Serial 950

Department of State
Washington, DC 20520
Confidential (word crossed out)

December 8, 1978


To: The Honorable
William H. Webster, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
ATTN: Criminal Investigations Division

From: Karl D. Ackerman
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security

Subject: Peoples Temple Allegations Against Former US Embassy

Ref: Memorandum of November 22, 1978 to Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation from Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security

The Office of Security is sending Special Agent James W. Lannon of our Special Assignments Staff to Georgetown, Guyana on December 8, 1978 for the purpose of interviewing Miss Paula Adams.

Miss Adams is to be interviewed relative to the statements attributed to Mr. James Cobb (FBI Report of Investigation contained in DTG 211752 November 1978) that [2 lines deleted]. Tape recordings [information deleted] are alleged to have been made. The scope of the interview will be limited to questions regarding the alleged [2 lines deleted]

We understand the Legal Attaché assigned to Caracas is presently in Georgetown and we would appreciate his presence during the course of the Adams interview. Ambassador Burke is aware of this request and has expressed his full concurrence.