, even if we’re slaves. We do not believe in such trash. We denounce Bibles or any other books that say slaves must obey their masters. We are our own masters of our own destiny. We are the working class, the proletariat, and we shall dictate our own future. I love you very, very much.

(Tape edit)

Attention, attention. Late news bulletin. Normally I do not interrupt the mornings. News comes midday or evening. But for a change, some have requested to have the news at the beginning of the day.

The late news bulletin has it that the Virginia Republican Senator who had won the runoff on a reactionary platform has just been killed in an airline crash with two other reactionaries who were a part of the New Hampshire governor who is newt– nea– neo-fascist, and that’s being kind. They were part of his impeachment campaign that has already gained a million signatures demanding the impeachment of Andrew Young for treason. He has been killed in a crash somewhere in Virginia. He was the Virginia Senator-to-be, Republican rightwing reactionary, ran on a racist platform. We’re never happy about people’s suffering, ‘cause there’re always innocents affected, but at least we’re glad that the news does not mention that some socialist has gone down in tragedy.

Even Margaret Circles has stated this morning, according to the Voice of America, that they are gravely concerned about [Jimmy] Carter’s announcement for rebuilding of the inadequate air raids shelter as a dangerous development. When coupled with the Air Force’s development of the land-based MPEX [MX] mobile missile, which many perceive as a first-strike weapon, the Civil Defense push, according to moderate Senators, signals the emergence of a US policy to build the capacity for fighting a first strike nuclear war. The decision also comes amid a sharp stepping-up or escalation in Cold War rhetoric by the Administration. Many are exhibiting their concern, even Paul Warnke and Harold Brown of the Defense Department. War– Paul Warnke is the president’s chief arms negotiator, has shown reluctance in a television interview to give endorsement to the so-called emergency fallout shelters. Of course, capitalism has always shown its absolute unconcern for people, and the superiority of socialism has been clearly proven in the Soviet Union by the massive complex of underground shal– shelters, as well as China, mainland communist China, which has provided for underground cities, even though it’s a new revolution. Indeed, we have points of disagreement with Soviet– with the Chinese foreign policy, but we are ha– gladdened by Chinese aid to Zambia, who has stood up to US imperialism’s encroachment on African independence, as well as their economic aid to Tanzania and the brave president [Julius] Nyerere there. Moreover, we are made glad by the kindly reception that the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister [likely Huang Hua, Chinese Foreign Minister] and delegation gave to our people from the headquarters. They praised our cooperative as a pure form of communism.

The Peoples N– Democratic Republic of North Korea’s ambassador said, in praise of Jonestown, that we have reached a place that North Korea hopes to attain, the elimination of the monetary system. They will be many of the future planned visitors. We were also praised by the regional minister, Minister Carmichael [Fitz Uriel Alexander Carmichael, Minister of Forestry], in a public gathering. He stated that Peoples Temple, our boat– our small boat, the Cudjoe– as you know, we purchased a new freighter also as a means of helping to defray our heavy burden of expenses. The Cudjoe has been making the run up the river from this Port Kaituma to Port Mabaruma to our store, helping all of the commerce of the area. He praised us in front of all the people at the public gathering, and he praised us at the government celebration of the socialist referendum, for the royal support and loyal support we have given to Guyana. He has been the most reluctant to give commitment and support to us, but he gave unqualified support. The central government has been very, very supportive, and for that we are grateful, and we are most heartened by his kindly statements, not in private but in public in front of all, praising us for our assistance to Guyana.

Indeed, this move this morning about fallout shelters is a grave one indeed. As I said, the superiority of socialism is proven, because the Soviet Union for years has provided massive hard-shelled, hardcore protected underground centers, and China, underground cities that reach out, even a hundred miles from their main cities, whereas the United States has absolutely nothing. It’s a circus. It’s a hypocritical farce. These so-called bomb shelters, forsaken in mid-1960s, they’re stale now. They aren’t even able to keep the rain out. But now Carter is trying to hearten the American people and to replenish capitalist business by selling – would you believe? – the same kind of nuclear fallout shelter that was sold in the 50s. That’s the emphasis that he’s given, on that type of shelter, which the Federal Emergency Management Agency says is absolutely fraudulent, they will not work. They would not even aid people with a natural ordinary disaster, much less a nuclear disaster. (Pause) The spreading of fallout shelters across the country in the 50s and 60s sparked the emar– mergence of a mass protest movement, the precursor of the anti-Vietnam War movement. Let’s hope that sleepy, apathetic USA can be moved. The news does not say anything of public protest.

It is obvious that the socialist systems are superior, in that they provide shelter for their citizens, whereas capitalists, who always talk about the obvious probability of nuclear war, to protect property, have not provided one underground defense shelter for their ordinary populace. The only shelter they have is Iron Moun– Mountain for Rockefeller and his contingency, and the underground shelter in Washington for members of Congress, but they cannot take their companions down in it, or their children. That alone proves the superior morality of socialism.

Of course, you must know the Doctrine of Three Worlds that China has propagated that has merit in reference to hegemony. Know the Doctrine of Three Worlds, know the Three Worlds, what they constitute, and it’s based upon the absolute acceptance by China that nuclear war is a reality, and the Doctrine of Three Worlds attempts to bring about at least a constructive socialist world on the aftermath of that nuclear holocaust. As it is now, even BBC admits, that 700 million of the billion population in China, could come through a nuclear war, whereas 90 percent – over 200 million – of the United States population, would be dead in the first 17 minutes of a nuclear war. But the days of protest are not with us, and unfortunately, in the apathy and the despair and the passivity created by television, the hopelessness by the killings, the selective assassinations of [John F.] Kennedy, and Martin [Luther] King and Malcolm X, (pause) the despair by seeing police stories where always the white cop wins and the minority loses, has created an atmosphere of robot-like existence.

I wanted to give you that light– late new bulletin. (Pause) There seems to be a capitulation, said even the Voice of America, to the Bakke decision. Little or known resistance– Little or no resistance is now being evidenced against the white supremacist or racist decision over the UC admission of a white medical student in Davis. The ruling turns the anti-racist efforts on end.

Across the nation, the twenty-sixth state has put Proposition 13 in a roller coaster effect on its ballot. Proposition 13, as you know, in California eliminated virtually all SSI for poor people So– on Social Security, all jobs for blacks and minorities, as Nell said just before she came, all the radio and televisions of California were quite open about the fact that the minorities and women would be the first to go, and they’re going down the drain. Governor [Jerry] Brown had to utilize all of the surplus for this year alone. California over many years had built up five billion dollars – five thousand million dollars – of surplus. It will all be spent, and after that, there will be no [unintelligible word, sounds like SEATO, could be CETA, California Educational Theater Association], there will be no affirmative action programs, there will be no welfare services, no MediCal, no Medicaid, old people will be placed out on the streets. They’re already being done. We’ve been asked to take an elderly black lady who’s not a member, who’s being put out along with 200 others right now in San Francisco from a nursing home. She doesn’t have her right mind and is totally paralyzed. That sounds incredible, but if you don’t believe it, get on the radio tonight and check it out.

Postal workers strike brought to an end by threats of US Army intervention.

A new rightwing wave of anti-abortion statutes are appearing, referendums and legislation in 33 states, outlawing abortion. You can see the rightwing in this kind of thing.

[Griffin] Bell, according to BBC, the attorney general, should face jail because of his contempt of the court order in the Socialist Worker Party case. The highest law enforcement official in the USA is found in contempt of court, basically. Whether it will be upheld by the court is another matter. This seemingly-implausible event took a step closer toward reality today when a federal judge ordered Attorney General Griffin Bell to release government files on 18 FBI informers. Bell refuses to do so, and he says he will not. Federal District Judge Thomas P. Gresai [Griesa] in New York City says the attorney general is in contempt. It is doubtful, however, that the former member of the Ku Klux Klan, who’s now the highest law enfort– uh, enforcement official in the USA will ever go behind bars. The order stemmed from a 40 million dollar suit by the Socialist Worker’s Party against the FBI for government criminal harassment and criminal illegal spying and surveillance against socialists. As part of the suit last year, Gresai – or Griesa, G-r-i-e-s-a – ordered the FBI to turn over the files of 19 of the 3000 FBI informants, many of them not even paid. Interesting note that of the 10,000 FBI informants over the last 30 years, some 8300 are now dead. I wonder why. Finks get in one’s way. Many of those, like [Tim] Stoen, who was praising us in blazing headlines, saying Jim Jones is the greatest humanitarian that ever lived, then when threatened by frame-up by Marvin Swinney, he immediately turncoat out of fear, a little bit of fear of jail. My, what a small price for a socialist to pay. Jail would be nothing. But it scared Stoen until he has now become a criminal beast, trying to please, living in a dirt-cheap– dirt-cheap tenant [tenement] apartment. (Pause) We know all about where our enemies lurk. He has money to pay for the conspiracy, but little benefits him. The police do not even trust finks or informants. Just as in Nazi Germany, when the elements that uh, assisted in the murder– In the pain of it, I repress so much, I can’t think of the name, but you know, those who tried to be the Uncle Tom and Aunt Janes amongst the Jews, the kapos. Hitler ordered before his death that they be castrated or marked, so that the Jews could find them, kill them, for their dastardly betrayal of their own people. Nobody– nobody trust a fink.

The NAACP who just last year was blagging about– bragging about being a part of the Big Four – Big Government, Big Business, Big Oil, and Big Minorities – now, with the new racist outburst, which, even BBC admits, Oxnard, California is in control and the police by the Ku Klux Klan– Ku Klux Klan meetings and headquarters and Nazi headquarters are in ever– every US major city, I guess it’s a bit frightening to be NAACP, and the Uncle Toms have turned. The president of the NAACP, Benjamin Hook, blast US sickness. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s head– his leader, the leader, Benjamin Hooks, attacked the rising racist rightwing forces in the USA. Hooks, entering his second year– he’s formerly an FCC Commissioner and minister. In his second year as National Executive Director of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, charged, we see a neo-fascist blanket of racism that quietly but steadily creeps over our nation. Many of those forces would rather see us in concentration camps or at least back on the plantation, and reduced again to second class citizenship. At press time, however, the NAAC[P] board, said The New York Timesforeign edition, had taken no concrete steps against the neo-conservative or neo-fascist blanket. I mean there is nothing but vacillation and fear in the American mood these days. Hooks also took the opportunity to criticize the Supreme Court’s decision of the Bakke decision, taking a more critical stance than that issued by the NAACP Board, of course. He also said that Proposition 13, being modeled all over the nation now, in 26 other states on referendum, will help white racism and help them to destroy the poor and denounced this sickness in US society as appalling.

But there’s no end to news. I’ve had so little sleep in many da– many days, I will not go further with it, as again I say, commentary you are responsible for today and yesterday, the one on Bakke ci– decision today, the one on Youth Crime yesterday, and just the synopsis in our town forum agricultural meeting on Tuesday night, for Friday night testing. That gives you an exact, precise outline of what you’re to study. All other news that you get will get you bonuses, and those bonuses of time off are very, very worthwhile. The whole community’s had several mornings off in the last two days– two weeks, and Sundays. We’re grateful for time off. Now we need to produce, as I said, as never before, as a sword of Damocles begins to hang over our heads. The natural stepped-up process. First, the smear of the press to ready the mood of the public for civil suits, which we’ve had, fraudulent, false civil suits, in the millions. Now, criminal suit pending– criminal charges against some of our beautiful leaders, frame-ups. We will soon have to bring all of our people here. So let’s make ready, in this beautiful land of promise, where we have clean air, no cancer-causing ingredients in our food or meats, no fear of having to lock our doors. That’s why we must all cooperate, save as much as possible, we have 101 houses to get built, a storehouse, warehouse that has to be built immediately, for over 100 crates are coming in on dock, our two new trucks have arrived, as you know, and the expenditures are overwhelming, and the money in short supply. So think of new measures like Ken Norton in making the beautiful scrub broom and ordinary, domestic broom, household broom. Think of ways to make money, as they’re doing in the store. Tommy Johnson, Patricia [Cartmell], Patty [Cartmell], and Rheavianna [Beam], Beikman [likely Rebecca], save everything you can save, think of how to use everything, don’t waste, don’t break things, pick up around us, as we have guests coming, the Prime Minister said he was going to drop in any day by helicopter. We also want to say a fond welcome to Frances Johnson and Nena Downs, good workers, we’re so happy to have you, we’re sorry that Frances had to come in an air of alarm, but we’re grateful for the miracle.

Unfortunately, Rickydid not follow a guideline and stay with his crew, with the group. He is a wood-cutter, he went out in the wood, in the jungle alone, which I’ve warned against, and he got lost. For 25 long hours. A panther brushed right by him. We’ve never had a panther on this premise in our residential sector, we’ve never been bitten by a snake, they never come out of that jungle. All was considered lost, but prophetically, paranormal-wise, in spite of all my legal counsel, he said we need to bring in the army, but I didn’t want to do that, woulda put a great burden on them, I certainly would’ve done so, although the government itself has said it’s hopeless when someone gets lost in the jungle. But miraculously, as you know, on that last, twenty-fifth hour, I gave a call, and he was able to follow the sound, he was able to find his way back to freedom, unharmed. And that we’re grateful for, for he’s a g– been a very, very good worker. But do follow rules of safety. Never venture away from your working group, never go out into the jungle alone. You may think you know your way, but inside there is the most dense jungle, most beautiful untouched area left in the world, rich with wild boar, wild bushcow, all kinds of edible meats, but you must go with hunting parties and our Guyanese resident like David [George], who knows it, or myself, that has a natural intuition. Don’t venture alone. I dare tell you, don’t venture alone. Some have it, some don’t. Stephan [Jones] has it, a– a little intuition of it, but you must not go– only with your work group.

So we’re grateful for these who have arrived, and be thankful, because we must speedily get our people to freedom, ‘cause the handwriting is on the wall. Don’t mourn over anything back there. There’s nothing there but death, decay, decadence. Where else do we go to bed without locking our doors, without fear of our children being castrated or raped, our seniors being mugged, our homes being set afire, some 81 cities in the last two months have had nothing but anarchistic outbreaks of arson, we had one of our own senior citizen homes and our churches twice, and even the community center, meaning three times, set afire, by racists. Think of the freedom we have from fear. No racist police coming in, making us spread eagle, as Nell was telling me this e– in the early morning hours while she was making a radio broadcast about three or four o’clock, and Kay [Nelson], young people doing nothing in college, middle-class blacks spread-eagle every minute in US cities these days, for no pretense, their car gone through, ripped through, their clothing. We don’t have to have that racist fare anymore. Our children don’t stutter or stammer. We don’t have to have the neglect of American medicine that we’ve found with thirty-some of our people that’d gone through the most extensive hospital exams, and they didn’t find cancer, and yet we found them here, and saved them in the nick of time. No, they did not care. America did not care.

Please, all people, see the Swedish broadcast in English, taken u– of US cities, called The Golden Years. It is required. Ask to see it on our televisions. It shows rich, white, black, people of all color, as they’re old, and how they say their life is worse than death, worse than hell. It graphically portrays it, a picture’s worth more than a thousand words. It’s a must.

We must have a common level of knowledge. Why so much emphasis on knowledge? Because without knowledge, we cannot have (tape fades for several seconds) the sense of community. A people united cannot be divided. We don’t expect everyone to have the same ability to learn, but we are grateful that we were only able to see four hands – or five – that were still having difficulty in reading or writing, whereas we had dozens when Jonestown was first set up. We have so much to be grateful for. Look around you at the beauty, breath-taking beauty, clean air. Our children did not have a day of hope, they had to enter gangs, they were pushed into dope, you’ll see in Youth Crime, the hopelessness, youth s– openly stating on the television that I gave as commentary required yesterday for all on the test. Yes, we know we may go to the gas chamber, yes, we know we’ll end up in jail, or maybe shot by police, we don’t care. Not a day of hope for our children. Over one out of two black youth, uh, three out of four Indian youth, be in jail before 19. Suicide the highest cause of death amongst both black and Indian youth. Think of what we’ve been freed from. Our children have hope. They have a black country, a place where they can grow. There was no hope there, never knowing when the nuclear war would come, or the concentration camps. In that television documentary on ABC, the Congressman from Pennsylvania openly called for work camps, concentration camps, because of so many minority youth involved in crime. No solutions, just put them away, get them out of sight. The same kind of resolution that Hitler’s Germany made, and then, finally when the camps were too crowded, the gas chamber.

We’ve got much to be thankful for, and we need to be thankful, because that mental attitude keeps an aura of protection, an epicenter of protection.

Thank you. Much love.

(end of Part I)

(Part II)

–commentary is required by everyone. There is more speaking of news than normally, but this is direct communications of the policies of Guyana in its role against imperialism.

Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid is the chairman of the Peoples National Congress, and the deputy prime minister that single-handedly made it possible by making all sorts of maneuvers to allow us total free immigration and the things that we needed to build Jonestown. The representative of his office addressing a rally supporting the reunification of Korea. The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea, of course, is a Marxist-Leninist state and has entered into many trade agreements with the government of Guyana. Comrade James is also Chairman of the General Workers Union, a union very supportive of the government. The regional chairman of the PNC, also representing the government, was present, as well as the ministry of national development in the international affairs desk.

Comrade James gave the following address. He talked about this being the end of the month of programs for reunification of Korea. South Korea has been held illegally by the United States imperialist, and it’s a puppet fascist regime dominated by US capitalism. Guyana Committee for Solidarity and Peace, that has been given full endorsement of the government with the Communist government of Korea, is separate from this committee now for reunification, but both stand for the same thing. This ec– This committee includes the trade union movement, the Peoples National Congress, the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement under Comrade Burnham’s wife [Viola], who leads the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement, the WSM. He said Guyana is building a society opposed to capitalism, an anti-imperialistic society, and our best friend is a nation like the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea that has had the bravery, though small, to stand up to US imperialism, as it did a short time ago, when it captured a spy ship and even risked nuclear war when USA threatened to bomb it out of existence, but would not give the spy ship back. You know doubt remember the news. Comrade James, prominent GWU – General Workers Union – official and government, official representing Dr. Rigg– Reed, is black. He gave a background, said Kim Il Sung, the glorious prime minister of North Korea, who is worshipped in a sense because it’s necessary to have a strong leader in the transition from socialism into the purity of communism. Kim Il Sung’s grandfather [Kim Bo-hyon] was involved in the struggle against US imperialism. A US spy ship was captured in the 1800’s and burned, and the people on it were slaughtered by the brave Koreans led by the grandfather of Kim Il Sung, who is the absolute representative of the people, the dictatorship of the proletariat, in Korea. The North Korean government, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, is a democracy. Total justice. They live in cooperatives. They live very modestly, and they are very, very supportive of Jonestown. They flew over it and called it a model of communism in this hemisphere.

When the Japanese were defeated by Korea, said the Peoples National Congress, our ruling party, in the United Nations, when the Japanese were defeated by Korea in the United States, and the United Nations wanted sanctions against the Koreans, and used this as a fraudulent pretext to get US intervention. (Turns head to cough) United Nations was influenced by of course the monopoly capitalist, the Trilateral Commission, controlled by the ruling class elite in the USA, and therefore supported the resolution, and on this pretext, the US entered by fascist aggression into Korea. There is a military museum in Kuo-Nang – K-u-o-N-a-n-g – showing some of the things done to Korea. US wanted the rich minerals of Korea, the manganese, the iron, the abundant supplies of gold, and wanted cheap labor and materials. June 1950, war against the United States by North Korea. (Turns away from mike to speak, unintelligible)

Du– Juche is the doctrine or the central idea of communism. Juche. It’s j-u-c-h-e. Juche idea is that man is his own creator, can create or destroy, potential of man to be great and do great things. This is the central theme and doctrine of the leader of the only representative government of Korea, the Peoples Democratic government of North Korea, Communist North Korea. Potential of man to be great and do great things. Korea went through 36 years of Japanese rule and torture of its people. US then occupied it by its military aggression after World War II. The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea has been able to whip up tremendous support for their struggle, said the government of Guyana, through its spokesman, Comrade James. United States, for every ten North Koreans, there are nine military people in South Korea, sophisticated military equipment, nuclear warheads, and the neutron bomb. He said that it is also in South Africa, Guyana government said it is in South Africa also, that is, the neutron bomb. They openly call it the nigger bomb, as it would only be used to thwart black people in their struggle for liberation in the concentration camps that USA has set up in the Union of South Africa. Could not exist without the billion dollars this year that has been poured in by our tax dollars that causes us great guilt. Never once whites, the so– Union of South Africa, said the Guyana government, never once whites, to have to be equal to blacks or allow blec– blacks to have self-rule of their country. He said in South Korea there is a massive unemployment, prostitution, extraction of minerals has been intensified, increased actions of provogation [provocation] by the United States imperialist against the North. The Democratic Peoples Republic is our best friend, said the representative of Dr. Reed and the government of Guyana. We need to see the acts of imperialism as they are, they are consistent in every part of the world. The Cubana disaster for instance– that’s why we’ve had difficulty getting into the interior, because Guyana Airlines have sent their own youth to the great youth festival in Cuba, in Habana. These acts are to silence us in building a socialist society, when our uh, uh, only group of doctors that were going into the interior, the bare-foot doctors, as they call them, willing to be part of the people, were blown out of the air in the fall by the CIA.

There are only 20 mill– 20 million people, said the PNC spokesman, in Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea, but there is the principle of self-reliance, and we too in Guyana can make the same progress, despite attempts of US imperialism to halt it. Other PNC peoples besides Comrade James have been visiting regularly in the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea. The DPRK had meetings for this month of solidarity in Berbice, Essequibo, Linden. In the Korean War, more bombs were used in North Korea than in the 1939-45 war with fascism all through Europe and all the bombs hailed on the Su– Soviet Union. Yet the brave people of Korea withstood, and North Korea managed to maintain its independence. Thirty years later, the country is more than rebuilt. All scars of war have been removed under the strong leadership of the dictatorship of the proletariat of the Honorable Kim Il Sung, the communist revolutionary liver– le– leader who has led guerilla battles even since his youth, and is now approaching his 70s, so children can always look forward to long life, many great socialists, Marxist-Leninist and Communists have lived long, fulfilling and healthful lives. We’ll be seeing the North Koreans in the future, because they greatly admire our commune. They produce 15,000 tractors a year, s– saves on the foreign exchange. Guyana is now lucky, said the PNC, to produce 500 a year.

Comrade Sinclair, another spokesperson, who is also in the government and representing the Government of Guyana, he then followed the address at the public rally (tape fades)–