Serial 1063

0 020445Z DEC 78
FM SACRAMENTO (89-191) (P)

Re telcalls of SA [name deleted], Fresno RA, to [name deleted], SF Division, and [name deleted], LA Division, Nov 25-29, 1978.

[Handwritten note: “By rel dated [illegible]”] On Nov 28, 1978, [name deleted] Fresno, Calif advised that in the latter half of 1975 he attended a Planning Commission (PC) meeting of the People’s Temple (PT) at the Temple in Los Angeles. He stated that Jones and about 40 other members were present. During the meeting a handwritten note was passed around for the various members to read. The note stated, “We now have the part to make an atomic bomb.” One of the members asked Jones at this were so and he stated, “Yes, we do now have that



On Dec 1, 1978, [name deleted] stated that from his recollections, he believes the following members might have been present during the above meeting. (1) Hugh [Hue] Fortson, Negro male, 32 years, 5’9″, 195 lbs. (2) Rhonda Fortson, wife of Hugh, Negro female, 20’s, 5’4″, 100 lbs. (3) Kay Nelson, Negro female, age 50, 5’6,” 135 lbs. (4) Florida Johnson, Negro female, age 38. (5) Lori Effram [Laurie Efrein], white female, 34, slim build.(6) Latisha LeRoy, white female, 50s, heavy rebuild (believe deceased). (7) Jean Brown, white female, age 32, 5’5″, 130 lbs. (8) Eugene Chaiken, an attorney. (9) Jack Beam. (10) Archie Ijames. (11) Karen Layton. (12) Jim McElvane. (13) Deanna Myrtle [Mertle]. (14) Mert Myrtle. (The last eight having previously been described).

[name deleted] stated that at the time he had no reason to doubt the truth of this statement about the bomb. He stated that he was very frightened and shocked at this information but did not disbelieve it. He stated that the only other mention of such a weapon occurred during a conversation in Guyana between himself and Jones at which time Jones made some reference to the bomb stating that is [it] was a “tool to ensure his freedom”. [handwritten marginal note: “When?”] [name deleted]


stated that he believes Karen Layton and possibly Mike Prokes may have been present when the statement was made. [name deleted] stated that he now does not know what to believe about this particular statement but feels that Jones because of his wealth and numerous contacts both in the Free World and communist countries could conceavably [conceivably] attain an elementary nuclear capability. He stated that on the other hand, he knows that Jones lied to his followers and possibly was simply trying to impress and intimidate them.

Investigation is continuing at Fresno in an effort to identify an anonymous caller who is believed responsible for placing six calls on Nov 27, 28, and 29, 1978, to local Fresno media and government agencies wherein he stated that the Moscone-Milk assassinations were the work of the People’s Temple and that Mayor Bradley and Mayor Daniel Whitehurst of Fresno, California were on a “hit list” to be assassinated next.

On Nov 29, 1978, another anonymous caller contacted the Fresno Resident Agency and stated that [name deleted], white male, DOB [information deleted] contacted him three months ago and wanted the caller to purchase a Dodge power wagen [wagon] which was


to be given to [name deleted] and then reported stolen. [name deleted] told the caller that he wanted the power wagen to take to Guyana and lauded the praises of the People’s Temple. The caller stated that he has known [name deleted] for about ten years and believed [name deleted] to be involved in the PT at San Francisco for about the past three years. The caller stated that when he refused [name deleted] request [name deleted] became very agitated and stated that he had been trained to kill, that PT members could assassinate people get away with it.

On Dec 1, 1978, [name deleted], sister, describes [name deleted] as being recently paroled from San Quentin where he served time for robbery and extortion. She states she believes [name deleted] to have mental problems and to have a violent nature. [name deleted] visited with her and her family in Fresno during Thanksgiving weekend and then is believed to have returned to San Francisco. [name deleted] furnished an address of [deleted], San Francisco, telephone number [deleted] or [deleted] for her brother. She stated that she recalls he recently was living with a number of other ex-convicts in a house in San Francisco that was condemned. She stated that this incident received


considerable publicity in the San Francisco Cronicle [Chronicle] because the sheriff refused to remove the occupants from the building. She stated that her brothers picture appeared in the Cronicle at that time. Neither [name deleted] nor her husband [name deleted] or [name deleted] mother, [address deleted], Ridgecrest, California could connect [name deleted] to the PT, however, they state they had very little knowledge of [name deleted] activities.

Sacramento at Fresno is continuing to develop additional information re [name deleted]. It is believed that there is a good likelyhood [likelihood] [name deleted] is anonymous caller but may not be a member of PT.


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