Serial 952

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is former Temple leader Tim Stoen. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 082150Z DEC 78
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Information has been continually received regarding the People’s Temple (PT)’s close relationship with the San Francisco District Attorney (SFDA)’s office and with SFDA Joseph Freitas, Jr., personally.

For example, the PT backed the election of Freitas. Freitas hired [information deleted related to Tim Stoen] as a deputy DA. Freitas placed [Stoen] in charge of the voter fraud unit. [Stoen] had experience as a deputy DA [information deleted], but had no experience in voter fraud cases.

Information has been received that [Stoen] monitored an SFDA investigation of the PT and reported results to Jim Jones.


Also, [Stoen] received allegations of voter fraud [one line of information deleted] reported same to Jim Jones, who would then contact the pertinent individual and advice and of the allegation indicating he (Jim Jones) would take care of it.

None of this is proven at this time. However, the point of this communication is to advise FBI HQ that the USA’s office has been formally opened communications with the state Attorney General’s office regarding improprieties of the SFDA’s office. FBI, San Francisco and USA, NDC [Northern District of California] are monitoring very closely all information regarding any allegations of illegalities which may have been committed by the SFDA’s office and will strongly protect the federal government’s interest in those matters.

“Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.”