Serial 1064

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 12/4/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR


Identification of Bodies at Dover, Delaware.

At this time 492 bodies have been identified by the Disaster Squad out of 911 total bodies received at Dover, Delaware. The Identification Division has identified Ronald James as being among the dead at Dover Delaware. James was one of the eight individuals for whom we have arrest warrants. This now confirms a total of six of these eight individuals as being dead. The only remaining individual[s] whose status remains unknown are Thomas Kice and Wesley Bridenbach [Breidenbach].


The Department has requested that forensic autopsies be conducted on a random sampling of four or five bodies at Dover, Delaware, to include the Reverend Jim Jones, Maria Katsaris (reportedly the mistress of Jones) and Dr. Larry Schacht (reportedly the individual who prepared the cyanide vat). Legal problems have been encountered in that the FBI Memorandum of Agreement with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology covers autopsies that are to be performed only upon individuals covered by the Presidential Assassination Statute and the Congressional Assassination Statute. However, the Air Force General Counsel, Stuart H. Reichart, Room 4E998, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20330, telephone number 697-0941, has advised that the military will perform the autopsies requested by the DOJ upon receipt of verbal confirmation from the FBI that waivers have been signed by the next of kin allowing military authorities to perform the autopsies. This verbal confirmation, however, must be confirmed in writing to Mr. Reichart. As of this date, Susan Jones [Suzanne Jones Cartmell], the oldest legally adopted child of Reverend Jim Jones has refused to allow that an autopsy be conducted upon

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Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

Jones’ body. The family of Maria Katsaris has indicated a willingness to sign the waiver and it is expected that this waiver will be signed in the immediate future. The family of Dr. Larry Schacht as of this date has refused to sign such a waiver. Further investigation is underway at this time to locate the next of kin of four other individuals whose bodies have been selected at random in an effort to seek a waiver as above.

Investigation Regarding Ex-Peoples Temple (PT) Member Terri Buford.

It is alleged that Terri Buford was formerly the custodian of many records of the PT Church and at this time still retains a copy of the PT “hit list” and also financial records of the PT. Attorney Mark Lane has indicated that he is the attorney of record for Terri Buford and that he will not make Buford available for interview unless she is granted immunity. A Subpoena Duce Tecum has been issued in the Northern District of California (NDC), and is currently outstanding for Terri Buford. Lane has agreed to interview of himself by the United States Attorney (USA) for the NDC in Memphis concerning information Buford has in her possession. The USA, however, agreed that he would make an on-the-spot determination of immunity for Buford at this meeting with Lane. The FBI has interposed an objection indicating it was premature to offer immunity to Buford with a number of witnesses still in Guyana. The USA, NDC, has agreed and canceled his scheduled meeting with Lane. In this regard a subpoena has been issued for the telephone toll records of Lane in an effort to locate Buford for service of the subpoena.

Status of Survivors in Guyana.

A complete list of all survivors of the Guyana massacre has now been compiled and the list totals 80 individuals. Two individuals (Larry Layton and Charles Beikman) are in custody in Guyana. One individual is hospitalized in Guyana. Fourteen individuals are being detained by the Government of Guyana at the Lamaha Gardens as material witnesses in the Amos murder case. Sixteen individuals are being detained by the Government from Guyana at the Park Hotel as material witnesses to unspecified aspects of the Guyana investigation. Twenty-four Individuals have been declared by the Government of Guyana as free to leave the country pending clarification

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Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

of a Pam American Airlines question of an American armed security officer on board. The remaining individuals have already departed Guyana and have been interviewed in the United States.

On this date the State Department advised that three individuals would depart Guyana on Tuesday, 12/5/78, via Royal Dutch Airlines and arrive via Flight 971 at Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida, at 1:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. The Miami Office has been instructed to handle interviews of these individuals in coordination with Secret Service upon the arrival of the aircraft. The individuals expected to arrive are: 1. Jonny [Johnny] Franklin, Sr., 2. Robert B. Paul, 3. Richard Clark [Clarke].

No further pertinent information is available at this time regarding these individuals.

Interviews of Individuals Returning to the United States.

The following individuals have furnished positive information to interviewing Agents upon their return to the United States on 12/2-3/78.

[Name deleted], DOB [deleted], identified 19 security personnel known as “Angels.” Identified 27 members of PT Planning Commission, most of whom are presently in San Francisco. [Name deleted] advised Reverend Jimmy Jones held regular “White Nights” also called “Alphas” where populace of Jonestown were assembled and asked by Reverend Jones if they were willing to die at “White Night” all members of security forces armed with shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Reverend Jones maintained discipline at Jonestown through public humiliation, beatings, and drug sedation. Two nights prior to Congressman Ryan’s arrival “White Night” held, and Reverend Jones said if Ryan came to commune he would not leave. [Name deleted] understood this to mean that Ryan would be killed, and suicides begin. Reverend Jones often threatened that “Angels” would hunt and kill any defectors. [Name deleted] voluntarily staying at New York to continue debriefing by BuAgents.

Edith Parks, 20 year member of PT, interviewed and was a witness to assassination of Congressman Ryan, observed Layton and others kill Ryan and party. Provided name Stanley Geig [Gieg] as driver of tractor which carried gunmen to airport. Parks survived by remaining between other aircraft.

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Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

Parks saw a tractor and wagon approach with Stanley Geig driving. Men lying down in the back began shooting. She recognized a FNU [first name unknown] [Ronnie] Dennis as a shooter, and a blonde boy, whose name she could not recall, was shooting. Parks denied any prior knowledge of assassination of Congressman Ryan.

[Name deleted] children have identified Jim Jones, Jr. as being in charge of hut number 14 (weapons hut) as having seen a number of “bang type” weapons at that hut. Children also provided information that they are aware of beatings and coercion of PT numbers by armed security guards. Interviews of children indicate a conflict as to the time of the [name deleted] escape from Jonestown.

Additional information of lesser investigative value was developed from other individuals interviewed. Stanley Geig is not known to be among the survivors, however, is not confirmed dead at this time.