Serial 971

0 080013Z DEC 78
FM LOS ANGELES (89-436) (3) (P)

[Name deleted], (protect) white female, born [information deleted], residence – [information deleted] California, voluntarily appeared at Los Angeles office, FBI and provided the following information:

[Name deleted] indicated she originally joined the Peoples Temple (PT) in March 1970 and defected approximately [date deleted]. While a member of the PT, [Name deleted] was a member of [information deleted] for approximately one and one half years in charge of [word deleted] programs.

[Name deleted] indicated that while a member of the PT she was aware of other members including PT security force


possessing weapons, however, had no knowledge of shipment or caches of weapons to Guyana and no knowledge of firearm training of PT members.

[Name deleted] indicated that Jones always stated that those individuals who attempted to expose his church, both members and public officials, would be taken care of meaning to [Name deleted] killed. [Name deleted] indicated she had no knowledge of written death list or any PT members designated as apoplecpic [apocalyptic] Angels, however, again emphasized that Jones indicated he had designated individuals to kill defectors of his church. [Name deleted] indicated that it is her belief that there were PT members who would carry out assassination plans for Jones. [Name deleted] provided the following list of individuals she considers dangerous and capable of carrying out assassination plans for Jones:

PC following names indicates member of Planning Commission.

Terry Buford, PC; Kathy Tropp, PC; Lee Inghram [Ingram], PC; Paula Adams, PC; Stephen [Stephan] Jones; Joan Pursley, PC; Michael Carter; Laura Johnston, PC; Tim Jones; Bea Grubbs, PC;


Robert Paul; Versie Perkins, PC; Michael Prokes, PC; Michael Simon; Eugene Smith; Deborah Touchette; Carolyn Layton, PC; Paul Flowers, PC; John Hams, PC; Jane Randolphs [Randolph], PC; Archie Immes [Ijames], PC; June Cryman [Crym], PC; Jean Brown, PC; Tim Carter, PC; Larry Layton, PC; Bonnie and Don Beck, PC; Tim Clancey, PC; Sandy Bradshaw, PC; Leona Collier, PC; Joe Wilson; James McElvaine [McElvane]; Chris Lewis; Bob Kice; Ron Talley.

[Name deleted] also indicated that the following individuals are less extreme; however, possibly dangerous:

Harold Cordell, PC; Dawn Gardfrey; Robin Tschetter, PC; Leslie Wilson; Johnny Mae Yates; Maxine Betts, PC; Hugh [Hue] Fortson, PC; Flonda [Florida] Johnson, PC; Vee Hollins, PC; Richard Janaro.

[Name deleted] indicated no specific knowledge of federal officials, international or others targeted for murder but again indicated Jones advised PC that he would not allow his church to go down alone and would take others, defectors and public officials with him.


[Name deleted] indicated no knowledge of church finances including any caches of money nor knowledge of individuals or functions on Jonestown basketball team.

[Name deleted] indicated she has no specific information regarding bribery of public officials, however, indicated that Jones had advised PC that he had several people whose sole purpose was to attract influential and public officials for future blackmail purposes.

[Name deleted] indicated that she participated in one suicide drill approximately spring, 1976.

[Name deleted] indicated no knowledge of narcotics use by PT members, however, indicated Jones suffered from various physical ailments and appeared to be constantly consuming medication for ailments. [Name deleted] did advise that she had heard rumors that Carolyn Layton had made trips to Mexico to obtain illegal drugs, however, the extent and type of drugs obtained by Layton unknown.

[Name deleted] indicated that Ben Bower used to handle all short wave radio communications for PT.


[Name deleted] indicated the following members were known to her as PT security force:

Jim McElvaine; Paul Flowers; Joe Wilson; Hugh Fortson; Michael and Jerome Simmons; Robert Hall; Kathy Thropp [Tropp]; Doxsee Swaney; Carolyn Looman; Dennis Allen; Bruce Oliver; Arthur Davis; Ed Crenshaw; L.C. Davis; Don Sly; Jerry Rhea; Ralph Jackson; Karl Barnette [Carl Barnett].

[Name deleted] indicated she possesses no information regarding the assassination of Ryan or other public officials at this time.

Armed and dangerous; suicidal tendencies.