Serial 981

0 091110Z DEC 78
FM MEMPHIS (89-110)
TO DIRECTOR (89-4289 [4286])

Re Memphis telephone calls to Bureau dated 12-8-78.

On 12-8-78, [name and address deleted], Mississippi, furnished the following:

He is employed by [2 lines deleted] in the residence of Mark Lane, [several words deleted]. In connection with his work he observed a cardboard box containing numerous files in the room he believes is used by [several lines deleted]. This document bore the signatures Teresa Jean Buford and Carolyn Layton.

ME 89-110 UNCLAS

[Name deleted] believes Buford and Mark Lane traveled to California on 12-5-78 and returned to Memphis on 12-7-78. He has observed Mark Lane, Teresa Buford, aka Terry Buford, and an [olderly] elderly lady known as Grace [Walden]. He believes that Lane’s girl friend, name not known, also stays at the [deleted] address.

It has been previously reported that Grace Walden, who has been prominently mentioned in connection with the recent House Select Committee on Assassinations of the Dr. Martin Luther King case resides at [deleted address].

[Name deleted] stated [deleted address] Lane’s residence.

FD-302s will be prepared.