Serial 998

[Editor’s note: A contextual note of this serial appears as Last Words – Tish Leroy.]



To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

ReButel to San Francisco on 11/27/78.

Enclosed for San Francisco is the original and two copies of a FD-302 reflecting investigation conducted by SA [name deleted] at Washington, D.C., on 11/24/78.

Also enclosed are SA [name deleted]’s original notes. Additionally enclosed are four copies each one of the zerox copy of the note found on the body of Reverend James Jones and a typed-version of this note.


[Page 2 is copy of envelope with FD-302]

[Page 3]

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 11/25/78

At 2:00 p.m., 11/24/78, SA [name deleted] accepted an 8” by 11” sealed manila envelope stamped “Confidential” (reportedly containing a note found on the body of Reverend James Jones) from Mr. [name deleted], a civilian Air Force employee who is employed as a driver for the 436th Transportation Squadron, Dover Air Force Base (DAFB), Delaware. A receipt was given to [name deleted], acknowledging acceptance of this envelope by SA [name deleted] at the River Entrance, Pentagon, Washington, D.C. [name deleted] stated that he received the envelope at approximately 11:30 a.m., today, from Major [name deleted], the Information Officer at DAFB.

[name deleted] stated that his instructions from Major [name deleted] were to deliver the envelope to the Pentagon, and upon arrival there to telephone Mr. [name deleted] at the State Department, telephone number [deleted], informing [name deleted] that he [deleted word] has a confidential package from Mr. [name deleted] at DAFB, and to ask [name deleted] what he [deleted word] is to do with the package. [name deleted] instructed [name deleted] to turn the package (envelope) over to FBI Special Agent [name deleted] at the River Entrance, Pentagon. [name deleted] also advised that he has no knowledge of what are the contents of the envelope.

The initials “LAC”, together with the time and date of “2:00 p.m., 11/24/78″ and the case code name of “RYMUR” were inscribed in the lower right-hand corner of the envelope by SA [name deleted]. The envelope was subsequently turned over, at 2:35 p.m., 11/24/78, to SA [name deleted], Document Section, FBI Laboratory, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C., by SA [name deleted]. SA [name deleted] opened the envelope, in the presence of SA [name deleted], and it contained a smaller manila envelope within which was a white letter-size envelope. The white envelope contained a folded-note (deteriorated) enclosed in plastic.

[Page 4 consists of handwritten note repeating much of what appears on Page 3]

[Page 5 consists of handwritten note by Tish Leroy, the text of which appears on page 6]

[Page 6]

Handwritten note on portion of lined notebook paper bearing following text:



I see no way
out – I agree

with your decision –
I fear only that
without you the
world may not make it
to communism – Tish [handwritten notation: “(Fish or Tish?)”]

For my part – I
am more than
tired of this wretched, merciless
planet & the hell
it holds for so
many masses of
beautiful people –
Thank you for the only life Ive known