Serial 928



To: SACs, San Francisco (89-250) (Encl. 2)
Los Angeles (89-436) (Encl.)
Sacramento (89-191) (Encl.)
From: Director, FBI (89-4286)

ReSFtel dated 12/5/78.

Enclosed for San Francisco Division are two copies each of the FBI Identification record for James Warren Jones, DOB 5/13/31. One copy of same record is enclosed for Los Angeles and Sacramento Divisions.

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United States Department of Justice
Bureau of Investigation
Identification Division
Washington, DC 20537


Use of the following FBI record, number 70 597 N2 is regulated by law. It is furnished for official use only and should only be used for purpose requested. When further explanation of arrest charge or disposition is needed, communicate directly with the agency that contributed the fingerprints.

The subject’s indemnification record appearing hereunder has been retrieved from the Identification Bureau based on descriptors furnished in your request which matched those on file.

Your nonmatching descriptors, if any, and all descriptors on file are listed below.

Race: Indian
Sex: Male
Height: 500
Weight: 182
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Birth date: 05/13/31
Birth place: Indiana

Attention: Since neither fingerprints nor any identifying number which is indexed in our files accompany your request, the FBI cannot guarantee in any manner that this material concerns the individual in which you are interested.

National Crime Information Center Fgpt. [Fingerprint] class. 16 08 12 15 11 11 09 12 12 12

PD Los Angeles, CA

Jones, James Warren

C- Lewd Conduct

Requesting agency copy